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Why We’re Running

We are a group of residents living in or next to Quadra, a complex of 4 buildings in Mekor Haim. We are very lucky to live in Jerusalem, but our luck extends further – we live in a wonderful community of people who help each other and are very supportive and friendly. So we naturally formed a group to walk/run together.

We are doing this as part of United Hatzalah because we believe this organization is a fabulous group of people who have put themselves out there to help their fellow Israelis, Jews, Christians, Arabs and Druze, Charedim, dati leumi and chilonim all working together to make this country strong. The importance of United Hatzalah, during this time of war, cannot be underestimated.

We are doing this also to show the resilience of the Israeli people who can stage such an event, even in times of war. We will not let Hamas or Hezbollah take away our life and our spirit. We remain strong and United We Will Win!!

Sponsorship Opportunities

Child Resuscitation Kits


Trauma Kits


Bulletproof Vest & Helmet


Satellite Communications Device


Defibrillator (AED)


Medical Kit & Defibrillator


Train and Equip a New Volunteer


About United Hatzalah of Israel

United Hatzalah of Israel is the largest independent, non-profit, fully volunteer Emergency Medical Service organization that provides the fastest and free emergency medical first response throughout Israel. United Hatzalah’s service is available to all people regardless of race, religion, or national origin. United Hatzalah has more than 7,000 volunteers around the country, available around the clock – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. With the help of our unique GPS technology and our iconic ambucycles, our average response time is less than 3 minutes across the country and 90 seconds in metropolitan areas. Our mission is to arrive at the scene of medical emergencies as soon as possible and provide the patient with professional and appropriate medical aid until an ambulance arrives, resulting in many more lives saved.

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$1,000.00 Dena Brody

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$1,000.00 Carole & Wesley Ashendorf

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