On Thursday afternoon at around 9:30 a.m., a 65-year-old man lost consciousness while spray painting his bike in the park on Daniel Street in Bat Yam. A passerby who witnessed his collapse immediately called emergency medical services for help.

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Photo from the scene.

United Hatzalah of Israel volunteer EMT and deputy head of the Bat Yam branch of the Israeli rescue organization, Shmuel Malka, was on his way to work at the time of the incident. Even though he was driving in the opposite direction, he dutifully turned on the lights and sirens of his ambucycle and changed route in the direction of the park as soon as he was alerted to the emergency. 


Shmuel arrived in less than three minutes and found an EMT already treating the patient. They connected a defibrillator and administered a shock to the patient. Shmuel jumped in and began compressions. The two EMTs alternated performing rounds of chest compressions and provided assisted ventilation until they succeeded in regaining a steady pulse just two minutes later. As the minutes passed, the patient’s breathing also gradually returned. 


Shmuel said after the incident, “Thanks to our quick arrival and immediate medical intervention, the man’s pulse returned almost immediately and his breathing shortly thereafter. With every passing minute that a person doesn’t receive oxygenated blood to their heart and brain, as a result of a cardiac arrest, their condition deteriorates. As first responders, we prioritize the patient’s health first and foremost so we are always thankful when there are additional first responders at the scene who work with us to help save the patient’s life. I am happy I was able to be part of the successful resuscitation process today. I volunteer for the purpose of helping those in need, and that is what we did for the man who lost consciousness today. Thankfully we succeeded in bringing him back.”


Five minutes later after the man regained his pulse an ambulance arrived and transferred the patient to the Wolfson Medical Center for further care and recovery. Once the patient was safely onboard the ambulance Shmuel headed back in the direction of his work, ready to continue his day, knowing he had done his part in saving a life. It is thanks to the support of United Hatzalah volunteers and friends who donate support, that emergency medical services throughout Israel can be addressed quickly to find a happy ending.

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