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Rafi Kaplan's Campaign

Join me in raising funds and awareness for United Hatzalah of Israel. I am doing this in memory of Ezra Kaplan .

Message to sponsors:

In celebration of my bar mitzvah and in memory of my twin brother Ezra, I am raising money for Hatzalah. Hatzalah is a volunteer emergency medical services (EMS) organization in Israel. They help anyone who calls and respond within 2-4 minutes. They also use Ambucycles to get to emergencies even faster. Please donate to this important cause in memory of Ezra and in honor of my bar mitzvah. Rafi Kaplan

Donations raised to date:

Jeffrey W
Mazal Tov on your Bar Mitzvah. Fondly, Barb & Jeff Weener
henra b
What a privilege to be a part of your Bar Mitzvah and to see what a wonderful young man you’ve become. I’m pleased to join your friends and family to contribute to an outstanding medical program and remember your twin brother in such a meaningful way. Mazel tog to you and your family. Henra Briskin and family
Ruth E
Mazel Tov!!!
David B
Warmest congratulations on your simcha! And what a worthwhile accomplishment to raise so much to support the vital work of Hatzalah. Best wishes, the Berloves
Jeremy N
Mazel Tov Rafi! Very worthy project!
Rachel S
Dear Rafi, Mazal Tov on becoming a Bar Mitzvah. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to give tzedakah to such a wonderful cause. -Rachel and Behzad Dayanim
Malka E
Mazal Tov Rafi! What a wonderful cause to support.
Cynthia C
Mazel Tov, Rafi. This is such a meaningful way to mark your Bar Mitzvah. We were so happy to share the Simcha with you and your family. Cynthia, Andy & the girls.
Esther and Elliot I
Rafi, Mazal tov on becoming a Bar Mitzvah. Kudos on your efforts to support such a worthy cause. Esther and Elliot Israel
David W
Mazel Tov Rafi! This is a great cause -- keep up the good work. Sheila and David W.
Jonathan S
Mazal tov on your bar mitzvah, Rafi, and yasher koach on this worthwhile project. So glad Ruth and I were able to join you in shul. - Jonathan D. Sarna & Ruth Langer
Aaron K
מזל טוב מירושלים עיר הקודש. יהי רצון שתגדל בתורה ובחכמה ותמשיך בדרך הישר והחסד אחולים לבביים
Rebecca K
From Uncle Steve and Aunt Ruth
marion g
Sorry this is so late. A belated mazal tov on your Bar Mitzvah. All the best, Marion Green
J k
Dear Rafi, Mazal tov on your becoming a Bar Mitzvah. The Shabbat was beautiful. You did a wonderful job in shul. We loved celebrating with you and your family. Love Sharona and Jerrold
Congregation S
Mazal Tov on your bar mitzvah Rafi! On behalf of Shaarei Tefillah Tzedakah Committee
Susan S
Mazel Tov Rafi! May you go from strength to strength. Josh S (and family)
David S
Rafi - Mazal tov on your bar mitzvah and kol hakavod for this important project. Deborah and David S
Steven G
Rafi, Great job yesterday! Mazal Tov and thank you for thinking of this great cause. Steve G
Lauren B
Mazeltov on your BarMitzvah, Rafi! Our very best wishes to you and our family. Lauren & Brian Baskir and family
Faun Z
Mazel Tov, Rafi! Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to join you in such a meaningful project. So happy to be celebrating this simcha with you and your family-- Faun, Jonathan, Livia, Jeremy & Ilan
Myriam L
Dear Rafi and to your entire family, What an honor to be able to celebrate your Bar Mitzvah with you. I wish you many successes and blessing in all your endeavors. Sincerely, Myriam
Conrad & Frederique S
Mazal Tov Rafi on the occasion of your Bar Mitzvah and kol hakavod for choosing to support such a great organization!
Susan M
Mazal tov on your Bar Mitzvah and on this wonderful project in celebration. May you continue m'chayil el chayil.
Jessica H
Mazal Tov!
Deborah l
Mazal tov on your bar mitzvah!! The Lovich family
Robin/Michael W
Rafi, Mazel Tov on your Bar Mitzvah and Congratulations on performing this mitzvah in your brother's memory! Our best regards, Robin and Michael Weintraub
Miriam S
Rafi, mazal tov on your bar mitzvah! I'm very excited to be coming up to Boston to help you celebrate. I'm glad to participate in this meaningful project. Abe SC
Danya G
Mazel tov! Danya Gewurz
Miriam M
Mazal Tov Rafi! A beautiful way to honor your brother's memory. Miriam May & Shaye Cohen (and Hannah!)
Naomi B
Mazal Tov! Thank you for this opportunity to honor Ezra's memory and participate in this mitzvah. The Bar-Yams
Sheila M
For Rafi----What a meaningful project. Thanks for helping us do this mitzvah. All the best, Sheila and Lee Mondshein
Joan M
Mazal tov to you and your family on your becoming a Bar Mitzvah. It's clear that you are already a mensch. Joan Mael
Michael R
Mazal tov, Rafi! Great work raising money for an important cause.
Jesse F
Dear Rafi: Mazal tov on your bar mitzvah! May you go from strength to strength. Best wishes, Ayelet and the Fried Family
Gertrude B
It is my pleasure to donate to this especially important cause in memory of your brother and in honor of your upcoming Bar Mitzvah. It has been fun watching you grow up to become such a fine young man.
Eliahu N
Rafi, Mazal Tov! The Niewood Family
Cheray S
Mazel Tov!
Pamela S
Mazel tov, Rafi! What a meaningful bar mitzvah project! All the best,
Rebecca S
Mazal tov, Rafi! We look forward to celebrating with you! Thank you for raising money for such an important project. Love, Steve and Rebecca Schwartz
Matt & Miriam A
Mazel tov Rafi on your Bar Mitzvah and for selecting this worthwhile project. You must be so proud to be close to your fundraising goal! Love, Matt, Miriam, Eve, & Joey
Vicky L
Mazel tov on your bar mitzvah. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to donate to such an important charity that does such good work.
Jason G
Mazal Tov on your Bar Mitzvah and a fabulous tzedakah project. Kol Hakavod.
Miriam S
Congratulations, Rafi. This is a very good cause. Mimsy
Candice M
Ingrid E
Mazel tov Rafi. We knew when you were our neighbor in Norfolk 9 years ago. We all wish you hatzlocha and brocha. Mazel to your dear Parents and siblings. Ingrid and David Edery
Sally w
Dear Rafi What a wonderful mitzvah. You are truly grown up. Mazel Tov! Sally Wieder and family
Emma S
Mazeltov to you and your family on your barmitzvah and congratulations on raising funds for this worthy cause.
David H
Rafi, we are so proud of you! You are a super "kid" but officially an adult. So sorry we aren't able to make it. We will be with you in thought and prayer. Love, David and Judy
Phyllis and Herman M
Mazel Tov on your Bar Mitzvah and congratulations on being such a fine young man. Love, Phyllis and Herman
Reva and David S
Mazel Tov Rafi! Reva and David Sanders
Robert K
Rafi, I am so proud of you for the man you have become and the mentch you have always been. This mitzvah project demonstrates your strong drive to care for others, to help those in need, and to use your voice and your deeds to spread goodness. It is a great tribute to Ezra that you are doing this in his memory as well. Kol haKavod, Abba
Ari T
Good luck with your Bar Mitzvah project!
Ezra W
Yasher Koach, Rafi!
Joanne G
Mazel tov on your bat mitzvah. How nice of you to remember Ezra in this way and to think about others at this time. Look forward to celebrating with you. The Goldstein family
Carol M
Kol Hakavod Rafi on this meaningful project.We are very proud of you, and can't wait to celebrate with you and your family this Shabbat! Mazal Tov and Yasher Koach. The Milewich Family
My wife and I support you on your endeavor.We wish you mazel-tov. Sally and Herb Kepnes
Jane r
Mazel Tov Rafi. We love your project! Can't wait to celebrate with you. Nana and Grandpa
Richard F
Mazel Tov, Rafi
Robert O
Rafi, Proud to make a donation in your honor!! Mazel tov on your big day coming up!! Bob
Shira P
Mazal Tov from the Persky - Koevary family and yishaer Koach on this effort.
Jennifer W
Rafi- Mazal Tov! We are so proud of you and can't wait to celebrate this shabbat! Jenn, Amiel, Aaron, Jonah and Nathan
Shulamit R
Mazal Tov on your Bar Mitzvah this Shabbat. You have chosen a very worthy cause in memory of your brother Ezra and on the occasion of your bar mitzvah. We are honored to contribute. We'll be thinking of you this Shabbat while we are in Jerusalem. With best wishes to you -- Shuli & Avi Rockoff
Lisa and Bruce M
Mazal Tov, Rafi. Kol Hakavod on this meaningful project. Bruce and Lisa Micley
Ellen E
Rafi - Mazel Tov on your Bar Mitzvah! What a wonderful cause and a beautiful way to honor your brother's memory. Love, Ellen and Raul
Rachel G
Mazal Tov Rafi! Can't wait to share your Bar Mitzvah with you. Rachel, Allan, Sarah, Danya and Henry Goldstein
Claire and David F
Dear Rafi, Mazel Tov. We are so proud of you and feel blessed that Ben has a friend like you. Claire and David Fisher
Varda and Tom T
A wonderful cause from a caring young man. Congratulations from Varda and Tom
Ofir A
Mazel tov, yashar koach!
Aryeh and Nechama C
Mazal Tov and Yasher Koach on choosing such a worthy cause. -The Cheses Family
Ronda & Josh J
Mazal tov, Rafi. What a meaningful tribute to Ezra's memory, and what a well chosen tzedakah.
Richard D
Mazal Tov.
Erik B
Mazel Tov!
Charles K
Dear Rafi, Mazal Tov on your Bar Mitzvah! What a meaningful project in memory of Ezra! We can't wait for your big day! Love, Grammy & Papa
Stacy K
Rafi-- Mazal Tov on your Bar Mitzvah. What a beautiful way to honor Ezra's memory and the heroes in Israel. Love-- Stacy and Allen
Tamar & Allan G
Mazal tov, Rafi! love, Tamar and Allan and family
Dan G
Mazal Tov to Rafi and the Kaplans! So nice and timely that you are doing this. - Elana and Dan Gruen
Larry & Barbara B
Mazal Tov on your Bar Mitzvah! Yasher Koach on your Torah Reading too. We wish you all the best! Barbara and Larry Brown
Sue and Phil G
Dear Rafi We wish you mazal tov for your Bar Mitzvah What a wonderful mitzvah project, and a lovely way to honor your brother. Sue and Phil Goldman
Michal K
Mazal tov Rafi! This is such a worthy cause- so sorry we cannot be there with you to celebrate! Michal and David Kahan (and ofcourse Ariel)
Lois & Bob M
Dear Rafi, Mazal Tov on your bar Mitzvah, thank you for giving us the opportunity to do a mitzvah. Kol ha Kavod. Lois and Bob Morgan
Joyce W
Tizku L'Mitzvot
earl n
What a great idea; Mazel Tov on your Bar Mitzvah and our wishes for success in all you do. Faye and Earl Newman
jan r
Kol Hakavod Rafi-- Mazel Tov Kaplans
Benjamin S
Yasher Koach Rafi! Wishing you double Chai and strength to strength!
Rebecca K
Mazal Tov Rafi -- Yasher Koach!
Sandy and Sol K
Rafi - Mazal Tov on your Bar Mitzvah. What a wonderful project to celebrate your special day and to memorialize your brother Ezra. We are very proud of how you conduct yourself as a Jew, but look at the parents that you came from, they are very good role models. Mazal Tov again. Sandy and Sol.
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About United Hatzalah

United Hatzalah is an independent, non-profit, fully volunteer Emergency Medical Services organization that provides the fastest and free emergency medical first response throughout Israel. United Hatzalah's service is available to all people without regard to race, religion or national origin.