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Please join me in raising funds for United Hatzalah of Israel. I am doing this .

Message to sponsors:

The following United Hatzalah of Israel event was pre recorded prior to the tragic event that occurred in Meron. Our volunteers were the first responders. The event has been modified to the best of our abilities to respect the nature of the situation. We mourn with the families and salute our volunteers who heroically ran in to help others.

Donations raised to date:

Elizabeth Sutton
Spencer Dean
Thank you for what y’all do!
All of my thoughts and prayers are with Israel ❤️
Joseph & Lauren Soleimani
In Memory of טלי בן אברהם
Sara Berookhim
Sending my prayers for healing.
Nathan Betesh
Sabrina Khabie
Marie Eisen
I made Aliyah almost five months ago. I am so happy to know your organization exist. Hopefully I will never have to use your services, but I feel much safer knowing you are 90 seconds away. May HaShem bless your wonderful work always.
Fran and Jerry Weinberg
In memory of Donny Morris, z"l - May His sweet neshama and the neshamot of all the victims of the Meron tragedy have an Aliyah
L’iluy Nishmas of the 45 HOLLY Kedoishim in Meron--May Hashem comfort all their families min Hashamyim and a zchis for a complete Refoha Shalima quickly for those that got injured Amen! Yasher Koiach to Eli Beer and all the volunteers who work SO hard day and night to save lives 24/7!! Shalom AL AM ISRAEL.............
Natali Webman
Jorge Schlesinger
May Hashem reward you for your tremendous life-saving work !
Jacques Acoca
Myrna Berlin
We are very sorry for the lost of life's .Our prayers are with you.
Fred Zeidman
Derek Loewenstein
L’iluy Nishmas the 45 Kedoishim and a zchis for all those that need a Refieh shleimeh iyH!! Yasher Koiach to Eli Beer and all the volunteers who work day and night to save lives 24/7!!
Neil Mermelstein
In honor of the holy 45 neshomos . In honor of all the tireless volunteers. In honor of my dear friend Eli Beer Yitz M
yossi zarfati
In Memory of Shimon Zarfati z'l and all the dedicated volunteers
David Steinhardt
Richard Rosenberg
By your side
In honor of Eli Beer, Asaf Admoni and all of Hatzalah's dedicated volunteers. Much hatzlacha in continuing to save lives and inspiring more around the world. May we only share simchas together in the future PG
Katherine Cohen
Thank you for all you do !
Kenneth & Ruchie Brander
In Honor of Eli Beer and all the Hatazlah dedicated volunteers
Louis DiLeo
Andrew Fine
We cannot thank you enough for all that you do!
Katie Plmer
You all are amazing heroes!
Rivka Persoff
David Goldstein
Thank you, for all that you do!
Sheryl and Michael Katz
Thank you!!
In memory of Donny Morris. Linda and Jay Zucker
Rachelle & Yossi Kanoff
Thank you for all you do!
sarabeth fein
In memory of Josh Lewis - Sarabeth & Kevin Fein
Michael Bernstein
Dear Eli Beer, thank you for founding the wonderful organization United Hatzalah and for saving thousands of lives of the People of Israel.
Sandra Brown
Thank you to all in United Hatzalah The Brown Family
Yasher Ko'ach! Bruchim Tehiyu!
Cheryl and Alan Doberman
Dov Perlysky
Joe Teplow
Rotem Alima
Shelley Schapiro
Daniel Lifschutz
Thank You to United Hatzalah & to the unsung heroes, the very special first responders May God give you the ability to continue in ur mission of Saving Lives Daniel & Rachael Lifschutz
The Robert I Schattner Foundation and Phyllis and Sid Bresler and Family
Avraham Oberstein
Iris and Shalom Maidenbaum
In honor of our new grandson Lior Baruch Shlomo
Ron Daniels
2 volunteer medics
Murray and Basheva Goldberg
United Hatzalah Good Job on helping does in need. כל הכבוד ותודה רבה עם ישראל חי
Margo Cohen
Yaron Carni
Iris and Shalom Maidenbaum
Adele Sandberg
Celia Tessler Atkin
Mark Engel
Ebike in honor of grand children and two oxygen tanks
Martino Cartier
The Gerson Family
Phil Brown
From Ronnie Littenberg and Phil Brown - a sheynem danke
Mona Liss
Rayzee Brecher
Thank you for your incredible dedication and lifesaving work!
Joe DaGrosa
Kornvaes Family
Ira Jaskoll
In memory of Donny Morris of Bergenfield, NJ and in honor of Shai Jaskoll of United Hatzalah of Israel
Eleanore Weiner
louis greenbaum
Best wishes from Louis and Shirley Greenbaum for your lifesaving work
Ralph and Risa Grossman
Thank you for all you do on daily basis in order to save lives. We are so proud to be part of this organization.
Ari Dworcan
Thanks for all the good work you do. By being united we are strong and will bring Moshiach.
ruth greenbaum
Alan Fink
Susan Franco
Keep up the amazing work!! You are all true heroes!! Thank you!
Glen Hockley
Lauren and Max Korenvaes
Go save a life!
Howard Price
Wonderful work, Howard and Leah Price
Todd Maurer
Wonderful work!
ross shoter
Mervyn FRied
Mazel Tov & may HazalaH grow from strength to strength hope to see you soon in the Holy Land
Martino Cartier
This New Jersey Honorary Jew loves you and is praying for you all. Love, Martino and Matzah
Marsha and Jeff Levine
What a blessing this organization is to the world!
Ester Fink
Kol Hakavod!
Thanks for all that you do!
Robert & Lynne Kanter
Gabriella Klein
David Kupferberg
Love you guys! The work you do is AMAZING!!!!
Avrum & Sharon , Trustees Kowalsky
Thank you for your dedicated service to our people
Aaron Posner
To the first responders who help people day and night, no matter the emergency, you are there.
Shimmy and Lani Tennenbaum
In honor of Miriam Tennenbaum
Steve Kaplan
In honor of my good friend, Eli. For all the amazing work he does
Joel Silber
Dot and Basil Haymann
A day of Life saving in honor of all the hard work done by the Amy and Harlan Korenvaes
Paul Scheinberg
Erit and Elisha Tropper
Shai Stern
from meira & shai stern LA in honor of eli beer & all the volunteers
Dani Cohen
Yitzi Karasick
Jeanette and Edward malca
Daniel Katz
In honor of our beloved friend, Eli Beer. Eli, may you continue to lead your amazingly holy organization, in good health, until 120! With love and tremendous respect, Caroline and Daniel Katz and family
Mark Donig
Thank you for everything you do. And thank you to Eli Beer, Carolyn Kangavari, Mark Gerson, Jerry Silverman, the entire executive team, all volunteers and the entire NorCal Advisory Board and all supporters for your wonderful work.
Marvin Friedman
Mark & Carol Kreditor
Andrew Rodman
in honor of Amy & Harlan Korenvaes for all their hard work.
Joel and Sherry Wiener
May Hashem grant all members of United Hatzalah the strength and good health to continue saving lives.
Dear Eli, Shai and the Team We could not be more proud to be associated with the United Hatzalah mission in saving all lives in our beautiful country.
Nancy Greene
In honor of our daughter, Debbie Greene, upon becoming a United Hatzalah volunteer!
Robert Schneider
allan gottesman
Nir and Leslie Orbach
You are an inspiration!
Lea Roth
Thanks for all you do. Shalom.
Merle Saferstein
Thank you for all the important work that you do. Merle and Daryl Saferstein
Mark Usher
Yasher Koach for your incredible work during such very difficult events in people's lives, unfortunately needed on a daily basis. And then on top of that there were the heroic efforts to save lives at the heartbreaking tragedy on Lag B'omer at Mt. Meron. G-d bless your efforts and a Refuah Shlema to all those who need it.
Esther Perl
Aurelia & Michael Ostro
In honour of your Vision and Foresight to create this life saving organization. Kol Hakavod & B'Hatzlacha.
robert spector
we are so amazed how great of an organization you are. 24/7 always there to help.
The Robert I Schattner Foundation and Phyllis and Sid Bresler and Family
barbara newman
Isabelle Miller
A small $ donation but given with a big heart in the aftermath of this tremendous tragedy. Thanks for all you are doing. God bless.
Rivka Denburg
לע״נ דוד בן יוסף חיים ע״ה
Stay strong. Our thoughts and prayers in New Jersey are with you
Greta and Jeff Baum
In zchus for a Refua shlaima for those injured in Meron, and as a thanks to Hatzalah for all their brave work.
ruth levi
David Waxman
Kol hacavod on your work this past year on corona and now on the terrible tragedy in meron. With all the respect you have an Israeli society now perhaps you should also add the capability to helping prevent these tragedies by evaluating and certifying the safety of events in advance to help prevent them in future.
The Bernstein Family
Randy Kessler
In memory of Shalom Leib ben Eliyakum Yitzchak a"h. Your work - especially the cooperation among Israelis of all backgrounds - is so inspiring. Keep up the great work!
Menachem Wilansky
Thank you for all you do. You save countless lives which is something no one can repay you for. Please accept this as a thank you
Mark Persoff
l'iluy nishmas avi mori David Asher ben Mordechai z'l. Wishing Eli and the whole team much continued success with their amazing work.
Daniella and Joseph hellerstein
In blessed memory of those who tragically lost their lives on Har Meron.
you are all earth angels
Eli Soffer
Eli, you are the man! Thank you to everybody who helps this organization.
Will Yahr
Shloimah Auerbach
Keep up the good work.
Michelle Hershenson
Thank you for savings lives -the highest mitzvah anyone can do. Yasher Koach
Florence Shomer
To help with all you do. In memory of those in Meron tragedy In honor of you
Benjamin Weinstein
Daniel Wolf
Dorit Sasson
In memory of my mother Carmen Czernick z"l and all the victims of the terrible Meron tragedy
Ed & Rose Leventhal
Ighal Goldfarb
Allen J Levin
Michael Pinn
irv gottesman
The Meyer Family
The Rubin Family
Baila & Stan Weiss
In honor of our friends Gila & Richie Katz
Ari Wise
In honor of Rabbi Sam Klibanoff and Dr. Josh Brickman.
Alan Schall
In honor of Team Klibanoff and Brickman.
Avi Katz
Elaine Pomrantz
Lawrence Goetz
Jay Pack
Terry Bernard
Thank you for all the amazing work you do every day!
david fuchs
hatzlaxa raba thanks for grait work
Martin grumet
In memory of Ephraim Grumet AH
Alec & Lauren Raggio
Michael Barnett
Thank you for all you for Israel and the Jewish People

About United Hatzalah

United Hatzalah is an independent, non-profit, fully volunteer Emergency Medical Services organization that provides the fastest and free emergency medical first response throughout Israel. United Hatzalah's service is available to all people without regard to race, religion or national origin.