We're all in this together.

We did it! Campaign Funded!

Modi'in Volunteer's Campaign

Join us in raising funds and awareness for United Hatzalah of Israel. We are doing this in honor of Modi'in-Maccabim-Reut Residents.

Message to sponsors:

More than twenty-five amazing friends and neighbors from Buchman, Kaizer, Nofim, Prachim and Tziporim are ready to learn to be Emergency Medical Technicians.

YOU can help improve the response time to our community with a goal of a 90-second emergency response time!
These volunteers are ready to become our part of our neighborhoods first response medical team of volunteers. They’re prepared to help your family when you need it most.

If the worst was to happen, you should feel secure knowing that there are people who are close by, next door or down your street,  ready to drop everything in order to help you. 

With local volunteer EMT's, our community can benefit from an improved response time until the traditional ambulance arrives!

To make this possible for our community, it will take our support to raise the necessary donation of $25,000 for United Hatzalah of Israel to come to our community and train the interested volunteers

YOU can help make it possible for local volunteer's to be there for our family, friends, and neighbors when every second counts!

Please donate now to help improve this life-critical  services to the Modiin community. With your help we will be able to save more lives and reach the target of a 90-second emergency response time! Every Shekel/Dollar/Pound/Rand counts!

UK Info: 

Hatzolah is registered with Achisomoch. 
Charity name ‘United Hatzalah Israel’

Address is 
Stirling House, 9 Burroughs Gardens, London NW4 4AU
Charity No. 1101329

If you donate through this method - PLEASE use "modiin-team" as a reference 

Donations raised to date:

Myriam E
Very proud of Frances and Moshe. Best of luck to the whole group. Love, Mom
Aaron H
Very proud of you all. Love, Uncle David Harari
David H
Given to aid all that give their time to aid others. Especially Tova Harris
Samuel S
Good luck Moey and Ellie! Love, Sutton Family
Ariel, Max & Michi G
לעילוי נשמת ר׳ דוד שמעון ב״ר אברהם הלוי
Linda and Isaac S
Kol hakavod Danielle and Elazar Krieger!
Sherry Z
Good luck! Keep up the good work
Leah and judah T
Rhonnie H
Benny & Miriam J
.לעולי נשמת ר׳שלמה זלמן בן ישראל יצחק. Very Proud Shells, smashing it as always!
Gary M
Nathan D
Adina L
Eddie B
Raphy G
In honor of Stefanie Saffern's participation
Dov B
Good Luck Shelley from all of us!
Alan G
Wishing you much Hatzlocha from Alan & Yvette Goldberg
Smellna good luck and well done!
Good luck Shelz Your fave brother xx
charles s
for modiin team
Lionel S
Good Luck
Simon P
Naomi C
Good luck Shelley Shebson. In honour of Uncle Benjy’s 60th! Xx
Barry S
In support of Stefanie Saffern for volunteering
Raymond A
Salomon H
Joey S
Tova and Noam B
In honor of our sister in law Gabriella (Spug) Friedman!
Asher A
In support of Tova...wishing you הרבה הצלחה..a worthy cause.
Best of luck. Love Nonna
Bec Ben Gordon J
So proud of you Reuven ... If you need a dispatcher ;P
Elisha G
Debra & Dov L
In support of Stephanie Saffern and the effort to bring Hatzalah to Modiin
Dianne A
הבצלחה Well done Ariel & Max Great initiative.
Jacob L
Good luck!
Dina G
בהצלחה !!
קתרין מ
To Danielle and Elazar, in Zevi’s memory- Hatzlocha on this incredible endeavor, and may you be zoche to fulfill this shared dream! Love you guys and thinking of you always.
Yvonne B
Ira and Pam B
Talya J
Keep up the good work
Ilan/Sarah G
Shev and Jonny F
Tova, I see you are the "ring leader" Keep it up! Shev, Jonny and Annie
David S
Good luck Israel!
Yehuda C
Michael S
Debbie F
Good luck Pnina and Shimon!
Simon P
In honor of my Nephew and Niece Elazar & Danielle Krieger, in remembrance of his Grandmother and Grandfather my Mother & Father Avraham and Toby Pelman
well done Ariel and Maxine such a great initiative
Hedy & Jay R
In honor of pnina and shimon. Kol hakavod to this wonderful group.
Yvonne O
debby s
Thank you Pnina and Shimon!!
Leora M
Sounds amazing Pninah! Good luck Leora
Ilana and Micha G
Best of luck to Pnina amd Shimon. Kol hakavod!
Shelley G
To Ariel Geffen and all the Hatzola I praise you all .no one is left alone when your help is needed .
Chechik F
Kol Hakavod to Ariel and all the other volunteers! The Angels in Orange.....
Harry T
A very worthy cause
Danny Y
Good luck!
Harry G
You should all be matzliach but never needed
Kate and Ashley F
Wonderful work and happy to support
Nancy S
Marc W
Johnny W
Good luck love Daddy always so proud of you
Shlomie F
In honor of my sister in law Spug
Aaron W
Sylvia F
In honor of Gabriella (Spug) Friedman and her amazing family.
Jen & Simmy F
In honor of our sister-in-law Spug
Linda W
Joyce and Sidney K
Great organization! We have much positive experience with them in NY! We are proud of our grandson training to be a volunteer!
Max K
Georgina T
Hadassah W
Wishing you all the best of luck- especially my awesome sister, Spug! X xx
Judy P
In honor of my brave niece & nephew: Daniella & Luka Krieger. Wishing you continued hatzlacha in all your efforts. T'zku L'Mitzvot Love, Judy & Yoni Pelman
Ashira O
Susie and Stewart W
In memory of Andor Klein
Stephanie & Chayim M
So proud of this cause and this community
Steven & Norma H
Good luck for a noble endeavor
Elital J
Keep up the good work
Rachelle N
Tasha’s Koach to the people of Modiin. Stay safe.
Melissa B
Israel and Esther R
Let's get to this goal together!
Jeffrey and chanie K
Kol hakavod Lauren! Good luck! With love, Chair and Jeff Kohn
Gaby L
Rebecca and Yosef K
Yosef and Devorah W
Naomi and Shmuli G
Israel L
In honor of the great Lance Soller
Glenda S
Well done, Ariel Geffen and all at Hatzalah
Robin N
You guys are doing a magnificent job, keep up the great work

About United Hatzalah

United Hatzalah is an independent, non-profit, fully volunteer Emergency Medical Services organization that provides the fastest and free emergency medical first response throughout Israel. United Hatzalah's service is available to all people without regard to race, religion or national origin.