We're all in this together.

Temple Beth Torah's Campaign

Please join us in raising funds for United Hatzalah of Israel. We are doing this in recognition of The ability to save lives by putting a new fully equipped Ambucycle on the streets of Israel.

Message to sponsors:

We at Temple Beth Torah know how valuable a life is, and therefore have a mission to save as many as possible with the ambucycles that we would like to donate. Please join us!

Donations raised to date:

Susan & Michael Weinstein
Nicole and Steven Berger
What a great cause.
Mya Endelson
Jeffrey and Andrea Blum
Nancy Martin
What a great cause! Go TBT!
Samuel and Susan Rudman
Steve and Cindy Schlansky
Henry & Lynn Montag
Rochelle & Gregg Gerstman
Risa Gosset
Karen Fallis
Susan & Stan Zinner
In memory of Maddie Broitman, Henry Arnberg and Larry Kurland
Rosanne Kiviat
Rosanne,Michael, Ashley, Sami, and Justin
Felice Gordon
Peggy and Herb Blumenfeld
Cathy Raphaelson
Wally & Claire Leinheardt
Your good work is so appreciated! We are happy to play a part in it. Thank you!
scott alson
great project
Pamela & Andrew Sherman
Congratulations to the committee.
Nina Sitron
Marylyn & Paul, and Rabbi Moskowitz, you are always an inspiration by your vision for healing the world. Mazel Tov on this step to fulfill that vision.
Maure Silverstein
Happy to help. Let's make out goal! Maureen, Jerry and Max Silverstein
Lisa and Mark Singer
In honor of our daughters Morgan Alexa and Kendall Brooke
Andrea and Richard Maisel
Honoring the life of Steven A. Schaffer
Linda & Stuart Gewirtz
Brian & Aimee Goldstein
Phil, Denise and Ilana Sherman
Happy to support the Ambucycle to help save lives.
Janice and Jim Hassenfeld
Aric Dinnerman
May we reach the goal as soon as possible! Thank you Marilyn.
Jiya & Steve Kowarsky
Paul Epstein
Thanks to Rabbi Moskowitz and TBT for spearheading this meaningful campaign! Jamie, Paul, Sydney, Jordyn, and Alex Epstein
David Jurman
Robert Gordon
Bob and Carol Gordon
Mark Epstein
Stan & Ruth Broitman
Don and Stephanie Rose
In memory of our dear friends Henry Arnberg Maddie Broitman Larry Kurland
Larry and Karen Tenenbaum
Vanessa Newman
So honored to be part of TBT and participate in such incredible social action missions.
Limor & Michael Tintweiss
aileen zemel
In honor of Jennifer Nussbaum. Great cause!!
Ron & Lori Dunaisky
Wendy & Jeffrey Nackenson
The best of success for this wonderful project.
Debbie and Ken Levine
Power Printing and Mailing Power Printing and Mailing
Tikun Olam and help for those in need - the Berland Family - Sue, Steph, Alex, Sky, Grant and Sandy
Cindy and Mitchell Boxer
A great cause in honor of our great Rabbi!
Myrna Weiss
Suzanne & Norman Stone
Dear Marylyn and Paul. Thank you for spearheading this important fundraiser for our Israeli family. Suzanne and Norman
Michael & Rita Lieberman
What a great project! Hope you exceed your expectations!
Susan Canaan
In honor of Richard and Jennifer Nussbaum
Alice Nussbaum
Dear Jennifer...So proud of you for working on such a great cause...
Adele and Alan Spickler
In Honor of Marylyn and Paul
Judy and Hal Grossman
Great to have a concerted effort. Thanks, Marilyn and Paul.
Zelda Miller
This is the tzedakah money collected by the children of the David Joshua Berg Nursery School - who want to help make this a safer and better world.
Erica and Phil Shwom
Paula & Richard Hirt
Renee Pardo
Marvin and Ronee Broitman and Baldwin
We thank all on the committee for your efforts for this cause.
David Nussbaum
In honor of Jennifer and Richard Nussbaum
Bill & Aline Pobiner
To life!
Jennifer and John Bolton
Michael & Gail Vela
Judi and Marvin Milich
In honor of the Bat Mitzvah of our granddaughter, Annabelle Greenberg.
Jeremy & Robin Isaacs
thank you to Marylyn and Social Action for taking on such a meaningful cause....
Stan and Ruth Broitman
Ruth and Stan Broitman want to make this contribution to help the people of Israel, The Hatzalah and the Ambucycle TBT campaign..
Joan Poznick
Thanks to our son, an Ambucyle in memory of Irving has been saving lives for a couple of years. How ironic that Irving and TBT may soon be working together again! As always, love and kudos to Marylyn and TBT!
Margie Jablon
Thank you Marylyn for all the good that you do.
Robyn and Michael Weiner
Best of luck with this worthy project! Let's purchase an AMBUCYCLE for Israel! Robyn and Michael Weiner
Judy Roth
Ronnie & David Pinkowitz
Thanks TBT Social Action! A great cause!
Gerry&Merrill Poliak
Happy to be donating for such an important cause in our favorite place in the world!
Marc Weiss
Blumstein DiVenere Family
Keep up the great work!
Bobbi and Hal Kopman
sandi and jerry bloomberg
So happy to help in this way. You are an inspiration to us all for what you do to help others in so many ways.
Harriet & John Wolf
Thank you Marylyn Lieberman & Temple Beth Torah for enabling us to support Hatzalah by organizing this wonderful fundraiser.
Sandy and Ira Cohen
May the people of Israel know we are thinking of them! Sandy and Ira Cohen
Caryn & Neil Parsoff
Such an important project!!!
Annette Kurland
Lynda Arnberg
Sandi and Steven Swerdloff
Jennifer & Richard Nussbaum
What a great idea! Way to go TBT!!!
Joan and Gary Seltzer
Hope to be as successful as we were with the ambulance!!!
Marylyn and Paul Lieberman
Robin & Ken Baer
Laura & Tsahi Elgavisch
whoever saves one life is like he saved the all world - So Lets Do it !!!
Susie Moskowitz
Charlie & Myrna Holzberg
Stan & Susan Zinner
In memory of Phil Teicher
Don & Rhoda Kregsman
In honor of the wedding of Drs Debra Lederman & Samuel Barst
Charles & Myrna Pitman
Hal & Helaine Pomeranz
In honor of Marylyn Lieberman and her dedication to Temple Beth Torah
Stan & Susan Zinner
In memory of Henry Arnberg
Cynthia & Bill Seitles
Leonard & Teddy Pulerwitz
Richard & Judy Berg
Annette Kurland
In honor of the Bar Mitzvah of Samuel Meisner, grandson of Margie & Jack Meisner
Sol & Linda Adams
Emily Horowitz
Katherine Horowitz
Karen B. Cohen Foundation
Russell & Joyce Tisman
Terry Schimek & Wayne Barnstone
Howard & Hilary Manus
Debra Brooks
We can do this!
Bill & Elaine Farran
Maxine & Lawrence Cohen
Felix & Christine Berensteyn
Marcel & Shelley Edelstein
Linda Saltzman
Evan & Yvette Hammer
Susan Zeide
Ronnie & Gene Wolff
Temple Beth Torah Religious School
Carolyn & Adrian Becker
Diane Lieberman
Frannie Freedman
Stuart Herskovitz
In Honor Of Eliana and Maxwell Herskovitz; Leo and Emma Sternschein
Eric Diton
Donna Gray
Lynda Arnberg & Stephen Margaritov
Randi Bender
Stefani & Sydnie Berkenfeld
Debbi Fishbein
Sheryl Haber
Randi Katz
Marylyn Lieberman
Jennifer & Danielle Nussbaum
Robyn Parker
Sara Lee Rosenberg
Ellen Rubinowitz
Beverly Santinelli
Lisa Sokobin
Robyn & Alyson Weiner
David & Sheryl Haber
David& Melissa Eskreis
Mati & Marlene Oren
Charles & Roni McGuffog
Audrey & Jerry Frank
Jon & Rabbi Rachel Wiesenberg
Ellen Aronson
Lori Baker
Barry and Suzanne Miller
Aaron and Marci Pell
Jesse Kanofsky
Ivy and Ed Firouztale
Fran and Arthur Wasserspring
The Sporn Family
Gloria and Marvin Berenson

About United Hatzalah

United Hatzalah is an independent, non-profit, fully volunteer Emergency Medical Services organization that provides the fastest and free emergency medical first response throughout Israel. United Hatzalah's service is available to all people without regard to race, religion or national origin.