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Neal Wigod's Campaign

Join me in raising funds and awareness for United Hatzalah of Israel. I am doing this in memory of Cheryl Wigod z"l .

Message to sponsors:

On November 5th I will be running the NYC Marathon as part of Team United Hatzalah. I know some of you might be thinking that I am crazy, but after running the NYC half marathon this year for the first time, I realized the direct impact my running can have on helping others.

Please join me in raising funds for a lifesaving medical equipment.

Donations raised to date:

Dana K
Larry B
Yasher Koach! Enjoy the race. Don't ask for $ again if you don't come in first place.
Make it Count!!!
Bring home the first place trophy!
Anonymous A
Anonymous A
Avi P
I'm so proud of you, Neal!! Kol Hakavod. Hope to see you soon!! -Rav Avi
rayzel and Ronn y
good luck!
Liron G
Best of luck in the marathon! Dafna & Liron
Noam G
Anonymous A
Anonymous A
Dr joshua W
Keep on truckin Good job Jodi and Josh
Alex and Chana W
Hatzlacha, Neal!
Go Neal!!!!
Daniel K
Good Luck on Race Day!!
Sheila F
Good luck Neil. Tizkuh l'mitzvot!
Randi & Arnie S
Proud of you Nini. Keep up the good work. Fair Lawn Strong
Edward L
Have a super run!
Jonathan K
Keep chugging baby! Love Kush's
Miriam K
Good luck!! Tizkeh limitzvos! GO NEAL GO!!
Linda and David H
Best of Luck! We will be cheering you on.
Russi & Jason S
Good luck!!!
Jonathan & Chavi S
Go get em Neal!
Jason F
Good luck Neal!
Israel G
Good luck! We’re rooting for you. Go Neal go. Love Susan & Izzy
Sam D
jonathan f
Beth G
We are so proud of you!! Love, Beth, Adam, Eitan, Shaina, Ella and Zachary
Ashley D
So proud of you! GO NEAL GO! Love, Ashley & Jeremy Prawer
Yonatan W
Good luck!
Judd J
Good Luck! From Judd, Leyat and Adir (& Lola)
Cayleb's Bubby & Zaide B
Hi Neal! Terrific accomplishment! Lynn & Gerald
Gilda L
You make your parents proud.
Jonathan W
Good luck Neal!!! Ronit and Jonathan Weitzman & Family
Burton & Alice B
Jennifer W
Sorry, wish it was more, but I'm a broke grad student...and my OCD couldn't tolerate the fact that your total amount raised wasn't in an increment of 5 :)
Renee E
Best of luck. We are thinking of you as you run for this worthwhile cause.
Anonymous A
Hey Neal, We hope that this run and the chesed of raising funds for such a worthy organization will bring your mom's neshama to an aliya and be a zchus for her and honor her memory. We are so happy to sponsor you for this and we wish you the best hatzlacha on the race!! b'hatzlacha
Stanley M
Ezra B
Neal - May your good deeds on earth give merit to your Mom's soul in heaven. Run safe and be happy!
Kenny and Sara L
Wishing you much success with your efforts. Have a Happy & Healthy New Year! The Levine's
Dina and Elliot G
Best wishes for a great marathon. Dina and Elliot
amy B
Joyce H
Run Neall run! Mom would be so proud All the best Joyce
ira k
Good Luck, Neal Joan and Ira K
Avi P
Neal - you're the best!! So proud that you're doing this run. Kol hakavod to you. -Rav Avi
Avi S
Good Luck Neal!
Good Luck Neal! We are so proud of you! Grandma and Grandpa from Jerusalem
Ronit G
Rabbi and Mrs. Stuart L
Good luck, and thank you and your colleagues for all your do!!!!
Congratulations on your wonderful endeavour in honour of your amazing mother and we truly hope the run will be exhilarating for you! You'll do great! Best of luck!
Helene M
Dear Neal, What a wonderful event you are doing in memory of your mother. What a mitzvah on all accounts! The very best of luck to you and all good wishes. Sincerely, Helene
Shoshana G
Good luck and good health!!- savta
Yael and Mark S
Great accomplishment Neal! Congratulations on the run and the fundraising!
Raphi M
Joshua and Kari L
Jeremy K
Sarah S
Good luck!
Neal- Best of luck in the race and it is for a great cause. Brian and Edie
Richard R
Avri S
good luck!
aaron w
Very proud - dad
Josh B
Stu S
Neal, Make sure you finish reflecting a principle in your Mom and Dad's lives. Congratulations on your upcoming success. -Stu
Toby and Aaron L
Eita and Richard L
Sarit and Moshe B
Good luck!!!
Lisa G
Good luck!!
Ronald S
Uncle Ron, Best of luck!
Howard R
Sarah F
To the awesome Brother and Uncle Nene, We are so proud of you. This is so incredible - enjoy the journey. Mom will be running with you every step of the way. Just remember while you might be faster, do not forget who taught you how to look like a runner. You're welcome:) Love you tons!! Sarah, Yitz, and the Feit boys
All our best! Stanley & Esther Morris
Irene k
Your mother must be so proud of you. Your love and devotion for her is exemplary. Good luck on the run. Irene Komet
Charles G
Kol Hakavod on your fund raising and best of luck at the Marathon! Charlie and Debbie Goldberg
Louise P
We are happy to donate. Charles and Louise Polinsky
norman b
Way to go!!!
Janice & Barry S
Barry S
Neal, Go for it! Barry and Carley Smith
Avi T
I hope you finish!!!
Roxana R
We are so proud of you. Good Luck, Shelly and Roxana
Tara & Ari S
Tara and Ari Silbiger & Family Great cause, Good luck in running the NYC Marathon
David K
Good luck Neal - don't forget to bring some snacks and a Metrocard! Suri & David Kufeld
Bertram W
Way to go Neal! Don't forget to come visit in Memphis! :)
Michael B
Hatzlacha Rabba.
Jared A
Run, Neal, Run!
Helen R
Neal- Quite an accomplishment!! Your mom z"l would have been so proud! Helen and Bob Rubenstein
Jonathan W
What a great way to honor your mother's neshoma! Good luck with the Marathon! Leah and Jonathan Weiss
David W
We love we donate in Cheryl's memory...a very loving Mom. Geri & David Wolf
Vivie G
A wonderful tribute to your wonderful Mom.
Barry w
Good cause in memory of a very good person. Good luck. Mimi and Barry
David G
Your Mom was a great lady. Good luck Neal
Banji G
Your mom was truly amazing and that comes through in each of you. We are so proud of you...good luck!!
Jack B
Juliet and Simmie J
Go Neal!! Living vicariously through your run. Juliet & Simmie
You rock Neal, you give us all inspiration and show us how to raise the bar higher! Lerefuah Sheleimah: Zicharya Shimshon ben Tziporah Yaffah
Gilda L
to good health and happiness
Elissa and Arnold W
A beautiful gesture!!!
Elyse D
So wonderful that you are running in honor of your mom!!! She holds an incredibly special place in our hearts.
Aryeh B
Good luck and Tizku L'mitzvot!
Elyce and Steve S
Impressive Neal. Good Luck with the run.
Phil B
We love you and are very proud of you!
Terry L
Ariella G
Great cause, Good luck!
Yoni M
Avraham M
Good Luck!!! And enjoy it!
Good luck Neal!
Bonnie & Ben W
A great cause in memory of a great lady. Go Neal, Go. Love, Bonnie & Ben
Aaron K
Good luck, Neal! May you continue to always RUN to do good things!!!
Jeffrey H
Really impressive! Do you plan on running the whole thing?? You're mother was so special and I remember my time with her distinctively. Always the sweetest and went out of her way to make me feel at home. This is such a good cause.
Judah O
Good luck!! great cause. You're the man!
Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!
Very special cause, thank you for sharing with us. May your mother's neshama have an aliyah and your efforts merit good health and Simcha for all Klal Yisrael. -Your friends from Terrace Circle
Joyce H
What a beautiful thing to would have been proud of you.Lots of luck Luv u Joyce
Jonathan T
Good luck!
Ron S
You are the man!
Steven P
Best wishes from the Plotnicks!
Ben L
You're going to do so well that you'll want to do it twice!
Aaron G
Good luck!
Libby/Jack D
Good LUCK NEAL!! We love you and will be cheering for you! Aunt Libby & Uncle Jacj
Andew & Kira W
Go Neal!
Gertrude and Charles C
Seymour W
Go Neal!! Very proud of you!
Moshe W
Good Luck Daddy!!!
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United Hatzalah is an independent, non-profit, fully volunteer Emergency Medical Services organization that provides the fastest and free emergency medical first response throughout Israel. United Hatzalah's service is available to all people without regard to race, religion or national origin.