On Friday Morning, 175 people ran in support of United Hatzalah in the Jerusalem Marathon. The runners, ranging in age from 1 to 89 years old, have raised over $120,000 in support of the community-based EMS organization ahead of the race. The sum will go towards purchasing new vehicles and medical equipment, as well as training additional volunteers.

United Hatzalahs team flagbearer during the race 1024x682 1
United Hatzalah’s team flagbearer during the race

This year, a significant part of those running for United Hatzalah were running as part of Team Avraham, named after a teenager, Avigdor Chai Avraham Lifshutz z”l, who passed away two years ago. Avigdor Chai Avraham’s father Mark told Eli Beer prior to the race that his son was a big fan of United Hatzalah’s efforts and read about the organization through the stories that are printed in a weekly periodical known as the Torah Tidbits. The Lifshutz family invited friends and relatives to run and raise funds in order to donate a rescue ATV in his memory. The ATV is a powerful 4-wheel vehicle that will be used for rescue operations in locations where the terrain doesn’t allow access by ambulance or motorcycle.

Among the runners were also 11 United Hatzalah volunteer first responders.

Runners met on Thursday night with United Hatzalah President and Founder Eli Beer who thanked them for their efforts on behalf of the organization. “You are all becoming partners in our lifesaving mission,” Eli told them. “There are times in my life when I get inspired, and I am inspired by all of you. For weeks you have been training and fundraising before the race. It required significant effort and time on your part. You are not only going to run, you are literally going to save lives. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Drink enough water before and during the run, and most importantly, enjoy the run through the beautiful streets of Jerusalem.”

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