Emergency medical personnel from United Hatzalah in Mevaseret were dispatched to a medical emergency on Monday evening that took place in the ‘Maoz Zion’ neighborhood of Mevaseret Zion. The emergency alert went out after a report reached the organization’s dispatch center about a man who suffocated while eating and lost consciousness.

Idan together with other United Hatzalah volunteers at the scene 1024x764 2
Idan together with other United Hatzalah volunteers at the scene

A number of emergency medical service personnel rushed to the scene and initiated treatment which included CPR and eventually resulted in the man’s life being saved. 


The first responders to arrive a the scene found that the man had no pulse and was not breathing. They immediately initiated CPR, attaching a defibrillator and alternating between compressions and providing assisted breathing. 


United Hatzalah volunteer EMT Idan Yaakov, who was one of the first responders at the scene recounted the rescue. “When I received the emergency alert, I was at my parents’ house. They live on the same street where the emergency occurred. I quickly rushed out the door and drove to the scene arriving about a minute after I received the alert. When I arrived, I was told by passersby that the man had choked and suffocated while he was eating. I recognized that the master was unconscious with no pulse and no breathing. I quickly initiated CPR and alerted dispatch to what was happening. I asked them to send backup. A few moments later additional volunteers arrived and we worked together, performing CPR until the ambulance team arrived. Shortly after their arrival, and the combined CPR, we managed to bring back the man’s pulse. He was then stabilized on location before benign transported to the hospital.” 


Idan added, “I am thankful that I happened to be nearby when the emergency occurred. The fact that CPR was started as quickly as it was, played a big part in this man regaining his pulse. I hope that he will make a full recovery.” 

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