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We did it! Campaign Funded!

We are The Goodman Family Woodridge, NY

Please join us in raising funds for United Hatzalah of Israel. We are doing this in memory of Our Mother Lea Laufer Goodman.

Message to sponsors:

We have no words...not only were we able to reach our initial goal of funding an ambucycle but, due to the generosity of so many special individuals, we were also able to raise the funds to sponsor our own volunteer, both of these in record time. As of now, any extra donations that come in to our campaign will go towards funding much needed medical equipment for the volunteers, and assist to save more lives. WE COULD NOT HAVE DONE THIS WITHOUT YOU - AND THE OUTPOURING OF WARMTH AND LOVE IS IMMEASURABLE TO US.  MAY YOU ALL BE BLESSED WITH ONLY THE BEST OF HEALTH, AD MEAH V'ESRIM.  We are donating an ambucycle in memory of our mother Lea bas Yitzchok, as anyone who knew her, knew that her life was dedicated to helping the sick and the downtrodden. We invite you to join us and be a partner in continuing her legacy. If you would like to see a 2 minute video demonstrating the amazing "power" of the ambucyle, please click on the arrow to the right of the photo.

Donations raised to date:

Cannot wait to get to Yerushalayim in good health, together with my incredible daddy Harav Yisroel Tzvi ben Chana Kressel, he should be gezunt in every way, until 130.
Refuah SHLEIMA b'karov to all who need it, b'ezrat Hashem.
Jerry and Carol Wittenstein
in honor of Estee Elefant
Bernard and Gitel Witkin
L'ilui Nishmas Lea bas Yitzchok, whom we miss more and more as time goes by.
This is for my galpals Shula and Sima who are two incredible UH volunteers and incredible galpals, as well. Be"H we shall meet again in Ir Hakodesh next year in good health - you, me, daddy...we will make it one huge mesibah and invite the rest of the UH Florida gang!!
Irving Goodman
In memory of my kind-hearted and brilliant wife Lea Laufer Goodman and in honor of our four wonderful children.
A small donation for a huge favor done for me today!
thank you again to my amazing neighbor yehudit!!
just a "small" token in honor of my amazing siblings...and daddy, as well!!
As a zechut for refuot and yeshuot to everyone in need, around the world. May HKBH bring us the geula shleima b'karov!
in honor of yehudit wider, a wonderful neighbor!
for yehudit wider, thank you for your erev shabbos chessed!!
We are all so very happy eli is back home with his family in Eretz Yisroel!!! May this be the month of IYAR - "ani Hashem rof'echa" for ALL of klal yisroel. Donated as a zchus for the continued health of Harav Yisroel Tzvi ben Chana Kressel and his entire extended family, ad meah v'esrim.
in honor of the best siblings a gal can are worth more than $13.50 but this was the amount i promised someone i would donate! love....
l'ilui nishmas lea bas yitzchok - may she be a "gitte behter" for us all in these trying times - protecting those who are healthy from illness and bringing a fast recovery to all of those who are unwell, including eli.
irvng goodman
As a zchus for a refua shleima b'karov for eli and as a thank you for the amazing work UH does in Eretz Yisroel and worldwide.
to the indefatigable UH team - keep up the amazing work you do and always remember...if you need a place to "hang your tools" in south florida, the door is open, the beds are made, the truck is yours to borrow, and the israeli breakfasts (and dinners!) are ready to be served.
L'ilui Nishmat Lea bas Yitzchok, whose 5th yahrtzeit is on 13 Tevet. We miss her so much....
l'chvod harav yisroel tzvi goodman a tzaddik in our times may he be blessed with continued gezunt and yiddishe nachas from his children, grandchildren, and greatgranchildren ad meah v'esrim shana
this donation is in memory of eliyahu ben yehuda, close family friend of the goodman family - together with his wife lillian tb"lchaim, a walking shining example of how everyone should live their life - may he be a meilitz tov for us all in the olam ha'emes and continue his good work on behalf of klal yisroel from gan eden.
this tzedaka is given for a refua shleima to eliyahu ben rivka, as per the RAMBAM who states that tzedaka is the FIRST AND FOREMOST mitzvas Asei in the torah - it is only regarding THIS mitzvah that it says "tatzil mimaves."
Paula Baumser
In honor of the Goodman Family and in loving memory of Leah Goodman Paula & David
Shifra Penkower
One of the core values that comes up when we think about Savta Lea z”l is giving. In so many memories that we have of her, there is always the aspect of her sharing of herself so that others could benefit and enjoy. Savta also had a tremendous appreciation for the beauty in HaShem’s world. She herself was beautiful...and not just on the outside; her middot were exemplary and she brought—and inspired—goodness wherever she went. Savta put care into spreading smiles, simply in the ways she greeted people, brightening their days, and warming their hearts (and necks...with handmade scarves). This ambucycle campaign is a natural extension of Savta's passion for helping, healing, and bringing happiness to others. Yehi zichra baruch. LYMY...wish we could still HYKY. ~Shifra Chana, Ariel, Ilan, and Isser Matan (each of whom contributed to this donation)
Chaim S
In honor of rabbi goodman, whose efforts on behalf of klal yisroel is paralleled only by the amazing chassadim performed by his wife, lea bas yitzchok, yehi zichra baruch. May Hashem give him continued koichos in good health, ad meah v'esrim. The love and respect we feel for each other makes it a zechus for us to call each other close cousins. chaim ben rachel
Dinah Pirutinsky
In honor of the Goodman Family and in loving memory of Mrs. Leah Goodman. Keep up the good work that you all do to help Klal Yisroel. May you all have nachas from eachother!
We loved her so much and we do miss her. Thank you for letting us be part of this.
Tzillah Rosenberg
I have such wonderful memories of your mother, Z"L, and am happy to donate to such a worthy cause. May her neshama have an aliya. Thank you for including me. Tzillah
Jacki Gorelik
L'ilui Nishmas Lea Bas Yitzhok. My job when I came for pesach was polishing all the silver and she would preface her requests by saying her key phrase "thank you in advance". There was always an open invitation at the Goodman home. I am forever grateful for that. Lea Goodman was my second mom. I miss her dearly. Jacki Gorelik
Bella Saperstein
In Loving Memory of Lea Goodman. She was a Beautiful Soul. May her Memory be a Blessing for all who knew her. Mr. and Mrs Louis Saperstein and Family
Esther B
in memory of Lea Laufer Goodman, a very good friend of mine. Esther Bohensky
Chanie Hoffer
For Dassie and Molly, 2 of the nicest women I know.
To meemee, dorothea, angeliqua, and the missing master d himself, The four of you are so blessed to have been raised by parents who instilled in their children the importance of chessed, tzedaka, and kindness to others, above all else. May your children and grandchildren bring you the same nachas that you are clearly bringing your mother a"h and your father, yb"l ad meah v'esrim shana.
In honor of United Hatzalah volunteers traveling to Florida (to help during Hurricane Irma) and their special host who thus continues the legacy of our very missed, beloved mother, Lea Laufer Goodman Z'L. May HKBH Protect everyone and keep them safe and sound.
Wishes for only the best of health and only simcha to the entire extended Goodman family, who always reach out to those who need a smile.
to my most amazing sisters dasi and molly, you make placecards and sticker labels rock and so much more... thanks for letting me take over your house and for alllll those airport runs!! mommy is so proud of all of us. love me :) ps mdeedle, keep those jokes are the best!
thanks st. you are continuing your mother's good works.
Daniel Katzenstein
Thinking of you all from Israel. Remembering MD and family and all the fond memories from our Shaarei Torah days in Monsey.
Gittel Gold
chanie calko
In memory of Lea Goodman a"h and in honor of Dassi Goldsmith who is following in her mother's footsteps of chesed.
Marcie Murray
Anonymous A
Dedicated in Memory of Lea Laufer Goodman; a woman who, although recognized for many charitable and kind deeds done on behalf of so many, did so much more for the Klal that remained unknown to most, yet benefited so many more. It is so wonderful to see her four kn"h children follow in her and her illustrious husband's yb"l footsteps. May she be a Melitzas Yosher for us all, for peace in this world, peace within families, and good health and good cheer all around. Yehi Zichra Baruch
Rose Raport
Moshe Frank
l'zecher nishmas Rebbetzin Lea Goodman, from Moshe and Esti Frank
Amy Penchansky
I grew up in this shul, and my memory of it always includes Rabbitzin Goodman with a smile. May her memory be a blessing.
Harry Karp
We will miss this pillar of Torah in Mountains.My rebbi your father shlita could never have done it without her.
Nof Family
With love from the Nof family!
Mitchell and Brenda P
Shimon and Rebecca K
It's a great thing you are doing L'ilui Nishmas your beloved mother! Shimon and Rebecca Katz
Yakov and Malky weinfeld
ida glenner
In honor of your dear mother a"h. May this be an alyiah for her neshama. Avi and ida glenner
Esther Mindy and Dotan A
Ephrat Alon
With admiration of the Goodman Mishpacha and their contribution to Klal Yisroel!
Jessica Goldblatt
Rebecca Kowalsky
thank you for this opportunity to donate to an important cause in honor of Aunt Leah
Izzie and Batya G.
We miss our sister in-law. Her smile and simchas Hachayim are part of our memories. She continues to remind us to follow her ways of welcoming everyone who entered her home . We still hold on to all the gifts she sent with anyone who was coming to visit us. We know she is a great sholiach for our benefit. We thank Hashem for making her part of our lives. Izzy and Batya
in honor of molly, dasi, st, and md - who are working indefatigably :) to finish this campaign in memory of their mother, in record time.. you guys are awsum!!
thank you Hashem for the refua you gave me - may my Kochos always be used for good things. L'ilui Nishmas an incredible mother to her children, Lea Bas Yitzchok
Frieda Laufer
A great zchus Best regards CYR
DJ, Miriam, & Kayla Lea Elefant
In loving memory of our dear Savta Lea. No one was more caring, compassionate, and loving to the entire world, than you. You were a remarkable woman who's Chessed knew no bounds. We miss you more than anything! DJ, Miriam, & Kayla Lea
Mikki F
In memory of Lea Goodman. I regret not having had the honor of meeting her. May the world continue to be better through the deeds of her children. -Mikki F.
Morris L
Ina P
In memory of Mrs. Lea Goodman, a very special lady who enriched so many lives with her warm and generous heart.
Yaffa Elefant
In honor of my grandmother, Savta Lea Goodman; a true role model and important figure in my life. She was always full of life and the most selfless woman I know.
Steven & Heidi Schwartz
For giving there Whole heart and love to all klal Yisrael love Heidi & Steven
Aitan Zacharin
Thank you for the opportunity, Dasi. As a hatzalah member in Miami I can attest to the importance of this campaign, and the true impact it will have. May your mother have a lichtige Gan Eden!
Joanne & Irwin Asher
What an appropriate and BEAUTIFUL idea!
Phillip Goodman
In memory of Mrs. Leah Goodman Her neshama should have an aliyah Barbara and Pesach Goodman
Chaim Rothstein
In memory of our dear Savta Leah. We love you, we hug you, we kiss you, but most of all, we miss you. Chaim & Kim
Gedalia Stern
In honor of Mrs. Lea Laufer Goodman. Marc and Marcy Stern
Yosef and Rochel S
in loving memory of the most wonderful woman that i ever met. rochel sofer
Hilda G
Bracha V'Hatzlacha in your most worthwhile project! Your mother a"h is no doubt very approving and having Nachas from all of you! Hilda Goodman
Anonymous A
Wonderful that you are doing things for your mother, A'H. This is appropriate and fitting.
Muttel and Pearl P
L'ilui Nishmas Lea Bas Yitzchok
Anonymous A
L'ilui Nishmas Lea Bas Yitzchok
Anonymous A
We cannot put into words what your mother meant to us.
Elazar and Charlotte H
Miriam B
Stuie and Marcy B
we loved your mom. in memory of an amazing woman. stuie and marcy
Yehuda and Nechama Leah G
L'ilui Nishmas Lea bas Harav Yitzchok, whose own "hatzala" efforts saved, uplifted, and enriched all those she knew, through her heart of gold, her words of wisdom, and her boundless love.
Manfred and Hannah Lubet
L'ilui Nishmas our Mechuteniste Lea bas Harav Yitzchok a"h, who brightened our world with the gift of her four beautiful children, Bli Ayin Hora. Menachem and Chana
Mindy and Tuli M
What a beautiful tribute to your dear mother, a"h. Mindy and Tuli
And to the Laufer Family- of which our Sister was an Integral part of all our lives. She was our role model ;may her Heilige Neshama serve as a Melitzat Tov for all of her family and for Klal Yosroel. Rachel Fischer-her sister
Judy Fulda
In memory of an isha chashuva who was a talmida chachama as well. Yehoshua and Judy Fulda
Menachem & Malia Fruchter
In memory of our Woodridge Mother. May Daddy have continued health to be able to be with us at The Hebrew Day School for many more years to come. The Fruchter Family
Yitzchok and Channie Brum
What a wonderful way to honor the memory of Savta Leah, a woman whose life personified Ahavas Yisrael and Ahavas Hatorah . May her rich legacy live on in her children and grandchildren. Yitzchok and Channie Brum
Adina Krausz
In honor of the efforts of Dasi Goldsmith for our girls and boys and in memory of her mother Leah b'Yitzchak a'h Uri &Adina Krausz, Switzerland,
Baruch and Tzipora S
L'ilui Nishmas Lea Laufer Goodman, Yehi Zichrah Baruch.
For a refuah to all Klai Yisrael
shimmie scher
Chani Collins
In memory of Lea Laufer Goodman, May her neshama have an aliyah.
Miriam and Alan G
yitzchok netanel elefant
In memory of my Savta, whose whole life was dedicated to helping others.
Our grandmother "saved" Jewish neshamos on many levels. From teaching Torah to the non-affiliated, to bringing joy to the downtrodden, to feeding people who needed a meal...She "raced" to help all those in need. With this ambucycle, many more lives should be saved, in Savta Lea's zchus.
Rachel G
"In memory of Savta Lea who was always so generous and giving her whole life"
Janice Osdoby
In honor of Leah Goodman and the entire family. Janice and Freddie
Diana Schiowitz
Remembered with love. Wishing all the family b'sorot tovot Diana and Paul
devorah g
L'ilui Nishmas Savta Lea - May her neshama have an aliya
Naomi Nussbaum
Hatzlachah on all your endeavors! Naomi and David Nussbaum
shimon klein
What a beautiful Mitzvah in memory of a wonderful person!
Raisy & Suchie Gittler
Love, The Gittler Family
in memory of Lea Goodman, an extraordinary woman
In honor of Molly and in memory of Lea bas Yitzchak
In honor of Rabbi Goodman and the Goodman Children - what a fitting tribute they have embarked upon, to honor the memory of a special woman who lived her entire life solely to give to others. Yehi Zichrah Baruch
Rachel Wolf
Susan and Jeff ERDFARB
Suri & Yossie Norowitz
Anonymous .
A great aunt who always took such good care of us - summers in Woodridge, fantastic memories B"H
Robert and Janice Steinberg
Charlotte G
In memory of a wonderful friend who was there for everyone. She will be missed by many.
Leah Bien
May your mother's neshama have an aliya and in her zechus may many lives be saved. Tizku l'Mitzvos.
Lillian and Elliot H .
your mother was a special woman and we are honored to be a part of continuing her legacy of caring for those in need
Bina Simon
Kol hakavod guys!!
l'ilui nishmas lea bas yitzchok
shlomo elimelech g
l'ilui nishmas lea bas yitzchok
In loving memory of our beloved mother, Lea bas Yitzchok v'Rivka Dobrush, who "lived to give" and was ALWAYS helping others! May we and our families merit to emulate her ways.
Fran & Alan Hirmes
In loving memory of Savta Lea, who devoted her life to helping others. What a wonderful tribute to her legacy to donate an ambucycle to save lives in Israel! May her neshama have an aliyah.
Malya Schulman
This should be a zechut for your mother in olam haba. Tizku limizvot!
Meri Lederer
In loving memory of Leah Goodman. May her memory be a blessing. With love, Meri Cohen Lederer and family
In memory of Lea Goodman and in tribute to her daughter Molly, who proves to be as good and giving a friend to all, as was her mother.
Sylvia Handler
In honor of Dasi Goldsmith, Amush, whose unique love of Mitzvos is testimony to her mother, Lea Laufer Goodman, a"h's love of Mitzvos.
Benjamin Goodman
The neshama should have an Aliyah and we should only hear of simchas! Yumi and Yocheved
Tamar and Morris Gold
In memory of a special woman who, together with her Ezer K'negdo, raised a family of remarkably righteous children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. May you all have the strength to continue your acts of chessed, perpetuating your mother's legacy into the next generation.
rachel bald
In honor of Dasi Goldsmith
Bryan Z
Dedicated to the mom of a close friend - she clearly was a very special lady.
Stephanie Findling Gitnik
As a former Woodridge resident and HDS grad, Rabbi and Mrs. Goodman played an important and hugely positive role in my childhood. What a wonderful way to honor such a wonderful woman.
hudy Greenfield
this donation is for Esti Steinberg Leili Nishmas he mother. May she be a mailitz Yoshar for the whole family.
Chaim Mandel
In memory of Mrs. Goodman A"H and in honor of Rabbi Goodman and the entire extended Goodman Family, and our dear friends st and david.
Leon Goldenberg
Amy & Ephraim Bassan
What a wonderful way to honor the memory of Lea Laufer Goodman. May her neshama have an aliya and may she be a mailitz yosher for all of Israel.
Jessica Savitt
L'ilui nishmata shel Lea Laufer Goodman
st and david .
continuing the legacy of our mother is the best way we can honor all she stood for in her amazing accomplished life.
Wendy Moses
May you be blessed to see the benefit this kindness brings!
Sheila Nashofer
It is our honor to participate in this amazing fundraising idea in the memory of a truly great Tzadekes. She would be so very proud of all of you! Tizku L'Mitzvos!
In memory of our Savta. May her passion for g'milus chassadim live on in all of us.
Rivi and Avi Brum
Dasi and Howie Goldsmith
In memory of our beloved mother, Lea Laufer Goodman, a"h, who was always looking for mitzvah opportunities to help others. Dasi and Howie
The Goodman Family .

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