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When Seconds Count...
We did it! Campaign Funded!

This campaign was created by  Josh, Dani, Ariel and Families

Join us in raising funds and awareness for United Hatzalah of Israel. We are doing this In Memory Of Our Friend Ezra Schwartz .
Our goal is to raise: $ 36,000
Emergency Response Ambucycle
We have raised: $ 37,919 of
$ 36,000
Please help us reach our goal!

Message to sponsors:

Seven years ago, in 2010, four of us, Josh Hanau, Dani Lerner, Ariel Goldman and Ezra Schwartz , childhood friends from Sharon, Massachusetts, decided to raise money for United Hatzalah in honor of our Bar Mitzvahs. Together with our families, we raised money to purchase an Ambucycle, a motorcycle  fully stocked  with medical equipment that provides the quickest medical response to accidents, emergencies and terror attacks throughout Israel.
Over the years,we were updated on our Ambucycle’s driver, and his lifesaving feats as a result of our Ambucycle’s quick response time.  Our Ambucycle made many calls and saved many lives over the years. Unfortunately, this past September, our ambucycle was retired due to mechanical issues. We were told that it was the most senior Ambucycle, saving lives for over 7 years.  Sadly, Ezra was killed in a terrorist attack in Gush Etzion, in Israel, on November 19th, 2015. We were all spending our gap year between High school and college in Israel.  Following Ezra’s death, our Ambucycle, with our names written on it, driving through the hills of Jerusalem and saving lives gave us comfort. 
Losing Ezra in Israel and in such a tragic way made us even more aware of how important our Ambucycle was to the people of Israel.  We received the news that our Ambucycle was going to be retired just months before Ezra’s  Z”L second yahrzeit.  His death has been life changing for each of us and our families. Together with our families and Ezra’s family, we would like to fund another Ambucycle in honor and in memory of our best friend, Ezra.
Please join us in this effort to raise money for Ezra’s Ambucycle.  
We appreciate any donation you can give.
Thank you so much !
Josh, Dani, Ariel and the Hanau, Lerner, Goldman and Schwartz Families


Please join us raising funds for a piece of lifesaving medical equipment. Any amount you give brings us closer to our goal and will help save more lives.

Donations raised to date:

Emunah H
With our love and wishes for a beautiful aliyah for Ezra's incredible neshama. From Zach and Emunah Homa and family.
Zev G
Michael P
Paris family P
Miriam K
Dear Josh, Dani, and Ariel, What a meaningful tribute to Ezra and for such a worthy cause. Your families must be proud that your acts of chesed continue way past your bar mitzvahs, and hopefully will continue for many years to come.
seth G
This is a wonderful thing you are doing. May Ezra's Nishama continue to have the merit for his influence and impact on others, always.
Ellen and Michael M
In memory of Ezra
In memory of Ezra
andrea s
Brian R
Brian & Rhonda Rosen
Rachel L
Sarri S
Ariel G
Paulette and David M
May his memory be a blessing for all of us
pearla W
good luck with the huge mitzvah-from pearla lulinski weisman and family-cousin on Tami Antelman
Adina G
So glad to help!
Jane Taubenfeld C
Sarah S
In memory of the most incredible person I've ever met, and to a best friend who I miss every day.
Jamie R
Ezra will forever be missed and I hope that many more great things like this will continue to be done in his name!
Joseph F
Shoshana R
Annette D
Thanks for the wonderful work you are doing to raise the money.
Noam K
Jess and Noah S
Kol hakavod. So very special.
Dan and Elana F
May Ezra’s memory be a blessing
Ayelet P
Thinking of you, Ezra
Keren R
Thank you so much for doing mitzvah. This donation is in Ezra's memory ZL
Ariella L
Deborah K
Samuel N
yael e
Shira A
Emma S
So proud of you guys! ❤️
Lisa and Jay K
Adina F
Ann C
I am so sorry for your loss. I will never forget about Ezra and you, his family. I will continue to keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers.
Wendy L
What a beautiful tribute for an obviously very, very special young man who touched countless lives.
Yahel R
Good luck !!!
Sharron and Adam C
What an amazing tribute to Ezra’s memory. Kol HaKavod!!
Jim B
Thank you for organizing such a wonderful tribute. Berish Family
Elizabeth E
Ilyse W
Lisa & David K
This is amazing, guys. Tizku l'mitzvot!
Ilana M
Love you Ez ❤️
Joyce W
This is really a beautiful initiative that y'all are doing. Sending you all lots of love and hatzlacha raba with this!! Keep doing what you're doing, and Ezra sure lives on through you.
Sharon L
Betty B
Saar Haber and Jesse K
Heidi and Allan R
Lev K
Danny G
Bettina W
Kol hakavod - what a beautiful way to honor Ezra. With love from the Waxman Family
Andrea A
Thank you
Jeffrey R
I am proud to support each of Ezra's friends in this effort.
Lainie D
What a beautiful tribute. I am a friend of Ezra's Z"L Aunt Pamela. Good luck reaching your goal.
Marina C
Poly and Eli N
Anne D
May Ezra's memory be a blessing
Dina R
Cindy and Joe L
For ezra
Avi L
david g
happy to support this wonderful cause.
Lindsey M
Deena & Avi T
Juliet R
What a beautiful way to honor Ezra's memory.
Lance K
Kol ha'Kavod from Anne Exter and Lance Kawesch
Avigail K
Love and miss you so much, Ezra! Thinking about you today especially <3
Avigail K
Miss you, Ezra! Thinking about you today especially <3
Sharon G
Nina H
It is even sadder that someone is murdered while doing a good deed. I wish that you will get much bigger donations than I can give.
Jordana C
In blessed memory of Ezra. The Winton Casciano Family
Bonnie R
Sylvia H
Tara H
alyssa K
Tracy A
Meira F
יהי זכרו ברוך משפחת פרזיגר בית שמש
Marla O
In loving memory of Ezra... Kol Hakavod to all of you for your efforts in providing support to Am Yisrael.
Efrat S
Thank you for letting us be a part of this very special project. Jonny and Efrat
ז"ל His memory has proven to be the greatest blessing, and will only continue as such with this stunning project. B D
Kimberly R
With love from Ezra's California cousins Kimberly, Daniel, Joshua, and Rachel Rubin.
Yael K
Beautiful project. May his memory bring health and life to others.
Snyder-Kulp Family D
In memory of Ezra, z”l. Sending our sincerest condolences to the Schwartz family.
ilyse e
Thinking of Ezra
lior a
Debbie-Lee B
I am so humbled to contribute to this incredible initiative. Thinking of you everyday Ezra
Noa F
Your loss was terrible, but remembering him in this way celebrates life. There is nothing better. Sincerely, Kathy Kaufman
Laurie M
Aleeza H
May Ezra's memory be a blessing
Debbie and Jonathan F
Thanks for doing this.
Danielle L
Susan W
Wonderful thing to do in memory of your friend.
Charlotte H
The bike should be used in good health. In honor of my grandson, Joshua.
Leandra M
Thank you for doing this in memory of Ezra. Can't believe it's been two years- he should be out playing football in the street with everyone else🙁
Shoshana P
Kol hakavod!
Jeremy and Amy S
Carol and Daniel M
In loving memory of Ezra Schwartz, z"l. Carol, Daniel, Shira and Mia Milewich
Rebecca Z
Amira R
So proud of you all!
may Ezra's neshama have an aliyah and may you be comforted and have strength from Hashem
Regina F
Thank you for mounting this campaign to remember Ezra and the great friend he was to you....
Gila and ephraim G
Tziku L’mitzvot
Talya S
In memory of Ezra Schwartz. Talya and David Spitzer
May Ezra’s memory live forever! I have never met him but I will never forget him ❤️
Laurie P
Joel B
What a great project you have undertaken! I am sure you will be successful in your efforts and many lives will be saved because of your determination. Keep up your great work.
Tali E
Kol HaKavod, Tizku L’Mitzvot! In memory of Ezra Schwartz, HY”D. Sending comfort to the Schwartz family - Tali Epstein
in memory of greta abelow who taught at maimo for 30 years
Kol hakavod to all of you for keeping alive not only the spirit if somebody close to you, but the spirit of giving and doing positive things for all of Am Yisrael
Tami and Perry A
Kol Hakavod to all of you. Real mitzvah work! Tami and Perry
Michal P
You guys are amazing. May Ezra's memory be forever a blessing.
Helen I
May Ezra's memory continue to be a blessing.
Cheray S
Steven E
What a special tribute to honor the memory of your special friend...I am proud to be part of this noble cause..
yoav s
Avigail B
עבור המלאך שעדיין שומר
Yonit C
Elisheva K
יישר כח!
Jake S
מאיר ד
ה' מלך...
Aviv B
מטרה מבורכת. מאחלת שתגיעו ליעד שלכם
Meira & David P
With love from David, Meira, Arielle, Maia, Zoe & Ethan
Ruth S
So happy to support you and honor Ezra's memory. What a wonderful mitzvah you are doing while honoring your dear friend!
Frederic F
Read about this NJ Jewish News... very inspiring!
Nancy K
What a beautiful tribute to Ezra
Devorah R
Oren A
God bless you all. Rip Ezra shwartz.
Marilyn&Jeffrey M
This was inspired by the editor of the NJJN, in a piece which appeared 11/14/17. Marilyn, Jeffrey & Lee Margulies
Sharon R
Thank you for sharing Ezra with us. Your story was so touching--thinking of him on his Yahrzeit.
Mitch S
I was inspired by the article in the NJ Jewish News. May Ezra's memory be for a blessing.
Todd and Aliza Z
Thank you for allowing us to share this Mitzvah in Ezra's z"l name.
Deena K
May Ezra’s memory continue to live on forever and inspire others to spread as many smiles and good deeds as he did and more.
Shira and eliot P
HatZlocha on this worthy cause.
Rachel D
Molly G
Love that you guys are doing this ❤️❤️❤️
Luisa’s Lux Hair
Seth G
Kudos to Ezra's Friends. A wonderful cause to honor a brave, honorable and caring individual. May Ezra's memory inspire all to do good deeds. All the best, Seth, Vivi and family
Alexander A
Ehud N
I was on the plane that brought Ezra home to his family, and I was at the Patriots game for the extraordinary moment of silence for that extraordinary young man, and the next morning was honored to comfort his wonderful family after shacharit. יהיה זכרו ברוך
shoshana h
כל הכבוד חיזקו ואימצו
udi M
Michelle & Yehuda A
Marion B
yashar koach!
Amy G
Betty B
We will always miss you ezra ❤️
Sydney T
$13 in memory of the amazing summer I spent with Ezra in 2013. May his memory be a blessing.
Cheryl and Evan B
What a beautiful way to memorialize Ezra’s beautiful neshama
Andrew J
Such an important cause - thank you for doing this in honor of Ezra
Marvin and Sheila W
Leora F
He will always be with us in our hearts.
Abigail G
Shira S
Aliza G
בהצלחה, so proud of the mitzvah that is being done in Ezra's name.
Reba L
With Fond Memories and Much Love from Morah Reba
Hayley G
Tizku l’mitzvot. May Ezra’s Neshama have an Aliyah in the z’chut of this tremendous act.
Falicia E
Jonathan Z
I hope all is well and my thoughts are with you all. -- Jonny Zackman
Rena W
shari f
Alicia and Avi P
We cannot imagine the streets of Israel without this ambucycle - without Ezra’s name driving through its busy streets, bringing hope and health to the Jewish people. Thank you for kick-starting such a wonderful project in honor of such a wonderful person.
Proud of you guys - may Ezra's memory continue to be a blessing.
Rivka B
May you have much hatzlacha in all your endeavors. Evan and Rivka Bart
Dov L
I miss Ezra. And I hope that through this, we can save many lives in his name.
Cheryl and Jay H
Happy to contribute to this worthy cause!
Kol hacavod!
Judith R
With love and thanks to all of you from Ezra's California cousins Jonathan, Judith, Noa, Naomi and Aaron Rubin
Debbie E
This donation is from Binny's tzedaka collection. Thank you to all the people of Sharon MA who have contributed their bottles and cans!
Robert and Beth S
kol Ha kavod . The Shubowitz Family
Anthony M
In memory of Ezra z"l. May his neshama have an aliyah. The Mammon Family
Hadassah B
Good luck!
vivian d
Best of luck with this important endeavor. Vivian and Zach D.
Sandra S
The I
We're so glad lives will be saved in Ezra's name, we miss him so much. Kol Hakavod Dani, Josh, Ariel!
Susan S
So proud of Josh Dani and Ariel for this wonderful mitzvah. With Love. Susan and Stuart Salzberg.
R20 - Dad
Sarah O
May you all continue to do good in Ezra's name.
Farrah C
Forever in our memories and hearts.
Yoel L
Yashar Koach for taking the initiative and ensuring what Ezra stood for - especially helping others and making the world a better place - lives on! On and On, keep on soaring like an eagle and don't just put on a coat when it's cold; light fires to heat up everyone else as well! Behatzlacha!
Rafi K
Evelynne G
Saba and Safta - Hershell and Evelynne Goldman are so proud of you Ariel and your friends Josh and Dani for this wonderful tribute to your amazing friend Ezra Schwartz z'l.
Joseph B
Sandra G
The entire Goldmeer family (especially Ezra) remembers all of you with fondness... in honor of OUR Ezra.. we donate in memory of Ezra. With great Love.
Hazak ubaruch on the cause. May Ezra be ever close to Hashem.
Roz K
Thank you for this wonderful tribute to Ezra's memory. Cousins, Roz and Moe
Marshall and Leat S
What a wonderful Mitzvah in Ezra's memory. Tizku Lemitzvot Leat and Marshall
Tizku L'mitzvot!
Love you all K+A
Deborah T
Tizku limitzvot!
Diana K
What an important cause and a perfect way to honor Ezra. You are very special young men. Love, Diana and Jack Kahn
Ariella G
Wishing you lots of luck. Tizku l’mitzvot.
Mike R
Ilya and diana C
Rebecca H
May Ezra’s name be a blessing
Jordan G
Daniel T
The W
Best of luck with this important fundraiser.
David E
In memory of Ezra Schwartz
We are so proud of you. Thank you for such a sweet and wonderful way to keep Ezra's memory alive.
Linda B
What a wonderful tribute to the memory of a beautiful young man. Love, aunt, Linda
Sandy K
In Memory of Ezra Schwartz
Curtiss O
Wendy, Curt, Olivia, and Alexis Olsen
Marcy & Ralph N
Thanks for enabling us to share in your campaign
beautiful mitzvah!
Shawna W
Debbie F
Such an important project in memory of such a special young man.
Cousin Ian S
I love you all and miss you. Hope we can get together soon.
In memory of Ezra and in honor of 3 special friends - Josh, Dani, Ariel
Bernice Y
Tamar and Etan E
Tzedaka in merit that my mother be spared of sorrow, a speedy recovery AND in honor of Ezra Schwartz, whom I have never met, but in a short time, changed the world. May grief be overcome with comfort, which I too await. Much love, and peace, always.
A beautiful mitzva in Ezra's memory.
Anonymous A
The S
Shlomo & Sharon L
In memory of Ezra who we miss so much. We're so proud to be part of this wonderful project.
Bernice E
Tizku limitzvot.
David H
Glad we could do a little bit to help in this special project. May Hashem help you reach your goal and be able to honor the Memory of your friend Ezra. May his memory be a blessing for all Israel! Renee and David Heyden Delray Beach FL.
michelle S
A truly amazing project that we are proud to donate to in Ezra's memory and in honor of our friends the Hanaus. Michelle & Scott Sulzberger and family
An amazing and inspiring fundraiser!!
Alan and Laurie Senecal Special way to remember Ezra- thank you! Ezra’s grandparents
Amy & Adam G
With much love to all the Schwartz's. Amy, Adam, Ariel, Elisheva, Yoey & Elan
Doreen K
Privileged to be a part of this beautiful project.
Dorri(Witkes) & Sam G
What a wonderful Mitzvah you are doing for the residents of Israel while remembering Ezra.
Rena and Elliot S
Thank you for letting us be a part of this wonderful project. Best, Rena and Elliot Schrier
Florence S
Kal Hakavod to all of you for this wonderful endeavor The Schlangers
Continue to do such good deeds!
Ariella L
What a beautiful way to honor the memory of Ezra. His neshama should have an aliya from all the good you are doing. Best, Ariella, Mendel, and Margot Lazaros
Missing Ez every day!
Janet A
As a Yavneh family we are honored to support this effort.
Richard & Rena B
ישר כח
Seth J
Arthur B
Friends of Harriet and Bob
Henny and Yussie B
May you go from Chayil to Chayil
Naami and Jay T
Sheila and Irwin L
Amazing tribute in memory of a young life taken too soon. Thanks to the Kahns for informing us of this worthy project, Irwin&Sheila
Harriet & Robert K
In memory of, and in tribute to Ezra Schwartz who, in his too short life time, inspired so many. And, in honor of his friends Josh, Dani and Ariel, and their families, who strive to continue his legacy.
Ruth and Meyer Solomont C
In loving memory of Ezra and in honor or his friends (Josh, Dani and Ariel) who are doing so much to honor the memory of their dear friend,
Morah Nina C
Ruth and Ari S
❤️Ruth and Ari Schwartz and family
Harvey and Rochelle L
Friends of Heni and Mark Aunt and Uncle of Libi, Matt, Michaella and Ezra Rides Sareet and Tzvi Bluestone and Daniella Sharon, Ma and Modiin,Israel
Cheryl E
Awesome - please post photos of the new ambucycle! Cheryl Edelman (Austin’s mother)
Gloria and Arnie S
Wonderful Mitzvah .
Jodi H
This is a wonderful cause. Thank you for raising money to take care of Israel.
Michelle brody and Hal B
Amy and Paul H
Benjamin R
Shira R
Beth and Marc E
Yasher Kochachem!
Dorit and Aryeh F
יהי זכרו ברוך
Tammy T
Can't wait to see a whole fleet of ambucycles with Ezra's name!
Karen G
Gayle S
We can't wait to see the new motorcycle ambulance. Love, The Schrier Family
R20 forever
Elka S
Barry, Cindy, Arielle and Jonathan N
May Ezra’s memory always be of blessings. Kol Ha Kavod. Keep up the amazing work.
Leora and Mike W
Thinking of Ezra always. <3
Warren K
Eli and Ashley G
May Ezra’s memory be a blessing. Ashley, Eli, Noa, and Tali
Noah C
What a wonderful way to continue growing the goodness that you began almost 10 years ago.
Leslie and Joshua W
What a meaningful tribute, kol hakavod for doing this in Ezra’s memory.
Michelle S
What a wonderful cause and a beautiful set of friends and memories. Thank you to Nancy Kriegel for sharing the information with me. xo
Janet W
From Jeff and Barb Weiner
Beth M
Such an amazing tribute to Ezra! We miss you
Tzvi G
With love from Naomi, Tzvi, and Naftali Grossman.
raanan k
Shani W
Sharon P
yael b
תזכו למצוות!
Rachel D
With Love , Ezra’s Aunt and Uncle Rachel and Yosi Deri and family
May his memory always live on.
Mendel and Miriam L
Kol Hakavod to you for facilitating this noblest form of מעשים טובים - saving lives, and for fulfilling the יהי זכרו ברוך of Ezra who continues to engender blessings in the world.
Ron G
Thanks to the Goldman family, always making the world a better place. - The Goodman family
Libi and Matt R
very worthy cause, yashar koach
Shira K
Penina L
Shifra B
So excited to be supporting this special project! Such an amazing way to continue to spread Ezra's positive impact on the world.
Julie G
Kol Hakavod on this important project. Ezra is never far from our thoughts.
Jesse Z
Jeff and Shara P
A wonderful important cause in memory of the wonderful Ezra Schwartz Z"L.
With the utmost love and respect for all of you! Ezra's memory continues to be for a blessing.
Kira G
Simi S
Dina and Matt L
Kol HaKavod for the beautiful project. ~Dina and Matt Levitt
Michelle & David A
Ezra continues to touch the lives of others. May his memory be a blessing.
Liana H
Devorah and Josh K
Shari M
Rochelle L
Kolkata hakovod on this worthy endeavor and special tribute to Ezra z"l; tizku l'mitzvot!
Rocky B
Such an amazing and important project.
David S
In loving memory of Ezra From Emma Starr and family
Corine A
saara m
In memory of Ezra z"l, and in honor of Josh, Dani, and Ariel - what an incredible way to honor the memory of your best friend.
Tizku l'mitzvot This is a wonderful way to honor and memorialize a special young man who had a tremendous love for Israel,
Lisa W
Reva G
So proud of your efforts! Best of luck on this important endeavor.
Miss you Ez <3
Shari and David K
What a wonderful tribute to Ezra. May he continue to inspire you in all that you do.
Cary and Julie K
A wonderful way to remember an incredible friend.
Heni and Mark S
This is a wonderful project and a fitting memorial to Ezra. Thank you all
Kol hakavod for this beautiful tribute in memory of Ezra. Tizku l'mitzvot!
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