By combining a network of more than 6,500 volunteers, with the most advanced technology, and a fleet of emergency medical vehicles, we are able to respond to more than 2,000 medical emergencies per day in an average response time of less than three minutes, and in major cities, often less than 90 seconds. Want to know how, click here.  

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Our Technology

When every second counts, United Hatzalah is there.

In a Code Blue scenario, where cardiac arrest strikes and a 60-year-old gentleman is stranded on the 4th floor, United Hatzalah volunteers sweep in, reaching the scene within a mere 90 seconds. With practiced precision, they stabilize the patient, orchestrating seamless transportation to the medical facility. And thus, they stand prepared for the next urgent summons.

In the face of a Code Orange, a mass casualty event, the call resounds across EMS responders, police forces, and IDF personnel. However, it is the United Hatzalah volunteers who arrive first, positioning themselves at the forefront of aid.

How do we achieve such swift action? Through the symphony of United Hatzalah’s iconic ambucycles, our cutting-edge communication framework, and trailblazing GPS technology. This fusion empowers our volunteers to consistently appear within minutes of pressing emergencies – a feat accomplished every single time.


Step into the realm of cutting-edge emergency response technology at United Hatzalah. As technology evolves, so does our commitment to harness its power for saving lives. One of our cornerstones is the Logis’ Computerized Assisted Dispatch (CAD) system, a game-changer we’ve embraced for five years. Streamlining emergency procedures, it turbocharges resource dispatch and expedites patient care, ensuring we’re there when it counts.

Our partnership with Elbit, a trailblazing military tech provider, transformed smartphones into walkie talkies using the groundbreaking PTT (push-to-talk) over cellular radio systems.Imagine walkie-talkies fused with smartphones, instantly connecting 200 radio channels. This enables seamless communication for dispatchers overseeing the nation’s first responders, enhancing coordination and response effectiveness.

But we don’t stop there. Another innovative system used by the Dispatch and Command Center is the Carbyne app. Carbyne assesses geolocation and camera data from callers’ phones or our field volunteers. Our dispatchers are able to pinpoint locations and guide the caller through vital first aid steps, while simultaneously dispatching resources.

Over six million urgent calls have been responded to by United Hatzalah volunteers through this technology and millions more will continue to be served and saved.  Welcome to our tech-driven revolution, where every second matters, and every life is a priority.


Who is closest, geographically, to the scene?


Who has the highest level of training, based on the situation at hand?

Medical Kit

Who has the best equipment for this particular urgent call?

Ambulance Fast

How is the volunteer traveling: by foot, car, ambulance, etc?


The mobile technology that powers our Motorola PTT (push-to-talk) devices was phased out a few years ago. Every one of United Hatzalah’s 6,200 volunteers have been outfitted with a pioneering new mobile device – either the Bluebird or the RugGear Communication Device – that accelerates response time, improves data streaming, and allows the resources needed to reach the scene on time, every time.

Bluebird and rugear communication devices

These advanced features help with full visibility for our dispatch staff, enabling them manage the situation as needed:

  • Ensures the fastest communication anytime, in any place
  • Withstands dust, rain, heat, and even severe impacts,
  • PTT interface for urgent communication, and automated dispatch integration via a specially developed AI dispatching system for fastest response
  • Scratch, shatter, and water resistant
  • Video interface that allows streaming video from the scene in real time
  • Fully loaded with specialized GPS apps needed for location of the call and utilizing WAZE and/or Goolge maps to get there

This model is being adopted in many countries where they understand that the community plays a vital role in emergency response, including, but not limited to: India, England, Mexico, USA, Panama, and the Ukraine.


United Hatzalah what is your emargency

Our Equipment


EpiPen – set of 1 (pair)

$ 424.00

An EpiPen is an auto injector pen that’s filled with adrenaline. It can immediately stop an anaphylactic shock (severe allergic reaction). Each set contains two pens: one for a child and one for an adult.

Complete Mask Kit

Child Resuscitation Kits

$ 620.00

Specially designed for children and infants, this bag valve mask manual resuscitator is used when performing lifesaving CPR or in cases of severe respiratory distress.

Lifesaving Oxygen Kit

Lifesaving Oxygen Kit

$ 1,440.00

Oxygen tanks and regulators are used daily to help revive victims in situations such as shortness of breath and heart failure. This kit breathes new life into all those who need oxygen.

Bulletproof Vest Helment

Bulletproof Vest & Helmet

$ 2,800.00

Our volunteers respond to missile, bomb, and terrorist attacks, and must be adequately protected when saving lives.The military-grade bulletproof vest and battle-proven helmet used by the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) and are worn to protect those that protect others.

defib website

Defibrillator (AED)

$ 9,000.00

It is imperative that every single one of our volunteers carries a life-saving defibrillator to be able to restart a heart and give heart attack victims another chance of life.  

Trauma bag website

Trauma Kits

$ 1,300.00

United Hatzalah’s trauma kits encompass all the necessary tools for treating trauma patients, designed for immediate access including items like a flashlight, headlamp, and visible LED light for night identification. Compact and lightweight, these kits empower first responders to be ready for emergencies in their daily lives, complementing their trusted medic bags and effectively enhancing…

Sponsor a day of livesaving

Train and Equip a New Volunteer

$ 33,000.00

Outfit one volunteer for one year. Afford them the equipment, supplies and refresher training they need to save lives. It’s a great investment. 

Our Vehicles


Rapid Response E-Bike

$ 48,000.00

For volunteers commuting short distances, the provision of electric ambulance-bicycles (“E-bikes”) offers an attractive alternative, enabling them to respond promptly to emergencies within seconds, significantly reducing average response times in congested downtown areas. Marked with distinctive United Hatzalah decals, siren, flashing lights, and equipped with a medical first aid bag and defibrillator, these nimble E-bikes…


Emergency Response Ambucycle

$ 140,000.00

United Hatzalah’s pivotal contribution to emergency response lies in the ambucycle, a motorcycle specially deployed by volunteers across Israel. These ambucycles ensure rapid arrival at scenes within minutes, unimpeded by traffic or narrow streets. Equipped with a first-aid case for essential medical gear, volunteers can swiftly respond to calls using ambucycles, aided by United Hatzalah’s…

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$ 163,900.00

In urban areas with high rates of medical emergencies, dedicated volunteer volunteers often struggle to arrive before ambulances due to transportation limitations. For such volunteers who can’t operate motorcycles, United Hatzalah has introduced the Minilance, a nimble electric vehicle perfect for urban settings. With the ability to weave through traffic, park conveniently, and carry essential…

Ambucar 1 1


$ 250,000.00

United Hatzalah introduces the ambucar as an alternative transportation option for those who can’t or prefer not to use an ambucycle. This fleet of rapid response licensed cars, equipped with sirens and lights, bridges the gap between ambulances and ambucycles. Volunteer first responders carry comprehensive medical gear in these cars during their daily routines, facilitating…


Rescue ATV – Ambutractor

$ 325,000.00

While ambucycles excel in swift urban response, certain inaccessible regions of Israel, like mountain paths and desert routes, require a different approach. To address these challenges, United Hatzalah operates 28 ambutractors stationed across the country, serving as powerful 4-wheel rescue vehicles for reaching emergencies in rugged terrains. Designed for desert landscapes, these 4×4 vehicles come…

Emergency Ambulance


$ 570,000.00

United Hatzalah volunteers respond within seconds from the onset of any incident. An ambulance is dispatched and races to the scene to transport those in need to the nearest medical center and save lives. It brings a broad array of emergency medical equipment and most importantly, it brings a caring and committed team of first…