Day of Lifesaving

Sponsor a Day of Lifesaving! Choose a birthday, anniversary, or any special day and dedicate it to saving lives!

Sponsor a Day of Lifesaving!

United Hatzalah volunteers respond to over 1,800 urgent calls throughout Israel every day! Choose any day and sponsor a day of lifesaving in honor of any occasion and you will receive a detailed call log report of all calls that happen on your ‘Day of Lifesaving’.

Make an anniversary, yarhtzeit or another lifecycle event meaningful by sponsoring a Day of Lifesaving – granting the gift of life to the people of Israel.

United Hatzalah saves lives in Israel each day, which equals 365 “shares” of lifesaving of United Hatzalah. Choose your day, mark an important date, and buy your share of lifesaving.

You can sponsor every call on your Day of Lifesaving for $18,000. Our 7,000 heroic volunteers create a cross-country lifesaving web, arriving first at scene, reaching anyone, anywhere, within just 3 minutes. You’ll find our medics on scene reviving a heart in Holon, treating a car accident victim in Be’er Sheva, stabilizing a drowning child in Eilat and delivering a baby in Haifa.

Sponsor a Day of Lifesaving

The cost to sponsor a Day of Lifesaving is $18,000.00. For more information on the Day of Lifesaving program please submit the form below:

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