When seconds count…

The Weisz Family IMAH Initiative

Inspiring Mothers at Hatzalah


To train and place Israeli widows in the field of emergency medicine and provide pathways to income and fulfillment while helping others and saving lives.


United Hatzalah has partnered with the Weisz family to launch the pilot for a job-training program for Israeli mothers who lost their husbands in IDF combat, terror attacks, Covid-19, car accidents, cardiac arrest, and disease. The Weisz Family IMAH Initiative will offer job training, certification, and placement in emergency medicine roles in an empowering setting that offers peer-to-peer support. By 2024, we will train and place Medics, Phlebotomists, and First-Aid Instructors in satisfying roles where they will save lives and infuse their own lives with meaning.


Goals for Pilot Program:

  1. 50 Medics
  2. 25 Phlebotomists
  3. 15 First-Aid Instructors

Inspirational IMAHs

Yochi – A Comeback after Covid-19

My name is Yocheved Attias. I was born in France and immigrated to Israel when I was 15 years old. Today, I live in Beit Shemesh and run an independent wig business. A year ago, I turned forty and life was beautiful. I was happily married to Yaakov Orel, a mother of 3 daughters, and expecting a fourth child. At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, my family contracted Corona and Yaakov Orel became very ill. He did not survive the disease and his death was a severe blow to us. Six months later, when my baby was born, light filled our home. I named our baby (who never met his father) Uri Shimon. Having felt so helpless when Yaakov Orel was sick, I feel a burning desire to help people who need emergency care. I hope that after I complete the IMAH Medic Course I will be able to help people with grace and peace replacing the sense of helplessness that I experienced. I pray to be of service to others, and that every lifesaving act I perform will be a merit in the memory of Yaakov Orel. Thank you United Hatzalah for this special opportunity.

Tali – Recreating her life as a Nurse, Medic, and Phlebotomist

I am Tali – 46 years old, born in Israel. I got married and lived happily with my large family. My dedicated, humble husband ran a major yeshiva for 26 years. Our lives were comfortable and pleasant, until he was diagnosed with cancer – the terrible disease. For two years we mustered all our strength to save him. We did not spare time or resources, yet tragically, his decree was sealed when seven years ago my special husband was taken from us.

I was left with 7 children and my soul was filled with endless sorrow. I was weak and struggled to carry on with life. After going through the motions for four years, I decided to make a change and devote myself to saving lives. I enrolled in Nursing School. Currently, I am in my third year of studies and filled with satisfaction and a desire to save lives.

A few months ago, on a Saturday night my grandson lost consciousness. We didn’t know what to do and everyone’s eyes were on me as the resident medical expert. It was terrifying, I didn’t know what to do! We didn’t learn to administer first aid to a child who had lost consciousness and I was full of fear and panic. In those critical moments when my grandson was struggling between life and death and we were crying out for help, waiting for a medic to enter the house, I promised myself that I would enroll in an emergency first response course. A mere two weeks after that incident, a friend sent me a message that United Hatzalah was launching the IMAH Initiative – a special medic course tailor-made for widows. I jumped out of excitement, feeling that it was divine providence, that the exact opportunity I was looking for, landed in my lap – fully subsidized. Thank G-d my grandson is alive and healthy. He was saved by the first responder who came to our house. I am looking forward to joining the ranks of a team that is learning to save lives along with some of my closest friends. I am also participating in the IMAH Phlebotomy Course. Thank you very much and kudos to the innovators and donors who are behind this project.


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