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Daniel Shore Bike To Life's Campaign

Join me in raising funds and awareness for United Hatzalah of Israel. I am doing this in memory of Daniel Viflic (friend of mine killed in a terror attack) .

Message to sponsors:

You can still donate! Your money is guaranteed to help in saving lives. UPDATE: I've completed the ride with success, It took 24 hours and five minutes, Throughout the ride, especially during the tough times, the fatigue and the physical exertion, what gave me strength to continue was knowing that you, and so many others, were supporting me to succeed and accomplish my goal! Thank you very much for your generous donations towards the Hatzala ambucycle! Original message:On November 2, I'm going to try to bike the entire country of Israel from north to south, from Metulla on the Lebanese border to Eilat on the Egyptian border. As a medic in Hatzala I have learned first-hand the value of time, so I am going to try to do it in 24 hours, biezrat Hashem.

My goal is to raise $28,000 for an Ambucycle, so that I can help save lives -- as fast as possible. Please be a part of my effort by sponsoring me and help me help Hatzalah to save lives. P.S. Be the first to donate $10,000 or more and you can have your name printed on the Ambucycle! (provided we raise the full amount needed) (Thanks to Mordechai Pekar for his professional help and accompanying me on the ride)

Donations raised to date:

Jo Anne W
Job well done Aleichem shalom.
Jo Anne W
Job well done!🇸🇻 Aleichem Shalom
Masha P
Hi Daniel, Good luck with what are you doing! It's an honor to help you. Regards to Joseph Svirsky :) Masha Pruss
Nancy and D.J. S
ephraim S
Joyce G
Emily B
Mazel tov on reaching your goal!
Carole G
John H
Hi Anne-marie(Tamar)- John and I are delighted to help this cause in memory of Daniel. Hope to see you all in Canada, you are welcome to stay with us. love you all- Jo and John from Canada- Nov 22,15
Denny S
Keep up the good work! A thanks on behalf of Barry Weiss and Dorraine Gilbert...
Mitch & Joleen J
Zainegin F
B. and G. F
Kol hakavod for taking the initiative. What a remarkable tribute to Daniel Viflic, z"l. Thank you for all you do on behalf of the klal. The Fishmans
bob D
Mazel Tov on amazing ride!
Mary T
Donation made in honor of Barry Weiss, who recently benefited from your services.
Avrohom & Phyllis K
Raanan B
Mordechai T
Norman L
Yasher Koach on your great achievement. Please send my love to your father,for whom I have the greatest respect. Norman
Carl J
In honor of your ride and your grandmother's upcoming birthday
The D
Phyllis Z M
Kol HaKovod!
Phil & janet T
In honor of Dorraine & Barry Weiss, a multiple of Chai (Life-18). Please send a message to them that this donation was made due to their efforts at helping you. Knowing they were instrumental & sussessfull will make them feel good. They are good friends of our and personally have helped us many times. I know how seconds can make a difference in saving life's, and commend your dedication. Thank you
Pablo N
thank you
susan C
Great work Daniel! Bike safetly! We support you. Thank you!!!!
Debbie F
may the lord bless you and what you do..
ari b
Dear Daniel, KOL HAKAVOD - for your effort, dedication and mostly, for remembering your friend. With passage of time, we tend to forget. Thank you, Dorraine, and speedy recovery to Barry, for alerting us to Daniel's worthwhile cause! The Bussel Family Los Angeles, CA, USA
Charles T
Hatzlacha !
Jeffrey T
Good Going!
Esti S
aviel d
שיהיה המון בהצלחה! זאת מטרה נעלה כל הכבוד לך!
Mikhail-Zalman D
Yasher koach achi! You're an inspiration. May HaShem bless you and your family with good health and the ability to help anyone who needs it. Shabbes
Joseph R
I am very impressed about your feat. I am still trying to understand how it was possible to bike for so long. I hope that you are recovering well.
marvin s
congratulation! amazing feat! very proud of you! bubby and zaidy
Well done.good luck on your ambucycle
amazing accomplishment!!!!
Ariela K
My husband and I are contributing with 200, and my parents with 300, Yesher Koach!
Dear Daniel, Congratulations for thei extraordinary accomplishment! Leah Mark
Jordana & Jason J
Good luck!!!
suzanne b
keep up the wonderful work. You deserve this a bicycle!
נדב ×
נא לשלוח קבלה מוכרת למס על שם חברת קנרי לכתובת שצוינה
Rivkah T
בהצלחה רבה
Beat S
Amazing initiative. Daniel Viflic would be proud of you and so are we...the friends of family Viflic
Chana M
Thank you for protecting and saving Am Israel!!
Way to go! Thank you for making such a huge effort for such a good reason.
bezalel h
your amazing! I wish I would have know earlier. I would have loved to ride with you.
m g
in honor or Rabbi Reiber, Aish HaTorah Beis Medrash.
Mark E
Kol Hakavod ... B'hatzlacha
Adam H
Amy O
Kol HaKavod!! Way to make a difference in a healthy, innovative and life-affirming way. I'm all ears for your favorite beginner-friendly trails in this country. Props again, and b'hatzlacha. Go, you!! :-D
David O
לז"נ חיה בת ר' משה הכהן
Eitan P
let's get you over the finish line!
Joel M
Steven K
Am Yisroel Chai!
Debra B
Dear Daniel, Congratulations on a great ride!! We hope you meet your donation goal. Here is another donation from us! Love, Debbie and Denny Berman
Nina R
From Wayne, a friend of Raanan Bodzin
Yaakov S
Edward M
Well done! Congratulations Edward and Joyce Misrahi
Joshua W
Amazing achievement
Lori D
Congratulations Daniel!!!!!! Great job for a great cause!! Peter and Lori Deutsch
Ellen H
Excellent work that you are doing, Daniel!!!!! So proud of you. Ellen Habert (your dads cousin)
Marvin W
Mazal Tov on your great accomplishment
Andrea D
It's an inspiration to see what will power and recognizing what the strengths of an individual can do to make a difference! Ya shtar koach! You should be matzliach!
Best of luck to you, Daniel!
yasher koach
sander g
rotem p
kol haakvod!!
yael fox a
beHatzlacha ,Yosef Fox
Ezra S
Very nice - good luck
Naomi G
Samuel S
as a fellow cyclist who has done this (but not in one day), i wish you luck. i am a friend of your dad's
Larry H
Colin S
Eli A
Have a fun and safe ride. Yashir koach
Chaim L
Daniel, As a mountain biker in Ramat Bet Shemesh with Geerz, I know how much energy you need to put into a cross Israel trip. Thank you for caring for others and funding creative ways to fund your ambitions. yesher kaoch
Amir B
What an amazing journey!!
Marshall G
Batslecha Daniel
Noah F
Amazing! Yasher koach!
Joel P
Robin K
Kol ha Kavod!
Shmuel N
Best of luck... keep up the good work for a great cause. Shmuel and Zahava Nayman
Seth A
Best of luck on the ride!
Judy and David S
We are so proud of you.
Larry F
Keep it up. Wish I was riding with you.
Harvey and Sheila Hecker Family foundation H
Mazal tov on your majjor effort in memory of a dear friend
Louis & Manette M
We are in awe of your selfless dedication to assisting those in need. You will succeed because of your determination and good deeds.
Debra B
Dear Daniel, Every success on this special ride! Kol Tov, Debra Berman
Avi R
Does this mean i can get your bicycle?? Good Luck!!
Mina S
Shlomo K
Good luck!
Tamar V
Dear Daniel, thank you for this special project you are doing in memory or our dearest son. May Hashem protect and give you koach for tomorrow's very special ride! We are sure that our Daniel hy'd will be watching over you. Good Luck! The Viflic Family
Rosanne & Hy B
go Daniel, go.
Peter F
Peter W
All our best!!! Laura & Peter Weinstein
You are a mensch and I'm happy to help.
Hugh B
Wonderful cause!!! Best, Cousin Hugh
Brian S
Ride on, my friend! Good luck
Miriam J
So impressed. Ride safe and smart.
Harlan W
Moshe P
Brian S
Anna S
Marla and Jeff S
Yasher koach on this tremendous undertaking for the sake of others! We will be cheering you on from afar! Marla and Jeff Schachter
Yonah D
Ronald S
Our best wishes for a successful ride! Nina and Ron Spiro
nachman e
Shkoyach on this great tzedaka you are doing! and thanks for all your help last year and this year!
Ken and Ruth S
Very best of luck! Hope you achieve your goal.
Jakob M
This is a gift from Rob and Vicki Schwartz (at Aish Denver) please thank them. Ephraim Shore should have their info
What a wonderful Mitzvah. Good luck.
Joy Z
Wishing you much success in this endeavor , go safely Cousins joy & danny Zigelman from toronto, ont
andrew p
Ezra Z
Yash Koyach! Enjoy our beautiful homeland!
Dr. David F
Dear Daniel, Wishing you lots of hatslacha on your 24 hr bike ride! Keep up the great work you do at hatzalah! All the best, Ellen and Dovid Friedman
What a wonderful way to memorialize a friend. From an RBS resident.
mark d
awesome you are doing this
בהצלחה רבה ושה׳ ישמור אותך מכל רע ויתן לך כח תמיד כל טוב ובשורות טובות לכל עם ישראל
sidney r
Yasher Koach!!
BS"D Hatzlacha Rabbah.
Matthew G
julie l
leonard r
with my good wishes cousin lenny
michael d
Henry B
Congratulations and best wishes for success!
Zvi S
Daniel, your intentions and motivations are sincere. I know you for a while and enough to say that. You are with zest and consistency in what you choose to accomplish. See you soon Zvi
Devorah D
Deborah W
Hatzlacha Raba on your ride and Kol Hakavod for your efforts!!!
Daniel, Have a great ride, and remember, "drink early, drink often; eat early, eat often". Don't get dehydrated or bonk! Very admirable personal effort. Rick and Cindy
yechiel r
Joseph G
In honor of the being the best madrich anybody could ask for. So proud of you!
Michael G
Farshad Zchariah & Mojdeh Sarah R
Much success to you in this important ride, and in the journey of life. May Daniel Viflic's a"h memory be for blessing. Farshad Zchariah & Mojdeh Sarah Rakhsha
Stanley T
Dear Daniel: I congratulate you on your dedication and effort to save lives. Good luck in reaching your goal! Stanley G. Tate
Joshua H
yaakov w
תותח כל הכבוד דניאל
Stewart & Carol L
B'hatzlacha Daniel, Stewart & Carol Lesser
Adina K
Yasher Koach Daniel Shore. May you bring your parents Nachat and may the Neshoma of Daniel a'h have an Aliyah and Tamar, Itzik and Adina be comforted by this Project. Regards from Uri, Adina & the Kids!
Tani F
We wish you Hatzlacha rabba on this awesome undertaking. Tani & Soli Friends of the Viflics
Sharon and Pinchas S
Yasher Koach!!!
Chanie & Howie B
Kol Hakavod! May your efforts serve as an Aliya for the Neshama of Daniel Aryeh ben Tamar & Yitzchak. Chanie & Howie Bryks
Natan D
Best of luck Daniel!! Only you would attempt something crazy like this and its exactly what makes you so great! You're doing an amazing thing and keep on being such bossman. On behalf of all of Gesher 14/15 I'd like to wish you hastlacha raba and an easy ride to the finish.
Zak B
Hope it all goes well and you reach ur target Ps Natan Djanogly cousin
marc f
doing great stuff! Marc Firestone
Dorraine Gilbert W
We know you can do this.
Elaine O
Kol HaKavod for your service! We are always happy to support you and the family in your well chosen causes. Marc and Elaine Oppenheimer
Iser R
B"H I Hope you get to your goal soon and G'd bless you for helping others with so much love and care!!!! Isaac.
Michal E
הי דניאל יקר ישר כוח, כל הכבוד ובהצלחה :)) אוהבים אותך מיכל ואיתמר
Naomi G
Way to go. What a beautiful idea. May you be successful in this venture and bring refuah to all in need. B'hatzlacha.
Julia and I are pleased to support your important project. Warn regards, Jeffrey Royer
Devorah V
Yasher Koach!!!!! Hatzlacha Rabba! and Stay safe b'ezras Hashem. We are cheering for you! Love, Tha vales
Yitschak M
Great goal. Wish you luck on your journey.
eva l
may this bike trip bring you strength as you bring awareness and help to so many in need with success and blessings cheering you on eva levi
Ron and Sandy S
Daniel, this is a wonderful project. We are wishing you much success in your efforts. Be well and safe. Ronnie and Sandy
Riki F
Daniel, I hope you make your goal. May the zechus of Daniel Viflic's memory help you raise the money you need. We should all go from strength to strength.
Peter M
Great idea Daniel Peter (old friend of Vreni, Cedric, and Sari)
verena l
good luck daniel hope you achive your target as you worked so hard for it! every smallest donation saves a life
ephraim S
We're so proud! Go, Daniel , Go!
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