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Izzy and Noa's Campaign

Please join us in raising funds for United Hatzalah of Israel. We are doing this in honor of Noa Cooper and Izzy Resnick's Bat Mitzvah.

Message to sponsors:

In lieu of gifts, we ask you that you help us celebate our upcoming bat mitzvahs by donating to our mitzvah project.   We are helping an amazing cause that is dear to our hearts.  Please view our video!  

We hope to raise our funds by August with the goal to personally deliver our gift when we are in Israel. (We're doing our bat mitzvahs in Israel and in Deerfield!

We are extrememly grateful for all of your generousity and support. 


 With Love,

Izzy and Noa


Donations raised to date:

Anonymous A
Jody & Barry Schatz
We are so proud of Noa and Izzy, and are happy to support their effort. Barry, Jody, Bryan, and Marty
Lisa & Jon Zirin
Mazel Tov on becoming a Bat Mitavah and on your project. Lily, Lisa and Jon Zirin
Mauruce & Ruth Richter
Mazel Tov, Izzy. We are proud of you. Grandma & Grandpa
Olivia Gordon
Mazel Tov Noa! Love, Olivia Gordon
Jessica Zelen
Mazel Tov Noa! Xoxox
Mickey Hornick
In honor of your Bat Mitzvah. You did a great job. Congratulations. love, Jo & Mickey Hornick
Stacy Winternitz
Mazel Tov! So excited to celebrate with you. Love, Ellie Winternitz
Scott Suskauer
Mazel Tov to Izzy!! Thanks for your charitable efforts for Israel. Love Scott and Michelle
Josh Ehrenberg
Congratulations ladies! Izzy we are so proud of you and the difference you are trying to make. Love, Josh, Jody, Henry and Stanley
jessica Waxman
Mazel Tov Noa on your special day. This looks like a great way to help in Israel. Riley Waxman
Ellen Kingsepp
Mazel Tov, Noa! Avery
Joel Schatz
Mazel tov to you both. And what a marvelous mitzvah you are doing.
Emily Gottlieb
Leslee Serdar
Mazal Tov to Izzy and Noa on your Batmitzvah. Kudos to both of you on creating such a great way to give back. Happy and excited to give to this organization. Love, Leslee Serdar
scarlettlett siegel
mazel Noa! what a great organization to donate to. Scarlett and the Siegel family wish you mazel
Marcela Sztainberg
Dear Noa - Mazal Tov on your bat mitzvah!
Miriam Sager Yoskowitz
What a wonderful way to commemorate your special day! Mazal Tov, The Yoskowitz Family
Steve and Ornit Mandell
Mazel Tov on your special day !! Best of luck with your wonderful project !!
Kim Eisendrath
Maze Tov Noa!!
Daniel Stone
Congratulations on becoming a Bat Mitzvah, Noa! Samantha
Danielle Hornick
We wish you a life filled with love, happiness and health...shared with your beautiful families and friends! Mazel Tov! Love, Danielle and Shelly
Marion Karnow
Best Wishes to Noa on her special day, Marion Karnow
Corey Nianick
Congratulations on becoming a Bat Mitzvah, Izzy! So proud of you! With love, Corey Nianick
Phyllis and Ian Harris
Mazel tov Izzy and Noa and congrats on a successful fundraising campaign.
Jennifer Evans
Mazel Tov! Can't wait to celebrate! Love, Mia
Jodi Crane
Mazel Tov! Your friend, Ally Crane
Congrats Noa on your Bat Mitzvah! So excited for you and can't wait to celebrate. Love, Natalia
Elle 653
Congrats Izzy and Noa on your Bat Mitzvah. So excited for both of you and can't wait to celebrate. All my love, Elle Silverman
Ruby Levy
Iris and Steve Podolsky
Mazel Tov on your B'Nei Mitzvot. We are friend of Izzy's dad, and we are proud of your efforts to raise money for this cause. We are very glad to support your efforts. Iris and Steve Podolsky
Jana Brok
Mazel Tov! Love, Coco Brok
Danica Simon
mazel tov on your bat mitzvahs!!!
Lauren Gottlieb
Mazel Tov!!!
Dear Izzy and Noa, We couldn’t be more proud! Mazal Tov to 2 special young ladies and their families. All our love, Eliana, Hadar, Avidan, Shai and Diane Halivni
Martine Gorstein
Mazal Tov on your Bat Mitzvahs this past month in Israel. Naomi can’t wait to celebrate with Noa in October! Much success on this worthwhile and meaningful project. Much love, the Gorstein Family
Nancey Cohen
Mazel Tov to Noa and Izzy and to the Cooper and Resnick families. We wish you good health and much joy. Nancey Cohen and Stu Mest
Elaine Howard
Mazel tov Izzy and Noa! Yasher koach!
Lori Rabinowitz
Mazel Tov and Kol Hakavod Love The Rabinowitz Family
Laura Gurvey Isaacson
Mazel Tov! Can’t wait to celebrate with you! Love, Annie Isaacson
Kira Thomasa
Mazel Tov! What a great way to honor your uncle.
Karen and Hal Sider
Yashar kochachen!
Debbie Luckman
Noa- what a great mitzvah project ...Mazel Tov love, Tori
Rachel Rubin
Mazel tov on your bnai mitzvah! What a wonderful cause! The Rubin Family
Sami Alperstein
Mazel Tov girls! Xoxo, Sami, Grant, Eli & Zac
John Rudolph
In honor of Izzy Resnick, in raising money for this fine organization as she celebrates making her bat mitzah. Love, The Rudolphs
Davida Fiegura
Izzy...........all our best on your Bat Davida and Sam
Cooper/ Resnick Family .
Anna Seftenberg
Wendy Orlowsky
Mazel Tov on your mitzvahs! Such a wonderful cause and we wish you the best! xoxo Wendy & Joby Orlowsky
Jonathan Shikora
Mazel Tov Izzy on this huge accomplishment. The Shikora family loves you (especially Macie and Max)!
sheri greenbaum
Mazal Tov!
Gail and Joel Tenner
Mazel Tov on your Bat Mitzvah, and on this great cause!
Scarlett South
Congrats! Love your heart and making a difference in the lives of those around you.
Jeffrey Cooper
Congratulations on your upcoming Bat Mitzvah. Good luck on reaching your goal. Have a great time in Israel. Love Jeff & Deborah C.
Melissa Aizanman
Mazel tov on your becoming a bar mitzvah, Izzy. Have a great time in Israel. Your cousins in Massachusetts, Melissa, Darren, Jacob and Jessica
Bruce & Marianne Cooper
Noa and Izzy what a worthy cause you are supporting. Mazel Tov on your B'nai Mitzvah. Enjoy your time in Israel. Love, Bruce & Marianne
Donald and Lee Geller
Joanne Hirschfield
With love to special young women, Mozel Tov! Joanne hirschfield
Steven Lavin
steven spielman
Congrats on your upcoming Bat Mitzvah's and hope this donation helps reach your goal--Steve Spielman
Andy Cooper
Dear Noa and Izzy... Mazel Tov on your upcoming B'nai Mitzvah! It's a wonderful cause! Hope you both have a great time in Israel! Love, Andy C
Eric Rothner
Mazel Tov!
Jordy McNamara
Congratulations on your big day! Love, Jordy & Jahna
Fern McNamara
Mazel Tov on your Bat Mitzvah. Love, Fern and John
Simon Weil
Mazel tov on your bnai mitzvot! Love, Simon Weil
Drew Block
Mazel Tov Izzy and Noa! Have a great trip with your wonderful family! Love, Julie, Drew, Lily & Henry Block
Sharon & Shane Freitag
Mazel Tov on your bat-mitzvahs! What a meaningful way to honour the memory of your Uncle and benefit others. B'hatzlacha. Shane, Sharon, Laura & Mitchell
Fran & Jordan Shiner
Mazel Tov on your upcoming B'Nai Mitzvah! What a wonderful thing you are doing, raising money for such a wonderful cause in memory of your uncle David. Have a wonderful trip!! The Shiners
Stephanie Hopmayer
Mazel Tov to both of you- such a great mitzvah project!!! Love, The Hopmayers
Natalie Cooper
Dear Noa and Izzy Mazeltov on your B'not Mitzvah. What a wonderful way to help a great cause and to honor your Uncle David. Natalie C Love to both of you.
Dylan Grossmann
Mazel Tov! With love, Dylan :)
Honoring your Uncle David in this memorable way is special. Congratulations on your upcoming Bat Mitzvahs! Marlene & Bill O.
Erica Aronwald
Mazal tov!
Mazel Tov! Hope Israel is amazing for both of you. Love, Jan and Lloyd
Julie Winicour
Mazel Tov! Love, Kate
Susan and Alan Resnick
Mazel tov to you and your families. What a wonderful mitzvah project. Congratulations. Susan and Alan Resnick
Jacob Perlen
What a wonderful mitzvah project!
Yvette Stone
Mazel Tov Izzy & Noa Love you both! Love, The Stones
Sydney Glazer
What a great cause you are donating to. Mazel tov
mazel tov!! you are guys are amazing!!!
brian shifrin
Mazel Tov guys - great idea Brian and Kate
Iris Garmisa
We are so happy to support this wonderful cause and project! Mazel Tov to both of you and your families on your upcoming B'nai Mitzvah! xo Iris and Billy Garmisa
Rebecca Graines
Mazel Tov! Love, Samantha Graines
Marley Cyrluk
Mazel Tov! Abby xoxo
WH Rafal
Mazel Tov on your B’nai Mitzvah!!! Xoxo, Winter
Terra Mass
Mazel Tov to you both-so happy to donate to this cause.
Lisa Abrams
Noa - so happy to support you and this wonderful project. Mazel Tov! -Alexis
Jolie Kaplan
Mazel Tov Izzy and Noa! What a meaningful gift to honor your Uncle David and to celebrate your b'not mitzvah. We can't wait to hear about your trip to Israel! Jolie and Phil Kaplan
Adam Winick
Mazel Tov! Love, The Winick Families
David Barstow
Dear Izzy and Noa, We are so proud of the amazing young women you two have become. We only wish we could be with you on your special day. But thank you so much for letting us be part of this wonderful cause you've chosen to support through United Hatzalah. Much love and huge hugs from all the Barstows.
Maya Kassof
I’m proud to support this great cause! Mazel tov!
Amy Lederer
Congrats! What a wonderful organization and have a wonderful time in Israel! Mazel Tov! -Meredith Lederer
jessie fisher
Mazel Tov! -Jessie Fisher
Amy Gerstein
What a wonderful organization and so nice you are honoring your uncle!! Mazel tov to both of you! Amy, Craig, Ben and Sammy
Jacqueline Kott
Mazal Tov! With love from Isabel Wolle & Family :) :) :)
Tami Levy
What an awesome cause to be raising money for. Mazaltov to both of you. Love The Levy’s
Ellen and Micah Nathan
Mazal Tov on becoming bnai Mitzvah
seymour freeman
wishing mazeltov to you and your families sincerely Deena and Seymour Freeman
Alan Abramson
Izzy & Noa, Mazel Tov to you and your families on your upcoming Bat Mitzvahs. You should be very proud of this fund raising effort. The Abramson’s
Donna and Marty Field
Izzy and Noa, What you are doing for your Mitzvah project is so meaningful on so many levels......sponsoring an ambulance to help save lives in Israel and honoring your Uncle David's memory.....both very, very special reasons. It is our pleasure and our privilege to help you with our donation. Mazel Tov and love, Donna and Marty Field
Ethan and Karen Budin
Rodney Richter
Mazel Tov! We are proud of you Love: Uncle Odney, Aunt Gena, Abby & Noah
eric siegel
mazel tov! great effort, great cause. enjoy your trip
Mari & Matthew McNamara
Mazel Tov!!! Love, Mari & Matthew
Harlan Loeb
Mazel Tov. Many thanks for affording us the opportunity to participate in your wonderful Mitzvah! Lots of love, Robin, Harlan, Velv, Rivka, & Lezie Loeb
Sharon Schatz
Mazel tov on your bat mitzvahs! We do hope you get to see your ambucycle on your trip to Israel! Sharon & Eileen Schatz
Jeff Aeder
Sherri Rosenberg
Congrats Izzy and Noa!! Great cause. Loved your video! XO Jeff, Sherri, Kara & Jamie
Howard Feldman
Great project!
Robert Romanoff
Izzy and Noa - Mazel Tov on your upcoming b'not mitzvah. Thank you for your leadership in selecting such a deserving charity for your project. We're proud to support you. Randee and Rob Romanoff
Nicki & Jim Woldenberg
Mazel Tov! xoxo
Keri Golding
Beautiful Mitzvah Project girls!!!!
Lindsey Koutouzis
Mazel Tov! Love, Lindsey
Alan Boroditsky
Beautiful bat mitzvah project to honor you uncle. May his memory live on in Israel helping others in need. Have a wonderful time in Israel and mazal tov to you both and your families
neera kaufman
Mazel Tov to Izzy and Noa! Have a wonderful celebration! Love, Neera, Michael, Eliana, Sophie and Benji (and Hazel, of course).
Marcy Travis
Good luck and congrats! xx
Sara Poticha
Mazel tov Izzy and Noa! What a beautiful way to honor the memory of your Uncle David. Love, Sara and Andy Poticha
Margaret and Joe Flanagan
Congratulations, Izzy and Noa! We wish you all the best on this happy occasion!
Miriam Ament
Mazal Tov! What a beautiful project! Miriam Ament Forman and David Forman
Joel and Barbara Stone stone
Mazel Tov on your upcoming Bnai Mitzvot You are two wonderful young ladies and you helped make our Peach Seders very enjoyable. with much affection, Barbara and Joel
Benjamin Leshem
Noa and Izzy, Mazal tov on your B'not Mitzvah! What a wonderful project. Love, the Leshems
Sam and Debi Okner
congratulations on your bnai mitzvah and your wonderful choice for a mitzvah project.
Julie Benensohn
Mazal Tov! What a meaningful gift to do in honor of your bat mitzvah! So proud of you both. The Benensohns
Shira Schwartz
Mazel Tov Noa and Izzy! We are so excited for you to have this wonderful experience with your family!
Ben Kramer
Kol Hakavod for organizing this very important campaign!
Cheryl Wolmer
Mazel Tov on your Bat Mitzvah's girls. Love, the Wolmer Family - Cheryl, Adam, Josh and Brandon.
merle cohen
Dear Izzy and Noa,, Mazal Tov on your Bnai Mitzvah and for this fantastic effort on behalf of a great cause and to honor your Uncle David in such a meaningful way! With lots of love, Merle and Larry Cohen
Lisa and Jim Levitas
Mazal Tov on your upcoming B'not Mitzvah. What a great organization!
judy isenberg
Mazel Tov on your b’nai mitzvot project. What a wonderful way to honor the memory of your beloved Uncle David. Love, Judy
Wishing you all the best - Mazel Tov!

About United Hatzalah

United Hatzalah is an independent, non-profit, fully volunteer Emergency Medical Services organization that provides the fastest and free emergency medical first response throughout Israel. United Hatzalah's service is available to all people without regard to race, religion or national origin.