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Liran Nathan's Campaign

Join me in raising funds and awareness for United Hatzalah of Israel. I am doing this in celebration of Liran's Barmitzvah 2019 .

Message to sponsors:

Please help me help United Hatzalah volunteers save more lives...

Since I was little, I always wanted to be a paramedic. For my 11th birthday, I asked my parents if they'd take me to the United Hatzalah headquarters in Jerusalem. We had just made Aliyah and I was so excited to see how everything works. On that day, I met Eli Beer, Shai Jaskoll and even singer Benny Friedman. Now, for my barmitzah campaign, I'm trying to raise money for an AmbuCycle, so volunteers can quickly get to patients around the country. The volunteers race to help people in 90 seconds. They are so incredible  They are my heroes. Please help me to help the volunteers. I don't want any barmitzvah presents - please rather donate to this amazing organisation, so they can help save more lives.



Donations raised to date:

Julian N
Donation on behalf of Women’s Organization and Friends.
Ross K
ליאורה ק
Shayna & Liran: That you both chose to give to Hatzalah, a cause that saves lives throughout Israel, is testimony to your beautiful chesed and generous spirit. May you both be forever blessed for honoring life. Love you, Leora
Zillah K
Liran & Shayna, Mazal Tov! Every good wish and love for your future, All my love, Zillah
Jonathan B
Wishing you much Hatzlocha and Brocha on your joint Simcha’s. Sorry I could not join the celebrations. Best regards Jonathan B.
Myron J
Mazeltov to two special kids from a very special family. We were so very glad to share in an absolutely fantastic and memorable Simcha. Love Myron, Natalie and Naama.
Mandi S
Liran and Shayna I've watched you grow from new born babies into these amazingly strong, kind, compassionate, caring and fun young adults. This past weekend you both shared your Bar and Bat Mitzvahs respectively as that's what two beautifully brought up respectful children like you would do. I am honoured to not only call your parents and yourselves good friends but family too. Wishing you both a big Mazal Tov and to your parents, grandparents, family and friends continue getting Nachas from these two cos they are only just starting..... Mazal Tov, Mazal Tov. P.S sorry I couldn't be there to share this special simcha with you all but we are going to have many many more to share together. All my love Mandi
Shelley, Joel and Bethia K
We are delighted to contribute to United Hatzalah in celebration of Liran Nathan’s bar-mitzvah and Shayna Nathan’s bat-mitzvah. Mazal Tov Liran and Shayna! Wishing you both a future filled with blessings and happiness. With love Shell, Joel and Bethia.
Andy Larry Benji Gila and Yakira S
Mazaltov Shane and Liran You guys were truly amazing. We loved your simcha and look forward to seeing you continue on your special journey through life helping those in need. Thanks for a most memorable weekend. Love Andy Larry Benji Gila and Yakira
Essers F
John S
this Donation is made on behalf of Shayna and Liran Nathan's Simchah
Andrew K
this donation is made on behalf of Liran and Shayna Nathan's Simchah
So impressed with your passionate support for such an excellent cause! Mazaltov for your simcha. We are so sorry we weren't able to be with you but were thinking of you and your wonderful family. Best love from the Waks family in London.
Sidney L
Dear Liran and Shayna mazeltov on your Bar and Batmitzvah. We were happy to share in you simcha.
Bear, Blumenfeld & Kuper Families B
We are honoured to be able to donate to this worthy cause of behalf of Liran Nathan
Harry S
Mazeltov to both of you Harry And Estelle Spain
Simone L
Dear Liran and Shayna Mazeltov to you both and your family. May you both continue to give your parents lots of nachas. I wish for you both an abundance of health and happiness. I am so glad to be able to share this special simcha with you and your family. lots of love Sim, Dan and Leigh
Michel & Jodi A
Donation in the name of Liran & Shayna Nathan .
Gerselle E
Dear Liran and Shayna, This comes with our wishes of Mazal Tov to you and all your family on the occasion of your Bar- and Bat- Mitzvah. With much love, Ivor and Roma Schneider.
Mazeltov Liran and Shayna and family. May you both continue to be a source of much joy and nachas to your parents. Much love, The Altshulers
netta e
Bethia M
Donation for bar and bat mitzvah of Liran and Shayna Nathan. Mazeltov from Shaun and Beth Matisonn and family
Darrell L
Dear Liran and Shayna, Mazal Tov!! Looking forward to celebrating with you. Lots of love Darrell, Tova, Talya and Adi.
Happy birthday for tomorrow, to one incredible young man. May you keep bringing nachas and joy to all around you. You are beyond special.
Maureen P
From Leon and Maureen Pevsner with much love in celebration of Shayna and Liran's Simcha
Ian K
Kol Hakavod Liran & Shayna What a wonderful thing to do Mazaltov to you both and your incredible family on your Bnei Mitzvah We are looking forward to sharing your special weekend all our love Ian, Anne, Emma & Ryan Kaplan
Michael C
Sorry we won't be with you to celebrate your special Simcha. Mazeltov to you and your beautiful family. Michael and Maureen Caminsky
Perry H
Donation to celebrate Liran’s simcha
Benny L
In honour of Lirans barmitzvah.
Rael S
Faith B
Lester & Barbara E
Donation on occasion of Liran & Shayna Nathan Bnei Mitzvah. Mazaltov!
Karon M
Dearest Liran .. Mazel tov to you and your special family. What an incredible and giving initiative. May you only know good health and happiness and love xxx love Kiki xxx
Mazal Tov!! A great cause - wishing you only happiness, health, and success in everything you do!
מזל טוב לירן
Moshe S
In honor of the Bar Mitzvah of Liran Nathan. Abundant Nachat to his family. a privileged to be associated with this worthwhile project.
מזל טוב לירן
Susan G
Mazeltov Liran! You are such an inspiration. Love from all your Gluckman cousins.
Proud of what you are doing, Liran. We love you so much. Love, your favourite sister in the world. ❤️
We are so proud of you!
Gabe S
Yossi S
Liran, I have watched you grow into the incredible mench you have become. This Barmy project proves just that, you look to see how you can assist, inspire and improve the lives of other before your own and that of your family. We pray that you continue bringing your parents and those around you tremendous Nachas with everything you do. A Huge Mazal Tov and Kol HaKavod on this wonderful project. Yossi & Efrat
Bridget O
Liran, you have a wonderfully kind and generous heart, and you will be a fantastic paramedic when that day comes. What a great idea this is, such a worthy cause! Mazeltov on your barmitzvah, sending you lots of love x
Proud of you BikaBoy
What an amazing way to celebrate your Bar Mitzvah! Mazal tov!!
Craig & Terry D
Mazal tov Liran - such an incredible mitzvah!
Valerie K
Liran, we are so proud of what you are doing! You are a very special young man! Don’t ever change! Much love Val and Bobby.
Leon and Gina Epstein
Gary Edelstein
The B
Mazeltov Liran. You are such a mensch. J & B you can be very proud of your special boykie.
Saul and karin M
An amazing initiative from an amazing young man
Leora K
שנה טובה ליראני, אוהבת אותך, ליאורה
Emily K
Mazel Tov Liran! We are so proud of you and sooooo glad you and your family moved here! Lots of Love, Emily, David, Simon, Eli and Juliet
We are so proud of you, Liran. All our love.
Andy K
wow Liran what an inspiration you are!!! mazal tov for your barmitzvah, may you continue to do great things. with lots of love and admiration xxx
The D
Dear Liran, mazel tov on your upcoming bar mitzvah and for supporting such a good cause! Lots of love your Aussie cousins - Rafael and Mitchell
Arron & Andi S
Lirani, a huge Mazal tov! Thank you for including us in such an important Mitzvah. May you continue to be a tremendous source of joy and nachas to your awesome family whom we love!
Louise P
Liran, We are so proud of you in every way. Love The Posnaskys x
Leora K
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About United Hatzalah

United Hatzalah is an independent, non-profit, fully volunteer Emergency Medical Services organization that provides the fastest and free emergency medical first response throughout Israel. United Hatzalah's service is available to all people without regard to race, religion or national origin.