On Saturday night around 9:00 pm, an 85-year-old man choked on the food his caretaker gave him to eat on HaHida Street in Bnei Brak. Worried eyewitnesses called emergency medical services for help.

Netanel Rosa, a United Hatzalah volunteer EMT, was nearby with a friend when his proximity alert went off notifying him about the emergency. Netanel left immediately and drove his car to the scene. Netanel was the first emergency responder to arrive at the scene and found the man gasping for air. Netanel took the man and laid him on the ground on his side scraping the food out from his mouth. Within minutes other EMT volunteers arrived and assisted Netanel.

Netanel kept getting suctioning the food out of the man’s mouth as another EMT placed an oxygen mask on the man to help him breathe. As the EMTs were treating the man, a paramedic arrived and checked the man’s pulse and noticed that the man’s pulse was fading in and out. Netanel initiated chest compressions as the paramedic opened an IV line to provide the man with fluids and medication. After seven minutes had passed, the man’s pulse returned to a steady rhythm. Netanel and the other EMT continued to provide the man with high-flox oxygen and assisted ventilation while he was being transferred to a mobile intensive care ambulance to be taken to the nearby hospital.

Netanel stated after the incident ended: ‘’It isn’t my first time doing CPR, I’m glad today’s ended successfully, it gave me great satisfaction. I believe there’s nothing like being a volunteer EMT. In this job, one learns how to help people in their hour of need and how to save lives. It is something that gives back to all people and builds up one’s own life experiences. Helping one’s fellow man is one of the greatest commandments from God and being a volunteer EMT is doing just that.’’

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