When seconds count…

The Ten Kavod (Give Respect) is a program designed to provide regular medical checkups to elderly individuals living alone, focusing especially on Holocaust survivors. Volunteers receive specialized training in geriatric care. They visit program participants – more than a hundred elderly – at least twice a week to take their vital signs, to follow up on their illnesses, and to check if they are in need of medication or extra care. 

They are family to people who have no one around, who have no one to care for them. Volunteers of the Ten Kavod program provide the elderly not only with medical necessities but also with regular company and a listening ear.  
Thanks to the dedication and professionalism of our volunteers, the program has already saved lives. As it turns out, simply paying attention can save lives.  
United Hatzalah currently has 70 volunteers trained in geriatric care and visiting elderly patients on a weekly base.
For more information on the Ten Kavod project, please contact Daniel at Daniel@IsraelRescue.org