When seconds count…

bullet proof vest and helmet

Bullet-proof gear consists of a bullet-proof vest and a helmet protecting vital organs from high-velocity bullets and shrapnel.

The situation in Israel is unfortunately not one of a quiet nature; terror & rocket attacks have become daily routine in an increasing number of communities. On every attack, the pagers of our First-Responder Volunteers buzz and despite the clear and immediate danger, they rush out of the shelter to treat the wounded.

As a volunteer organization, it is our duty to minimize the potential danger and provide our volunteers with the maximum protection available. Since 1948 numerous medics - military and civilian alike - have paid a heavy price while helping others.

In the recent Lebanon war, as Northern Israel came under attack, the bullet proof gear was of highest importance; Katyusha shrapnel was likely to fall at any place at any time - the protective gear became vital.

With the help and generosity of people all around the world, we were able to purchase 150 vests, yet many more are still needed, as larger areas come under the increasing range of enemy rockets. Giving a bullet-proof vest and a helmet to a First-Responder Volunteer, achieves two noble missions - securing the wellbeing of the Rescue Volunteer and enabling the Volunteer to save the life of another.