Uzi Sellouk is part of a family of lifesavers, with his wife, son, and daughter all volunteer EMTs.

Last month, Uzi was riding his ambucycle with his daughter when they were notified of an allergic reaction at the D-City mall near Maale Adumim. Switching on the siren, Uzi raced to the location and found a worried mother who explained that her baby had been eating when she suddenly broke out in hives and started having some difficulty breathing.

A quick examination and a full check of vital signs confirmed that the allergic reaction wasn’t serious enough to warrant medication. Uzi and his daughter reassured the anxious young mother until an ambulance arrived to facilitate transport to the hospital so that the young girl could receive follow-up care and observation.

Uzi and his daughter had just got back on his ambucycle when yet another alert came in.

This time it was far more serious.

A family had posed for a photo next to their jeep on the side of a highway while the mother went down a small slope to take the picture. In a devastating turn of events, the precariously balanced jeep flipped over and rolled right on top of the woman.

Emergency services were called and IDF teams together with community-based first responders arrived quickly at the scene. The IDF teams worked urgently to lift the heavy vehicle off the woman. When she was finally released, Uzi and his daughter together with other EMS personnel found that she was in multi-system trauma, unconscious and with terrible injuries across her body. The combined team feverishly provided medical intervention and managed to stabilize her condition. She was rushed off at top speed to the trauma unit of the nearest hospital.

Uzi and his daughter also treated the father and two small children (ages 4 and 6) who had been injured by debris and glass shards. They too were evacuated to the hospital.

But the Sellouk family of first responders wasn’t finished yet as Uzi explained. “While my daughter and I were treating the badly injured woman and her family, my wife and son responded to a medical emergency nearby where a young man suffered a sudden cardiac arrest. My wife, who is a paramedic was the first responder at the scene,” recounted Uzi. “So all four of us were saving lives at the same time. This to me is very special and I am proud that this is an ethos that I am able to pass on and share with my children.”