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Rabbi Ben Spratt's Campaign

Join me in raising funds and awareness for United Hatzalah of Israel. I am doing this in celebration of the NYC Marathon and In Honor Of the Volunteers of United Hatzalah .

Message to sponsors:

Please join me in raising funds to save lives!  In a world filled with division and derision, United Hatzalah stands as a model to unite people in a shared value of the sacredness of human life. This network of volunteer first-responders transcends religious, ethnic, and gender lines in Israel, receiving more than 200,000 emergency calls a year and saving thousands of lives in all areas of Israel. This universal pursuit of life means that irrespective of religious belief and political perspective, support of United Hatzalah is a meaningful way to create lasting impact and knit disparate people together through the saving of life. As a result, the structure and technologies of United Hatzalah now serve as a model for cities and countries around the world. It is an honor to run as a member of the United Hatzalah team in the New York City marathon, and I am grateful to you for any and all support this marathon will inspire for this incredible organization.

With much gratitude,


Donations raised to date:

Joel M
We're with you, Ben. Joel and Marilyn
Robert L
Go Ben Go! So proud of you. Such a worthy cause. Wishing you success, fulfillment and fun! Love from the Levine Family
Arnold B
As they say, "it's a journey." Good luck! Arnie & Monica
Sara S
Rabbi Spratt-- You're amazing and an inspiration to us all. Good Luck!!
David S
Good luck with the run. I am pleased to contribute to a great cause.
Alan & Dee R
We wish you every success. Alan & Dee Rosenthal
Heidi E
Dear Rabbi Spratt, We wish you the best of luck on your run and appreciate all your support for such a wonderful cause. The Eskenazi Family
Stephen T
You're the best! Enjoy the race! Naomi and Steve
Peter and Camille E
We fully support you in all of your extraordinary endeavors. With much love and admiration. Camille and Peter Ehrenberg
Suzanne D
Go Ben Go!!! We will be on First Avenue cheering you on. Suzy, Matt and Spencer
Yael S
Dear Rabbi Spratt, What a great cause to run for! We wish you much luck in this race.Extending our warmest affection; Noam, Samuel, Yael and David Shapiro
Abbe H
So proud of everything you do! Love, Abbe, Andrew, Brett and Meri
Gayle M
Thank you for being an inspiring leader and exceptional person. - Gayle, Andy, Sidney and Ben Meyer
Suzanne W
Congrats Ben!
Michael S
What a wonderful thing to do! Michael, Jenifer, Sydney and Mathieu.
You're doing it all! Continue moving forward and shining bright as you serve so much inspiration in this world. Much love!
Stephanie L
Well run, well done!
Joli G
Wishing you a great run for a great cause! Joli, Adam, Benjamin and Ripley
Good luck Rabbi!
Helen T
Way to go, R. Ben. You are simply an inspiration to us all.
Joseph S
Have a great run. This is a wonderful cause you are supporting. Glad we can be a part of your mitzvah. Best Regards, Carolyn and Joe
Robert G
Best of luck with the run - the NYC Marathon is one of life's most amazing experiences!
Stacy & Eric K
Good luck Ben!
Joanna K
Run well! My daughter Miriam ran the 2013 Marathon in 5 hours, but your legs are so much longer...} Joanna
Linda F. Vogel K
Good on you!!! Proud of you always.
Robin S
Good luck
Erica and Mark G
Eva & Tom O
Thank you for your dedication. Run, run, run, and may the wind be at your back!
Marilyn M
You are doing a wonderful thing!! Best wishes
Nancy S
Lori K
Maida L
Hope it's a wonderful run and with thanks for all that you do.
Henry S
Good Luck Ben.
Good luck my holy brother. May the force be with you. Don't crap your pants.
Randall S
We are in awe of your devotion to this race, and of the dedication and discipline and sacrifice you have made to participate so fully. We are honored to give to this worthy cause in honor of you. -- Maja and Faja
Julie S
You are amazing! So proud! Love, Julie S
Shayna and Melissa D
We are so proud of you and will be cheering you on the whole way!!
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About United Hatzalah

United Hatzalah is an independent, non-profit, fully volunteer Emergency Medical Services organization that provides the fastest and free emergency medical first response throughout Israel. United Hatzalah's service is available to all people without regard to race, religion or national origin.