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Ella Stesel A"H was a beloved wife, mother, and grandmother. She grew up in Kiev, became an electrical engineer, married Michael and had two children, Max and Jenny. Ella was Michael’s true soulmate. The love and dedication they had towards each other served as the bedrock for their home. Everything they did, they did together. In 1989 Ella and Michael took their children and both sets of parents and left the former Soviet Union to settle in Chicago. And just over thirty years later, when Jenny and her family made Aliyah to Israel, they came shortly afterward, to Beit Shemesh, where Ella spent most of her final two years. These physical journeys were mirrored by spiritual travels - as Ella and Michael, during their years in the US, became Torah observant, and served as living models of curiosity, intellectual youth, as well as commitment to growth and development, for their children and grandchildren. Ella’s care and concern for her family were legendary, each child and grandchild felt so close to her and cared for by her. Ella’s happiest moments were those shared at special occasions with all of her family together; often adorned by her tasty Shabbos or Yom Tov meals, presented with great style, and prepared with so much love and warmth. From excelling in her demanding career in senior management of a large engineering company, to learning fundamental Jewish texts from the start and becoming meticulous in her Jewish observance, she invested herself fully in everything she did. Ella’s sudden passing at 72 years old, while still so filled with youthful energy and vigor, was a devastating loss to all who knew her.

United Hatzalah urgently needs more lifesaving emergency vehicles—many were severely damaged in the war zone, and others were offered to IDF soldiers. Acquiring a fully equipped ambulance for United Hatzalah is critical to give the best shot to extend and enhance the lives of many who may find themselves in time of emergency. This ambitious project appropriately reflects Ella's love of life and commitment to excellence and would be a great source of merit for Her soul.

Ella's Yahrzeit is Jan 29th, and our goal is to have the Ambulance on the road and dedicated l'iluy nishmas Elka bas Nachum.

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In loving memory of my beloved brother Meyer Khayut and Ella Stesel.





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