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Ayelet Wasserman's Campaign

Join me in raising funds and awareness for United Hatzalah of Israel. I am doing this in recognition of Lets help Hatzalah help everyone! .

Message to sponsors:

Please help me raise money for Hatzalah by sponsoring my daily learning. I am learning Tanach daily with the hope and plan to finish the entire Tanach plus Malbim on Nach by next Simchat Torah. I hope to raise enough to purchase an EMT ambucycle that will help save lives here in Israel.  Any amount you wish to donate will be a great help.

I hope that by my learning and your sponsorship we will together be zoche to see shalom here in Yerushalayim Ir Hakodesh and for all of Am Yisrael B'mheira B'yameinu, Amen.

Donations raised to date:

Chaim F
Chaim F
Carole P
Thanks for the service you provide.
Richard S
In the merit of your learning and good works may the moshiach come speedily Chaim and Tziporah
Tzipi T
Danielle and Dovid W
We are so proud of you Ayelet!!! What an amazing accomplishment! Yasher koach! Love, aunt Dani and uncle dovid
Elizabeth G
Emanuel & Marsha W
Shoshana l
Norman L
I would like to donate $100+2.5% monthly, beginning March through December, 2019.
Avi F
leonard s
David N
Hi, Hoping that my small donation may assist your valuable work. WRgds - David Nesbit 9-Dec-2018
Sharon R
Dear Ayelet, We are friends of your grandparents in Riverdale. With all the yom Tovim this past month, I was only able to read your email now. You must be a very special young lady! It takes a certain level of maturity to recognize the importance of giving to others, particularly those that risk their lives in an effort to save those that are in need. Keep up the learning and may you, your family and all of klal Yisroel be safe and strong.
Pejmon S
Yasher koach!
Kol Hakavod!!
Yitzie P
In honor of the amazing Wasserman family who inspires so many.
Tamar and Ami
Ayelet - you are an incredible inspiration! שתלכי מחיל אל חיל!!!
Annette M
Jonathan N
Dear Ayelet We're amazed by your incredible achievement and wish you lots of hatzlocho in reaching your fundraising target. We look forward to hearing what project you'll be doing next year, keep up the great work! Wishing you and the whole Wasserman family a good Yom Tov. Jonny and Elisheva Newman
Penny K
so proud of you ayelet!!! keep up the great work!! i see how hard you are working and it really inspires me! love, big shvester
Ronny & Carrie W
Kol hakavod to you and your family for all that you do for K'lal Yisrael. You are wonderful role models for us all.
keep up the great work!!! your sister Moriya.
Aric Z
Kol Hakavod for doing this campaign!
Channa W
Chatima tova,Kol Hakavod Ayelet
Joy E
Benjamin K
B’Hatzlacha and Bivracha
Tamar S
Glad to support this worthwhile effort. G'Mar Chatimah Tovah. From your cousin Tamar
Yanina H
Ayalet, Grandpa Gordon and I are so proud of you. With this donation, we share in the mitzvah which you so diligently fulfilled.
Yanina H
Ayalet, Grandpa Gordon and I are so proud of you. With this donation, we share in the mitzvah which you so diligently fulfilled.
Tizkle L'mitzvos! This is a very impressive undertaking--may your family continue to shep nachas from you. Gmar chasima tovah!
Marsha W
We are blessed to have you as our granddaughter and know you will dedicate yourself to learning, growing, and performing amazing mitzvot. May Hashem bless you and your family for all you do for klal Yisroel. Love, Bubbie and Zaide
Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein A
Wow! What an undertaking! You make a substantial contribution to Am Yisrael, learn tons of hours, and become one of the few people on the face of the earth to take real familiarity with the extraordinary thought of the Malbim with through life. Your parents - and HKBH - have to be super-proud!
Bonnie and Ben Wasserman
Noam W
Your dedication and hishtadlus are golden examples for the rest of us to follow, Ayelet! May you continue to be matzliach in everything you do on behalf of your family and Klal Yisrael, and may 5779 become your best year yet! Chana, Noam, and your admiring cousins
Giela & Ben G
Dear Ayelet, We are so proud of your motivation to learn Torah and inspired by this wonderful cause! May all the Tzedaka collected be an aliyas neshama for Ari Fuld HY”D. May his family be comforted. We are all sharing in their pain. With wishes for a Gmar Chatima Tova for Am Yisrael, Love from Cleveland, Aunt Giela, Uncle Ben, Adir, Mayteev, Elyon & Mira
Joshua L
You are doing amazing work, Ayelet. Tizku L'mitzvot. Josh and Sabina Levine
Alison G
Ayelet, you are such an inspiration and your learning and your actions. Keep up the great work. Alison & Ari
Anonymous A
Tamar S
Yasher koach Ayelet! Love, the Sullivans
Chaim W
Nice work Uncle Chaim and Aunt Leah
Michael B
Kol Hakavod !
Carole P
Ayelet - you are a truly amazing young woman.
Hayim O
Ayelet, I continue to be inspired by your motivation, consistency, and great achievements from afar. Thank you for affording me the opportunity to be part of your mission. Keep up the amazing work, I look forward to hearing of your next undertaking! G'mar chasimah tovah to you and your wonderful family!
brian d
Keep up the good work and tefillot! Have a meaningful Yom Kippur and please give my warmest regards to your folks! Gmar Chatima Tova
Joshua H
Shkoyach Gadol Meod!
Alex O
Dear Ayelet, You are truly a source of pride of B'nei Yisrael! You are truly an inspiration to me and our children. Thank you for what you are doing!
Harriet J
Mazal tov to you! I wish that you and your family remain safe and in good health.
Chaim and Tzporah S
May your good deeds be an inspiration to others.
Chaya & Samson F
Tizku L’Mitzvot
lorraine b
Tizku Lmitzvos Ayelet!! What a amazing accomplishment . The Berenbluts
linda a
pleas send american receipt
Marvin and Helena G
moshe z
Our family has great admiration for your efforts!
Harriet S
I'm a friend of your grandmother. I know she is so proud of you. Continue on this wonderful endeavor.
Nina S
Giela & Ben G
AYELET!!!! 20K!!!! WOWEEEEEEE!!! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! Wishing you continued Hatzlacha with your learning & hoping for an ambucycle dedication ceremony very soon be"H!!!! We love you & can't wait to see you all!! Lots of love from Cleveland, ❤️Aunty Giela, Uncle Ben, Adir, Mayteev, Elyon & Mira
David K
What a beautiful and meaningful way to raise money for a worthwhile tzedaka. Hatzlacha, Phyllis & David Katzin Beverly Hills, CA
Marsha and Manny W
We are SO proud of all you do for klal Yisroel and are thrilled to make this donation to help Hatzalah achieve its goal of helping people in dire circumstances. Thank you for being such a special person and granddaughter. Keep learning!! We love you.
Etty & Ron N
Dear Ayelet We continue to be so proud of your dedication and the daily consistency (tmidus!) in your combining of learning Torah (& Nach) with support for the amazing Hatzala organization. May you always know much success in your learning and in your efforts for Klal Yisroel, especially those in Eretz Yisroel. With much love, affection and admiration for the very special person that you are. Omee and Opa
annette r
Kol hakavod!
Sharron R
Dear Ayelet, Congratulations on your remarkable achievements.
Behatzlacha raba!! The apple does not fall far from the tree...amazing parents and kids BH! Elazar and Ronica Shemtov
Joshua L
Tizku L'mitzvos! Sabina and Josh Levine
Yitzchak and Sarah Chana b
This is truly amazing goal .Both in your learning and in your care and concern for others ,you are an inspiration to all of us
Channa W
Tizki lemitzvot Ayelet! You are a shining star unto our nation. לעילוי נשמת אבי מורי היקר ע'ה ישעיהו בן יעקב ואמי מורי היקרה ע'ה הנדל בת יהודה
Benjamin K
Gordon H
"Savta Yanina & Grandpa Gordon" are so proud of you and the marvelous Mitzvot you take upon yourself and accomplish. Kol HaKavod
Aric Z
Yasher Koach Ayelet for taking on this project!! We are very proud of you! Aric and Sabrina Zamel
Lebe G
We are so impressed and proud!
hali g
Dear Ayelet, Kol hakavod lach! Good luck! Your Baltimore/Yerushalayim Neighbors, Chaim & Hali Gottesman
Alison G
Beautiful project, wonderful cause, amazing young lady!!
hatzlacha and gmar tov
Keep up the good work! Continue giving nachos to your dear grandparents and everyone else! A friend of you Grandma Etty
Roy L
With total support from your friends in Florida.
Continued hatzlacha in all your endeavors. From a friend of your Riverdale grandparents
What a wonderful idea. Kol HaKovod! Tizki L'Mitzvos! The Weiss family from Brooklyn (friends of your Omee)
Margalit C
Dearest Ayelet, You are an inspiration!!!!!!! May you and your beautiful family K"H be blessed with good health, much bracha and continued nachat in the coming year!!!! So proud of you!!!!!!!! Lots of Love, Margie
Harriet J
Dear Ayelet, You are so inspiring! I'm privileged that your Omee shared the opportunity to read your letter and make a donation to my favorite charity, Hazalah! It has helped me! Wishing you all the best and Gmar v'chsima tova, Harriet
Jonathan Z
Hi Ayelet This is a donation to thank your dad for the inspiring book. It was great meeting you and your family. All the best with your fundraising and learning endeavours. All our love Jon, Michal and Mia Zinman
Steven & Rivkie B
We are so proud of your efforts in both Limud HaTorah and Tzedakah . Steve & Rivkie Berger
The B
Ayelet Your efforts and drive are incredibly impressive ! It is s privilege and honour to help you. Kol hakavod!!!
great job ayelet, we're so proud!! keep up the great work!!
Hi Ayelet, Sounds like you had quite an eventful year! Your consistency is truly inspiring. To take on such a huge task and successfully complete it is really tremendous. You are a source of nachas to klal yisroel. Very well done!!! Hayim
Ayelet We are so very proud of your dedication, consistency and accomplishment. We are so very proud that you completed your learning of Tanach on schedule, a tremendous accomplishment in its own right -- and then started all over, with increased time. May you always go m'chayil el chayil with the same strength and determination and may you succeed in all your endeavors. With much love and admiration, Omee and Opa
Ari and Miryam W
In honor of your dedication and achievement. And in memory of your mother's uncle, Dr. Avraham Teller, A"H. From a friend of his and of your Riverdale grandparents
Tamar S
Gary W
Erica V
Chag Simeach.
Great job Ayelet! Keep up the great work!
Ayelet, thank you for providing this opportunity to be a part of this special mitzvah. You are a true role model! Friend of your wonderful role model grandparents
zeldy r
We are rooting for your success! B'Hatzlacha! Steve and Zeldy Rapp
Chaim S
Thank you for the opportunity for allowing us to share in this wonderful mitzvah. The Sharp family
Batsheva M
In memory of Rabbi Jacob Twersky. Kol Hakavod to you Ayelet!
Gabriella W
Ayelet, you are an incredible inspiration! We are so incredibly proud of your learning and the great cause for the donation. We thank you for this unique opportunity.
Rochelle C
What a wonderful endeavor and example. Hatzalah is a wonderful organization.
Dearest Ayelet, Kol Hakavod!! You are awesome!! Your remarkable goal and extraordinary achievement of learning the entire Tanach in 1 year is a huge inspiration!!! We are so proud of you!!! We are rooting for both you and United Hatzalah!!! We miss you tons!! With Love from Cleveland, Aunty Giela, Uncle Ben, Adir, Mayteev, Elyon and Mira
Rosalia Y
I am very Proud of you and your mission. I wish you to be the role model for the rest of her siblings the way her Mother is the role model for you. nI wish Ayelet the big success helping Israel and Jewish people-- Amen!
moshe z
so proud of your passion in helping save lives. may you continue to be a source of nachas to your wonderful parents and klal yisrael!!
Sam D
In memory of Dr. Avram Teller
Melissa F
Daniel w
Very nice ! Well done
Rochelle C
Dear Ayelet, what a z'chut to be able to help you on this marvelous mission.thank you for allowing me to piggy back on your learning. May you and your family have a גמר חתימה טובה. All my love, Cousin Rochel
Hadar M
Ayelet, I am really impressed by your dedication and motivation! I'm proud to be able to say that I took part in your learning! Tizki l'mitzvot amazing young lady!
Chaim S
Thank you for working so hard to keep her through all safe. Best regards from theSharp family
Etty and Ron N
Dearest Ayelet -- We continue to be so very proud of you. We are impressed -- but not surprised -- by your consistency in your daily learning for this project. May you succeed in accomplishing this and all of your other goals. Much Love, Omee and Opa.
chaim s
Everyone is very proud of your efforts, for such an important cause.
David-Avraham K
Yosher koach on this project. Hopefully, terrorism will end soon and this ambulance won't be needed. If it is needed, hopefully it will be used to help the victims of terror and not the terrorists.
Anonymous A
Keep up the great work! ,בברכה Rav Turetsky's Shiur Yeshivat Sha'alvim
Jonathan G
Good luck! Best, Yehudah
Adam M
Hatzlocha raba; thank you for your efforts to save the Klal.
gyuri r
Tamar S
Kol ha kovod to you Ayelet! From your cousin in NY Tamar Sadeh.
A & C K
Rick G
Etty and Ron N
We are so proud of your ideas and your determination to accomplish them! This is just another example.You are an inspiration! May your efforts be zoche to help bring about shalom and achdus among Klal Yisroel and quiet in Eretz Yisroel. Continue to bring naches to your parents and the entire family. Love, Omee and Opa
In honor of Ayelet and her wonderful cause! Bobbe & Rob (friends of your Omee and Opa)
Aryeh J
Kol Hakavod. Hope you reach your goal soon Sura & Aryeh Jeselsohn
Joseph & Nina S
Shlomo & Tamar R
Peter S
in honor of Temima
Carole P
Mazal tov Ayelet. This will be a tremendous achievement and we are happy to donate to this worthy cause. Love, Aunt Carole & Uncle Seymour
Gabriella W
Dearest Ayelet, Mazal Tov!!! You are a wonderful girl and doing amazing things!!! Thank you for getting us involved!!!! Wishing you much health, happiness and success!!! With much love, Gabriella Wernicke and the family
Keep up the good work. Best of luck!
Benjamin K
Thank you so very much for giving us this opportunity. You and your family should be bentsched! ALL of Klal Yisrael should be UNITED through your work. We should all have peace and safety in our lives.
Elazar S
Yasher koach and tizki l'mitzvot!!
Esther T
Tizki L'Mitzvot!!
Paul G
Yashar Koach to you for your inspiring act of cheesed. I'm sure your parents are very proud of you.
Bracha v'Hatzlacha! Barbara Rosenfeld
Shmuel N
Great Work! Shmuel and Zahava Nayman
Ronald W
Kol hakavod to you, Ayelet for the learning you are doing for an organization that does amazing work. May you go from strength to strength and continue to be a source of much deserved nachat to your dear parents. Ronny and Carrie Wachtel
Elena R
Dear Ayelet You are doing a great Mitzvah! I wish you lots of success in your endeavor Please keep me posted Much love Elena
David & Phyllis K
We are so proud of you and your efforts on behalf of our people. May Hashem bring peace in the zechut of young people like you. Phyllis & David Katzin
Selwyn G
Very proud of you! Kol Hakavod
Altea S
Honored and proud to call you our friend. You are a true inspiration, Ayelet. Who ever said a Navi teacher shouldn't wear a red cape? We love you so much!! Love, Avi, Altea, Temima, Yehuda & Zack;)
Ayelet- what a wonderful way to help klal yisrael at this time of need. Yasher koach! Aunt Dani and Uncle Dovid
martin g
hatzlacha with your project; tizki lmitzvos harbei.
Aric Z
Wishing you much Hatzlacha in this project! - Aric and Sabrina Zamel, Los Angeles, CA
Lance and Rivkie H
תזכו למצות!
Steven R
Sad that it's necessary, but great project. Yasher koach!
Elazar M
Kol HaKavod on this amazing fundraiser during this time of great need. Elazar and Ruhama Muskin
mitchell e
Great job!
Josh & Sabina L
Tizku L'Mitzvos Ayelet! It's wonderful thing you are doing.
Steve and Channa W
Dear Ayelet, We see the excellence of your dear grandparents and your amazing parents shining through in YOU. May Hashem always guide your life's path b'nesivos shalom. with admiration Steve and Channa Wintner
simcha g
hatzlacha u'vracha
Zeldy R
yahser koach to you. may you continue to do good deeds on behalf of klal yisroel!
Gary W
Yanina H
Ayelet, We are so proud of you in choosing such a worthy and substantive project. This donation is in honor of your huge undertaking and IY"H when you complete the project, we will be happy to make another donation in your honor. Savta Yanina and Gordon Haas
Seth B
Really a wonderful project. Hopefully you will be able to learn soon just for its own sake.
Ari E
Very proud of you! Kol Hakavod! Ari and Shayna Enkin Beit Shemesh
Jonathan G
Good Luck!
sandra k
Hope you succeed! Sandra Kaufman
Joshua H
Kol HaKavod!
Ste O
This is a wonderful effort on your part.
Well done, don't give up.
Yitzchok A
Klal Yisrael can be very proud of you! What a beautiful idea!
Joel B
Keep doing great things!!!
Kol HaKavod for undertaking this project!
Sharron R
Kol Hakavod We are all so proud of you
Chaim S
It is a wonderful thing that you are doing to help safeguard the people of Israel. I hope you have great success in this and all your future endeavors
Seth B
I hope u meet ur goal. A beautiful idea! Shimshon Bienstock LA SaY hi to ur father from me
Chaim W
תזכי להרבה מצוות באהבה דוד חיים ודודה לאה
David P
Yashar Koach! May Hashem answer your prayers and bring Shalom in the merit of your learning.
Laizer and Jessica K
What a great initiative. May your learning inspire others to learn tanach and bring shalom am yisrael.
Rony S
What an amazing thing your doing.
Michael B
Keep up your good work.
debbie s
כל הכבוד
Marsha and Manny W
We are so proud of your creativity and efforts in everything you do. May your learning bring peace to Israel and the whole world. We love you very much. Bubbie and Zaide
Tzipi M
Dear Ayelet- kol hakavod!! we are so proud of you! You are creating incredible zechuyot for klal yisroel by giving others the opportunity to give tzedaka and by all of the learning you are doing! Keep it up! Love, Uncle Joel, Aunt Tzipi and your cousins from Chicago
Rachel G
Ayelet you are an inspiration! Thank you for helping am yisrael through your Torah study and by raising money for hatzalah.
Giela & Ben G
Dearest Ayelet, We are beyond proud of the amazing person that you are!!! Ayelet - You are saving lives & inspiring the world!!!!! While others ask,"what can we do??"...YOU JUST DO!!!! You are a true hero for taking this initiative & encouraging us ALL with your awesome mitzvah campaign. WE LOVE YOU!!! We are rooting for you & all of Eretz Yisrael!!! With love, hugs & hope from Cleveland :) Aunty Giela & Uncle Ben
aiden w
good job! keep up the great work! I am so proud of you!! love your shvesta
HAtzlacha with this amazing project! I am a friend of your aunt Giela who raves about what a special amazing girl you are! Keep making everyone proud and your learning should not only help raise the money but should also be the Zechus that klal yisroel needs right now!
sherry c
Great cause! Thank you for your good work.
Rosalia Y
Dear Ayelet. You are precious Jewish girl with the wonderful Neshama!! Thank you for this charitable fund! Tell your parents that I wish my grandson Jacob will be as kind and decent as you are!!! Proud of you! Love. Rose.
Melissa Despina F
Thank you, Ayelet, for your inspiration and for giving me a way to help out in this terrible situation. May Hashem keep us safe and bring us the peace for which we all long. Shalom, Lorry
lorraine b
Kol hakavod Ayelet I hope you reach your goal soon! Kol tuv, Lorraine Berenblut
Ari & Miryam W
Ayelet, a fantastic idea! Keep up the great work! Love, your parents
jodi l
Mazel Tov!! So proud of your effort, may Hashem bless you with success in finishing Tanach and raising the full amount. Love all the Leanses
B'hatzlacha and yiyasher kocheich, Ayelet!
Fantastic initiative and a worthy cause. You set a great example, keep it up, hatzlochah! Hayim
Rabbi Zvi T
כל הכבוד! ׳אילת׳ אהבים ויעלת חן! יום הולדת שמח עד מאה ועשרים!
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