When seconds count…
United Hatzalah’s strength is in its 2,500 strong volunteer corps. These include emergency medical technicians (EMTs), paramedics and doctors who are on call 24/7/365. 
United Hatzalah volunteer medics take a 200 hour course minimum to qualify as EMTs. After passing the exam each medic receives a rescue bag and GPS phone, which connects him to the LifeCompass System (link). 
From this point on, the medics are always on call: they take their rescue bags, phones and ambucycles everywhere they go so they can leave for an emergency at a moment’s notice. They leave their workplaces, offices, schools, and shops  behind; they leave family meals behind; and they leave their (holiday) prayers behind to go and treat someone in need of medical assistance. 
United Hatzalah has a diverse volunteer team. Among the 2,500 volunteers one can find religious and secular Jews, Arabs, Muslims and Christians. The sole criteria to become a United Hatzalah volunteer is to be willing to save anyone’s life – anytime, anywhere.