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Hakimi Medic Bag

the medical bag that accompanies the driver of the ambucycle

Message to sponsors:

To the extended family of Yitchak and Rivka Shafizadeh Hakimi and
Abraham Shafizadeh Hakimi:

Farokh and Dalya are donating an ambucycle in memory of farokh's parents and brother. We would like to extend the opportunity to the extended family to participate by donating the medic bag that will accompany this ambucycle . This bag contains a defibrillator, trauma kit, bandages birth kit, an oxygen tank, an EpiPen and other emergency medical supplies. 

You can donate in USD or Shekels when you donate.


Farokh and Dalya Hakimi




Donations raised to date:

saac Hakimi and Tamar Schiller
אלונה וליה ורסנוף
לואיז ורסנוף
איציק וקרן ורסנוף
Jedd Hakimi
Ari Hakimi
Evan Levian
Sharona Sternberg
Sarah & Avi Levian
Mayer & Ayala Grosser

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