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Srulie Beer 's Campaign

Join me in raising funds and awareness for United Hatzalah of Israel. I am doing this in celebration of My Bar Mitzvah .

Message to sponsors:

Dear family and friends,

As an only son with four of the most amazing sisters, Avigail, Penina, Libi and Adina, our family is especially excited about my upcoming bar mitzvah.

I was born three days after a terrible tragedy that happened to a close friend of my fathers, Dr. David Yaakov Appelbaum ob"m. Dr. Appelbaum was murdered in a Jerusalem cafe with his righteous daughter, Naava, the night before her wedding. My parents decided to name me after Dr. Appelbaum and I am the first of many who bear his name. I learned a lot about the work of this remarkable man who devoted his entire life to the People of Israel and the Torah of Israel; therefore, when I see my father's tireless efforts to saving lives, and his organization - "United Hatzalah" – which saved hundreds of thousands of people, I want to help him.

I decided to give up all my Bar Mitzvah gifts (except for a PlayStation 4), and devote them to fulfill my dream: to dedicate an emergency ambulance and a Sefer Torah in memory of Dr. David Applebaum, and my two grandfathers who I miss so much, Zaidy Beer and Zaidy Heftler ob"m. 

Please help me fulfill my dream, by contributing towards these two most special causes.

Thank you,

Srulie Beer


Donations raised to date:

נעמה ×
שרוליק בנדוד מהמם ומיוחד שאתה!!! שיהיה לך המון מזל טוב אושר ועושר שתהיה שמח ותהנה מהילדות. והעיקר שיהיה לך כיף ומשמעותי בתהליך הפיכתך לגבר! אוהבים ומעריכים נעמה ואליה ישיב
Lazer P
Mazel Tov!! Thrilled to be part in such a huge mitzvah!! Keep up the amazing work!!
Sidney S
Srulie We love what you are doing. Apple doesn't fall far from tree!,, Love to all and mazel tov Sidney and Meralee schlusselberg
Ralph G
Dear Srulie, Mazel Tov on your Bar Mitzvah. It is a wonderful Mitzvah that you are doing in order to save lives in Israel. Ralph and Risa G
steve s
George W
Mazel Tov on your Bar Mitzvah Srulie. George & Lydia Weiss
מזל טוב! שתזכה לגדול לתורה לחופה ולמעשים טובים מתוך בריאות שמחה וכל טוב. ושתהיה מקור של נחת למשפחתך ולכל עם ישראל. אביעד
Peter B
Thanks you very much for inviting me to your Bar Mitzvah. I am sorry I can't be there in person, but please know I am cheering from Brooklyn for such a fantastic milestone in your life. Peter Bloom
Jacob W
Mazel tov Sruli, your an inspiration to all the bar mitzvah boy's around the world. May your parents continue to see nachas from you and the rest of your family in good health עמו"ש. Yanky and Shaindy Weiss
Jaffa & Isaac H
לשרוליק בהגיעך למצוות שתדע רק שנים מאושרות שתחווה המון הצלחות ישר כוח על פועלך מאחלת משפחת הירש
Bob R
From the Ramsey Social Justice Foundation, Bob & Jenny Ramsey: We send our greatest congratulations to the wonderful young man and First Responder, Srulie Beer, for your Bar Mitzvah, with all of our love!
Yosef & Edie D
Mazel Tov Srulie. You have made your entire family very proud. May you continue to give all of klal Yisroel nachas. Bracha, Hatzlacha, briut, v'kol tuv, ad meah v'esrim. Yosef & Edie Davis.
Kitra C
לשרולי היקר, המון מזל טוב. ריגשת אותי עם הנכונות שלך לעזור ובאיזה מסירות. שה׳ יברך אותך בבריאות וחיזוק הגוף והנפש שתוכל תמיד לעזור לאחרים ולגרום נחת להורים המקסימים שלך. גמר חתימה טובה, משפחת אלטשולר
Oshrat, Lior, Amit, Itai E
Dear Srulie, Thank you for giving us the oppurtunity to receive while giving! Mazal Tov The Englander family
דובי ושני ×
אלי וכל משפחת ביר , המון מזל טוב לבר מצוה של שרוליק . מדהים לראות שבגיל כלכך צעיר הטמעתם בבנכם את החסד והנתינה , זה ממש לא ברור מאליו . זה כמובן בא מהארגון המטורף הזה שהקמת ובזכותך מאות אלפי ניצלים כל יום . זכות גדולה ממש להכיר בן אדם כמוך . אני שמח להיות שותף למטרה של שרוליק ובעזרת ה יהיה לך כח להמשיך את כל מה שאתה עושה לעם ישראל . שנה טובה ומתוקה ! באהבה דובי ושני אנגל
Jeffrey K
Srulie Mazeltov on your transition to adulthood. Supporting UH is a great way to start your adult life. I look forward to meeting you soon. Best wishes to your mom and dad. Jeff , Noah, Wendi & Jacob Klein
Orli K
Mazel tov Srulie!!! We are so happy and proud that you are following in your fathers footsteps. May you grow to be a great tzaddik and may you and your entire family be blessed with an abundance of Simcha, good health, peace and prosperity עד מאה ועשרים שנה! Truly Orli and Jason Katz and family
בת שבע ועידו ×
.שרוליק בן דוד אהוב, המון מזל טוב לבר המצווה !תמשיך להיות תותח כמו שאתה ,אוהבים המון :) בת שבע, עידו, רות, נתן ויעלה ויגודה
Erica G
Mazal tov! We are so excited for you and your whole family and are so proud that you are doing such an important mitzvah instead of asking for presents. Love, Erica, Mark, Joshua, Elijah, Talia and Aviva
Brian S
Dear Srulie, Mazel tov on becoming a bar mitzvah. May Hashem give you the strength to continue your good deeds. They are an inspiration to us all. G'mar chatima tova, Brian & Lori Schreiber & Family
Oscar L
Dear Sruli, Mazal Tov on your Bar Mitzva. Oscar and Vida Lebwohl
Martha & Ailon M
Mazal Tov, and much success in following the footsteps of your father. May you merit to save many lives in your future! Best wishes, Martha & Ailon Maik
ilan L
Dear Srulie. we are happy to donate on your behalf for such a great cause. keep following the high values which your parents represent. mazal tov for your bar mitzvah.Love. Maya and Ilan Lapidot
Tamar B
Alan T
Dear Srulie Mazal tov on becoming a bar mitzvah! We are excited to be able to celebrate with you and to have a small part of this huge mitzvah you are performing. Chedva and Alan Tennenberg
Eli R
Jet911 and all it's Pilots, Physicians, Paramedics and Flight Nurses world-wide salute you Srulie on behalf of your Bar Mitzvah. Your amazing father is a hero to all of us and his leadership has impacted us with every patient we fly daily. May you grow up in your fathers footsteps and may both of you keep making the world a better place! Mazel Tov! Eli Rowe and the Jet911 Flight Crew!
ruth and Abe Wol w
Dear Srulie, Mazel Tov and much joy and happiness is wished to you on the occasion of your Bar Mitzvah. Fondly,Abe & Ruth Wolf
Marcus W
Dear Srulie, May God guide your steps and keep you always in the heart of your beautiful family. Warm regards, Marcus Webb & Karen Mitchell Connecticut, USA
Douglas C
Good luck and mazel tov from all of us at Barnstorm Cycles and Jeeps! www.Barnstorm.US
Mendy G
Mazal tov Srulie!! Great project.. Wonderful to see your drive to take on this tremendous goal. looking forward to seeing you at the bar mitzvah Dini & Mendy Gold
Leonardo F
Mazal Tov, Now that you got to 180, concentrate on the Haftarah & the Simcha. Love Leonardo Farkas
Mazal Tov! We are very proud of helping you out on your donation to Hatzala, may your life be full of Nachat in Serving other people as your family does, just follow their example hugs Debor and David
Barbara & Stanley G
Congratulations on you Br Mitzvah warmest wishes from Barbara & Stanley Green
Danny S
לשרולי ולמשפחה המדהימה, שלוחה ברכת מזל טוב, בריאות, הצלחה והגשמת חלומות. אין ספק שיש לך ממי לקחת דוגמא בקשר להגשמת חלומות. לצערי, אני לא אוכל להגיע למסיבה, וליאור עדיין מטייל בערבות באפריקה ( דיברנו על הגשמת חלומות). , ליאור אשכנזי ודני שמואל מזל טוב .
liat m
שרוליק היקר,המון מזל טוב להגיעך למצוות. אשריך על המצווה הגדולה ביותר מאחלים לך הצלחה,בריאות ואושר דביר וליאת משרקי
יצחק ואפרת ×
מזל טוב תזכה לגדול בתורה ובמצוות ולעשות מעשים גדולים כפי שלמדת מאביך ומאמך איתמר ורינה כספי
Srulie: Mazal Tov on your Bar Mitzvah and Kol HaKavod on such an amazing and generous effort!
Dovid and Ellen F
Dear Srulie, Mazel tov on becoming a bar mitzvah! May you continue to bring much nachas to your wonderful parents for many years to come! Ellen and Dovid Friedman
Nurit H
שרוליק היקר, חצערנט לא נוכל להשתתף בשמחת בר המצוה שלך כי לא נהיה בארץ. פגשתי אותך לשניות במשרדי איחוד ההצלה, נראה שאתה ילד-גבר בעל ערכים גבוהים וכושר מנהיגות. אנחנו מאחלים לך הצלחה בכל מעשיך ומתרגשים להיות חלק מפרויקט הבר מצוה שלך. מזל טוב נורית ויוסי הראל
zev d
Srulie, Mazal Tov to you and your family. As you have discovered already, there is no higher mitzvah than helping others. May you always continue to do so. Michal and Zev Davis
רחלי ×
לשרולי היקר המון המון מזל טוב לרגל הגיעך למצוות שפע ברכה והצלחה בכל המובנים, אושר, בריאות ושמחה! שתזכה להיות תמיד מקור גאווה ונחת למשפחתו ועמך, בעל מידות ומעשים טובים, בינה , חן וחסד ושיתגשמו כל משאלות לבך לטובה עלה והצלחה אוהבים המייזלים
sion d
Jaime S
MAZAL TOV! Sorry for the lateness. All the Best, Jaime and Marilyn
Jeanie S
Dear Srulie, Mazel Tov on becoming a Bar Mitzvah! We are so happy we were able to celebrate with you and your family. Wishing you the best of luck in everything you do, With love, Jeanie, Jay, Joey, Lindsay, Jonathan, Nicole and Jeffrey Schottenstein
Lazer and Ziporah M
Laurence and Marcia S
Joel, Meredith, Danielle, Coby, and Charlie G
Lisa G
Jamie S
David and Tammy F
Leon .
Albert R
Richard M
Mazel Tov!
Howard and Nancy S
Moshe S
Elisha R
Jack R
Adam L
Michael and Denise K
Jane F
Stanley and Marion B
Leesa and Leon W
Linda and Mark K
Lee and Anne S
Lester C
Marcelle A
Danielle W
Henry and Pari S
Scott and Elena S
Mark and Rose F
Raymond and Grace A
Henry and Etta Raye H
Mazel Tov!
jason l
Carol M
Mazal Tov Srulie. What a wonderful mitzvah you've chosen to do for your Bar Mitzvah project. Your generous gift to United Hatzalah will save so many lives. You've made your family & friends so very proud. You're truly a mensch!
Mike B
Srulie, Mazal Tov on your Bar Mitzvah and this amazing project. You are a very special young man with a big heart, and you are lucky to have such an incredible family and group of people that love and support you. Mazal Tov!
Net J
Mazal tov!
Anonymous A
Dov P
I am donating an ambucycle in honor of my son and in honor of you Srulie as part of your Bar Mitzvah campaign. Mazal Tov!
Joseph G
Srulie I am very impressed with you and this special campaign you are doing in honor of your Bar Mitzvah. I met your father and I heard about your Mitzvah project and I am honored to support you in this campaign and in everything that you do.
Scott I
Mazel Tov!
Mark D
Hi Srulie what you are doing is truly amazing. I hope you have a wonderful Bar Mitzvah
‫נופר ×
Eliyahu H
Mazal Tov tzadik. Was lovely getting to know you. Hope to see you soon. Warm hugs Eliyahu and Cokhava
יעקב ×
Gerald R
Mazel Tov Srulie on your Bar Mitzvah!! Looking forward to seeing you and celebrating with you and your family on your special day. My mom, Barbara, and her better half Gerry can't wait to meet you and celebrate your Mitzvah too!! See you on the 15th! xo Laura Schwartz, Barbara and Gerry
Danny & Alicia Y
Dear Srulie, Mazal Tov on your becoming a Bar Mitzvah! You have big feet to follow with the Mom & Dad you were lucky enough to be Blessed with getting. We wish for you to also follow your passion, whatever it may be. Mazal Tov to you & your wonderful family!
Eugen G
Dear Srulie, Mazal Tov on the occasion of your forthcoming Bar Mitzvah. We want to wish you a most successful future and may you continue to be a source of nachas and joy to your wonderful family. With warmest good wishes, Jean and Eugen Gluck
Sarri S
Mazal Tov Srulie and the entire Beer Family....incredible all you are doing to help save lives!!!
avi and lisi b
huge mazaltov! we are looking to sharing your simcha with you all! thanks giti for being a great friend and help! he must take after his wonderful parents doing a wonderful thing like this!
Frieda and Judah C
Mabrook on your upcoming Bar Mitzvah.May you continue to follow in the footsteps of your father and help save lives.
ציפי ×
מרים ×
שפרה ושלומי ×
Jeremy G
Daniel L
Sandra B
Mazal tov!
Howard M
Dear Srulie, × "×™ Mazal tov on your Bar Mitzvah. May you be a source of nachat to yourself, your parents and Clal Yisroel. Clearly you are already on the right track. Your grandfathers z"l would be extremely proud of you as are we. Much love, Your cousins Cooki and Howie Maisel
Susan and Michael G
Mazel tov on this wonderful occasion. It is so meaningful of you to be making these donations instead of receiving gifts! All our best wishes to you and your family at this special time. Shanah tova, Susan and Michael Gerson
Daniel, Shimrit, and Matani W
Dear Srulie, Mazal tov on your bar mitzvah! Good luck on your new path to adulthood. We wish you and your family all the best! Love, Daniel, Shimrit, and Matani Wolf
Joy h
Mazal Tov! What a beautiful thing you are doing! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of it. Joy and Eli Harari
debbie and daniel s
Mazel Tov on your bar mitzvah Srulie! This is an amazing project! Shana Tovah, Debbie and Daniel Schwartz
שגיא ×
שרולי היקר. ריגשת אותי מאוד! התרומה שלי אולי קטנה, מקווה שתסלח לי. אני משרת בצה"ל, ורציתי להגיד לך שאני והיחידה שלי (את שמה אני לא יכול לכתוב כאן) מוסרים לך מלא מלא מזל טוב בהצלחה בחיים! מקווים שתגיע ליעד! ושתהנה מהסוני.
Laurence A
Amon mazel tov to a freat young man! May you fulfill all your dreams Shrulik, and have a long healthy and beautiful life! Much love Laurence
Andrew F
Mazel Tov on your Bar Mitzvah! You should continue from success to success. Your giving nature is a blessing to Am Yisroel. Shana tova!! Andrew,Lee, Julian and Charlie Fine.
Gabi&liat B
Mazal tov and good lack Barshishat family
Boris T
Dear Srulie, Mazal Tov for your Bar-Mitzvah! We are so proud of you to join your father in The Hatzalah's quest to save lives. בהצלחה Boris & Tanya Tiomkin
Eli E
Srulie, Shana Tova! to a great and noble cause- The Elefants.
Jon G
Marina and I wish to offer a hearty Mazel Tov to Srulie on the occasion of his Bar Mitzvah. We wish we could be with to to celebrate. Jon Geist
Boaz and Tova C
שרוליק היקר, מזל טוב לבר המצוה! יישר כוח על היוזמה, התברכת להיות בן למשפחה מיוחדת מאד (מסתבר שמשפחותינו כבר הכירו מזה דורות רבים...) ואנו מאחלים לך שתמשיך ללכת בדרכם של הוריך המיוחדים, ולראות ברכה בכל מעשי ידיך. מאחלים, בעז וטובה סרן
miguel a
Huge mazal tov on your Bar Mitzva and congratulations on doing this Fabiana & Miguel Abadi, London
יוסף ×
מזל טוב לך ולכל משפחתך יוגי ושו רימל
Anonymous A
Lloyd S
Paul C
Jose and Esther L
Anonymous A
Mazal tov!
Ramon & Yvonne G
Shmuel H
מזל טוב שרולי ! אשריך שזכית לעשות מצווה כה חשובה! אתה מקדש שם שמים! מאחלים שמואל ורבקה הרמן
Golan S
Mazal Tov
Jordan L
Malkie and William Y
Mazal tov Srulie!
David S
In honor of the great Mitzvah you are doing!
Joel N
Mazal Tov
Linda H
I am so happy to help you reach your goal. You are an amazing boy. Keep it up.
Judy and Ron D
שרולי יקר כל הכבוד על היוזמה ועל שבחרת להמשיך ולקיים את רוח ההתנדבות והנתינה של הוריך. בהגיעך למצוות- ברכותינו החמות לחיים ארוכים מלאי אושר ושמחה, בריאות, הצלחה וסיפוק בכל אשר תעשה . מזל טוב לך ולכל המשפחה. נ.ב. תהנה גם מהפליי-סטיישן! מאחלים- ג'ודי ורוני ארנון
Shira B
Srulie, Your words & this project have moved me to tears. You are named after such a special person and you truly carry that name in honor. Your dedication to Chesed and helping others is so incredible. You are truly walking in your father's footsteps - Kol Hakavod. עלה והצלח It is an honor to participate in this wonderful project of dedication
Mervin and Elaine J
Eli & Gitty, Mazel tov on Srulie’s bar mitzvah. May he grow to be a man of stature such as you. Our warmest regards. Sorry we cannot attend. Mervin and Elaine Jacobs
Ron W
Mazal Tov ! Our best wishes to you and your family on this joyous occasion. The Weiss Family
Sydney & Andrew L
Mazel Tov on your Bar Mitzvah! Andrew & Sydney Lewis and Family
Shmulie and Hindy K
Mazel Tov on your bar mitzvah! Nice to see you're following in your parents footsteps! Hindy and Shmulie Klaus and family
Mansoor A
Dear Srulie, Thank you for your selfless heroic act as you become a bar mitzvah. We are grateful to your Mom and Dad who are among the heroes of our people in making a difference in millions of people's lives. Be strong and of courage. Looking forward to meeting you. Elie and Siona Alyeshmerni
Brian A
If you are a mensch like your dad then you are some special. Mazel tov.
Raymond and Elizabeth G
Joseph G
Ayelet and Jamie K
מזל טוב ענק ויישר כוח! כבוד לנו להיות חלק מהמאמץ
Eddie and Lori M
Mazal tov!
J & E
Mazal Tov!
David and Batsheva L
Mazal Tov and may you continue to follow in the special ways of your parents :)
Sandra B
Dear Srulie, Mazaltov on your Barmitzvah to you and your family. I am so disappointed not to be able to join you on this very special occasion. It is a wonderful gesture you are making in collecting money for an ambulance. It gives me great pleasure to make a donation to help you in this project. L'Chaim to you and may you always be blessed and able to do good for others. With warmest wishes and keep smiling, Sandra xxxx
George R
Amazing, Srulie! Kol hakavod, and mazal tov! Pamela and George Rohr
Carl L
in memory of dear friends David and Naava ah. mazel tov on your bar mitzva
Marylene F
Dear Srulie, Mazel Tov -- all the best to your and your family on the occasion of your Bar Mitzvah. Alan & Marylène Friedman
Moshe F
Hi srulie Mazal tov on your bar mitzvah Keep doing great things
ניצה ×
הרבה מזל טוב לרגל בר המצווה שלך. ריגשת אותי מאד ברצון העז והאמיתי שלך לתמוך בפעילות המדהימה של איחוד הצלה. מאד שמחתי לקחת חלק בזכות עצומה זו. (ניצה ביטון (מוקד התיעוד
debra a
Mazal tov Srulie. What a beautiful tribute in memory of my husband and daughter, David and Naava Hy"d. May you continue to be a source of nachat to your family and to all of Am Yisrael , as were our David and Naava. debra applebaum and family
Mazel tov and yashir koach. May the neshamas of Dr. Appelbaum and Nava have an aliyah.
Naomi M
Dear Srulie, Mazel Tov on your Bar Mitzvah. You come from a very special family and you are following in their footsteps. Your Bubby Chave and I were friends as very young girls and I admired her and your Zaidy very much. Your great grandfather Leo Gartenberg was a tremendous Baal Tzedaka. I wish for you to always be among the givers. Naomi Klass Mauer I hope to attend your Bar Mitzvah
Marci and Stephen F
Mazel Tov on your upcoming Bar Mitzvah and on your desire to help your Dad with saving lives through United Hatzalah. The Feinbergs
Brochie K
Mazal Tov on your becoming a Bar Mitzvah. May you continue to go from strength to strength. Keep up the good work. Brochie Kleinman and Labe Twerski
Marcie N
Mazal Tov on your Bar Mitzvah and your desire to continue the tradition of giving back. Marcie Natan
משה וגילה טייטלבוים ×
לשרולי היקר אנו גאים בך על כך שאתה ממשיך בדרכו של הוריך אלי וגיטי שמתמסרים כל חייהם למען הצלת חיים. תגדל לתפארת ותרווה נחת למשפחתך ולכל הסובבים אותך באהבה רבה משה וגילה טייטלבוים
Klaff Family Foundation ,
This donation is on behalf of the Klaff Family Foundation. Mazal tov!
אלי ופרי ×
Kenneth A
Alice G
Jay and Andrea K
Jonathan and Jane M
Elliot W
Charlie K
MIchael C
מזל טוב
Dr. and Mrs. Mark and Janine N
כל הכבוד ומזל טוב לך ולכל משפחתך!
Eric S
Mazal Tov Srulie and the Eli Beer Family
Myron M. C
Andrew A
Eli g
Hi Srulie, Mazal Tov on your Bar Mitzva. Your father and I go back all the way to when we were Bar Mitzva and I remember when he started chasing ambulances down Rechov Bayit Vegan, I thought he was nuts, little did I know that he would go on and save hundreds of lives and be part of the best organization in the world. I love him and you should follow in his footsteps.
Henry & Julia K
Ariel G
Mazal Tov Srulie, sorry we cannot make your Bar Mitzvah we will definitely make the wedding.
Peter and Ruthy T
Mazal Tov Srulie on you bar mitzvah and especially on this great mitzvah of saving lives!
Gary and Diane K
Dear Srulie- Thank you for inspiring us to join you in supporting your bar mitzvah project! We are sorry we can't be with physically with you in Israel to celebrate, but we will be there in spirit! -Gary and Diane Katz
Sol T
Dear Srulie, You are an incredible young man. Wishing Mazal Tov! to you and your beautiful family on your Bar Mitzvah! May you continue to be a source of much Naches for your family and Klal Yisrael. May Ha-Shem bless you with a life filled with Happiness and Success. Mazal Tov! Mazal Tov! With love, Sol and Ruth Teichman and family
Robert B
Congratulations Srulie on your Bar Mitzvah! Love, Bob & Amy Book
Irene K
Wishing you a Mazel tov on becoming a bar MIZVAH!! Irene and Marty Kofman
Dear Srulie, Mazal Tov! what an incredible project for you to take on for your BM. With parents as wonderful as yours, it is no surprise that your are such an amazing young man yourself. Continue doing mitzvot and Tikkun Olam!
Alan E
Mabrook on your BM Klal Yisrael is very proud of you and your family.
Mazal tov srulie May you continue in the footsteps of your family and namesake. וכל העוסקים בצרכי צבור באמונה הקבה ישלם שכרם
harlan k
Congratulations Srulie on your Bar Mitzvah! It is wonderful that you are using this occasion to raise money for a great cause. Love you and your family, Amy and Harlan
Srulie, what a wonderful gesture!! the apple CLEARLY does not fall far from the tree - Mazal Tov on your Bar Mitzvah to you and your entire family! fondly, fans ') of your father in north miami beach
Esti S
Mazel Tov on your upcoming Bar Mitzvah! Esti & Jeff Stein & Family
renee h
Mazel Tov! What a great thing you are doing! Renee, Paul, Abby, and Maggie Haas
Robert and Jan C
Dear Srulie, Mazel tov on your Bar Mitzvah and especially on your act of chesed. You are, as we say, "a chip off the old block". We are so proud of you. We know you will make your wonderful parents and k'lal Yisrael very proud. Robert and Jan Cohen Ramat Beit Shemesh
מרים ×
Dear Srulie, You are an incredible young man. Instead of taking, like most kids do at their bar mitzvah, you are interested in giving - to clall Yisrael, and by so doing, honor a great man who, like your father, devoted himself to saving lives. Kol hakavod! Miriam Dombey
Marian K
Dear Srulie, It is easy to see that you were brought up in the ways of your parents and grandparents. But that you are doing so at such a young age is truly admirable! May you continue to be a source of much nachat to your dear parents and family. Wishing you a warm mazal tov, Peder and Mimi (Klein) Feldt
miklos w
Mazal Tov ! Our best wishes to you and your family on this joyous occasion. Eva and Miklos Weinberger
Dear Srulie, Want to wish you Mazal Tov on your up coming Bar Mitzvah!! May you follow in your parents foot steps As they are so special ! Mazal tov, Marjorie & Isaac Gindi
Joseph and Karen L
Ari T
In memory of Mendel Balk, who very much loved your family and Hatzalah. Mazal Tov.
richard m
mazal tov. May you follow in the tradition of your father dedicating your life to helping others
Zvi R
Daniel and Becky W
Dear Srulie: Mazel tov on your bar mitzvah. We are very excited to meet you and to celebrate with you. You are following in your father's amazing footsteps and are already an inspiring person. All our best wishes, Daniel, Becky, Gabriella, Zachary, and Eliana Wolf
sari and jonathan a
mazal tov
Dear Srulie, Mazal Tov on your Bar Mitzvah! May Hashem always bless you, so you can continue on this beautiful path, you are an example to all of us!
Jeff A
janet and steve r
Esther C
Mazel Tov Srulie! Please daven for all those that donate to this wonderful cause that their t'fillos should be answered l'tova. -esty cohen
Elliot K
Dear Srulie, Mazal Tov on becoming a Bar Mitzvah; and for the Mitzvot you are doing with this special project! Kol HaKavod! Love to your parents. Fondly, Elliot Karp Aventura, FL
Barbara& Alan W
Dear Srulie, Mazel tov on your becoming a Bar Mitzvah. Raising money in memory of these 3 very special men, is very admirable. May you continue to always bring nachat to your amazing parents aad meah ve'esrim shana. They have obviously taught you well. Tizkeh Le Mitzvot, and enjoy your playstation 4!!!! You certainly deserve it. Love, Barbara & Alan
Michelle S
Dear Srulie, Mazal Tov on your Bar Mitzvah! I see you are following in the amazing footsteps of your father! May you be Blessed with everything you need. Michelle and Paul
Henry Joseph G
Dear Sruli, Mazal tov on your Bar-Mitzvah, What are doing is Amazing. I'm not surprised, as your father is a huge role model for you. May Hashem Bless you to continue in your fathers foot steps. ( hey since you started now we believe you will be even be greater than your father ( if thats even possible) his age) until 120 !!! Mabrook. Henry & Helen Guindi and Family
gary p
Hi Srulie I am a friend of your dad's and live in Chicago I see from the video that your kindness, generosity and helping spirit is the same as your dad's. I wish you a hearty Mazal Tov on the occasion of your Bar Mitzvah and I am sure that you will grow up to be a source of pride, joy and nachas to all who know you. Hopefully we will meet someday. I wont be able to make the ceremony but I will be thinking of you on your special day Lots of love Lisa and Gary Pollack
Ralph H
Mazel Tov on your upcoming Bar Mitzvah! This is truly a special mitzvah you are doing. We hope you continue to bring your parents lots of nachas ad meiah vesrim. Sincerely, Ralph & Yenny Herzka
Martin I
Mazel Tov Srulie! from Martin Indyk and Gahl Burt
Harlan and Kathy C
Dear Srulie, Congratulations on this huge achievement and being a man who puts others first. Your parents must be very proud of you! Kathy & Harlan Crow Dallas, Texas
Samuel C
Congratulations on your Bar Mitzvah and making all of us proud of you. Best regards, Sam & Nina Cohen
Dasi & Jeremy S
Mazel Tov on your becoming a Bar Mitzvah - what an incredible project you have undertaken!! Yasher Koach to you and your wonderful family-
Benjamin C
Kol HaKavod and Mazal tov!
Michael L
Isy D
Mazel Tov! May you continue to be a source of Nachas to your wonderful parents and to Klal Yisroel!
Jenny N
Mazal Tov on your upcoming bar mitzva. What a great way to celebrate! Dr. Applebaum contributed so much to so many. What a zechut for him and your grandfathers. Behatzlacha!
Srulie, Mazeltov on your Bar Mitzvah! May you and your family be blessed with good health, happiness and hatzlacha . May the neshamot of your Zaidies have aliyot from your acts of chesed. Steve & Susi Appel
Beth & David G
Dear Srulie, Mazel Tov on your upcoming Bar Mitzvah project and wonderful Bar Mitzvah project! Beth, David, Samantha, Jared & Sienna Gehn
Ezra H
Wishing you Mazal Tov and Mabrouk on your Bar-Mitzvah. You are doing something very admirable in Memory of your namesake and Grandfathers. Wishing you all the Best, Ezra Hedaya
A big Mazal Tov! Goldie
Chaya V
Mazal tov, Srulie. May you go from strength to strength in helping others, bezrat Hashem. . ,בברכה מש' וליאר, י-ם
Moshe G
Srulie, Mazal Tov upon your Bar Mitzva. May you be זוכה to continue in the path of your parents and bring נחת to your parents and כלל ישראל מו רוחמי והבנים
David L
Every good wish for a future filled with happiness and every success.
Jeri Z
Mazal Tov on your bar mitzvah U'b'hatzlaha!
Jordan L
Ester S
Mazal tov!
Mazal Tov! Looking forward to sharing in your simcha! Rivka
Ilana and Noach G
Mazal Tov on becoming a Bar Mitzvah! May you continue in the chessed of your parents and be blessed to perform many mitzvot and ma'asim tovim.
Herbert L
Srulie, Like your parents, you truly know what it means to make the world a better place. Mazel Tov on your bar mitzvah! We are sorry that we cannot be there to celebrate with you and your wonderful family. Herbert and Bari Lichtman
Daniel K
Mazal Tov Srulie, We look forward to joining you at your Bar Mitzvah. If you are 1/1000 as great as your father, you must be a great young man! Kol Toov, Daniel and Caroline Katz
Shlomo C
Mazal Tov on your Bar Mitzvah. What a most fitting way to celebrate your Bar Mitzvah. May you continue to be a source of Nachas to your wonderful family whom I admire very much. David Z"L was my yedid, my closest friend. I had come to Israel to celebrate with him at his daughter's wedding instead I recited the 1st tehillim at his Levayah. I have a grandson named for David whose bar Mitzvah will be in 8 months. May both of you aspire to live up to the wonderful legacy he left behind.
Michael S
Congratulations on your barmitzvah. You are truly making a difference and your parents must be so proud.
penina b
שרוליק אחי המתוק המקסים!!מאחלת לך המון המון מזל כלכך מתרגשת שאחשלי הקטן חוגג בר מצווה!!!!!!הנה 100 שקל מתוך ה200 שאני חייבת לך :-) מזל טוב!
Martha & Ailon M
Dear Srulie, How wonderful you are going in the footsteps of Chesed. You are helping Hashem build the world according to the vision of Torah! May you always be successful in all aspects of your life, and as part of AM Yisrael. Martha & Ailon Maik
Amy & Harlan K
Dear Srulie, We are so sorry we cannot be there in person to help you celebrate your Bar Mitzvah but we wish you all the best! Your generous support of United Hatzalah is inspiring. Sending you joy, love and health. Sincerely, The Korenvaes Family
Ruth and Robert R
Mazel Tov S'rulie, What a wonderful Mitzvah! Collecting for Hatzalah and not for yourself. Now that's what I call Midos. Your parents must be extremely proud of you and well they should be. We wish we could be there with you but we can't be at least not physically. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you though. Mazel Tov again, Dr. Robert and Ruth Riemer
Daniel G
Srulie, Mazal tov! Wonderful thing you are doing raising money inspired by the sorely missed Dr Applebaum ז"ל. I am sure you will bring great nachat to your family and כלל ישראל! Daniel
Sandra/Ken G
What a wonderful Bar Mitzvah Mitzvah!! We are sure your family is very proud of you. May you reach your goal and more! Sincerely, Sandy and Ken Greenbaum
Lawrence C
Mazal Tov on your Bar Mitzvah Kol HaKavod for taking on this most worthy cause and may you be an inspiration to others just as your parents are
Isaac S
Mazal Tov Srulie. Wonderful to see you follow in the tradition of Chesed you have obviously learned from your dear father, Judy and Isaac Sherman
Mazal tov on your bar mitzvah from Jacqueline and Andrew Rashbass
Yaneer and Naomi B
Srulie, Mazal Tov to you and your family. May your bar mitzvah mark the beginning of your own path of a life filled with family, community, Torah and acts of hessed.
janet and mitchell f
mazel tov and kol hakavod on your mitzvah project janet and Mitchell feldman
steve r
congratulations hope to meet u in the future
Valerie F
Dear Srulie, Mazel Tov on your Bar Mitzvah. I wish you every success with this wonderful project. Val and Mark Friedman
Eric B
I'm sure you'll do great. Mazel tov and lots of love from Eric, Olivia and Ben!
Nicole and Raanan A
Mazal tov Srulie! Sorry we cannot attend. Kol Hakavod to you on your project. Nicole and Raanan Agus.
Chaim and Yael S
Mazel tov
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