Yisrael Tzairi, a United Hatzalah volunteer EMT is often seen driving his ambucycle around the city of Petah Tikva where he lives. Responding to medical emergencies all around the city, Yisrael is often accompanied by his two brothers. Eliyah Tzairi and Avichail Tzairi joined their older brother two years ago, by joining an EMT training course and becoming certified first responders. 

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The Tzairi brothers from Petach Tikvah and their ambucycles

Unlike some EMS professionals who may argue that separating family from their work as first responders is best, the Tzairi brothers enjoy driving their ambucycles together and saving lives together. The brothers often participate in an ambulance shift, just the three of them, arriving at emergencies as a team.

“I enjoy volunteering with my brothers,” Yisrael said. “But even when I am not on the field, it’s just as thrilling. Because I am the most experienced and have been volunteering for longer, my brothers often call me for advice, when they are responding to a call. I feel a great deal of gratitude when I am able to share my experiences and knowledge with my brothers knowing it’s helping them save a life.”

What makes the three brothers even more unique within the organization, is that they are the only sibling trio to all respond on ambucycles, the iconic vehicle created and developed by United Hatzalah that allows first responders to arrive faster at the scene of an emergency, especially in urban areas such as Petach Tikva.

Each of the brothers is incredibly active on their own and together and they each respond to an average of more than 100 medical emergencies per month. When the three brothers respond to emergencies on Shabbat, they also do it together as they often spend the weekly holiday together as a family. Leaving their supportive families, Yisrael, Eliyah, and Avichail race to emergencies together, seven days a week and have been doing so since Eliyah and Avichail finished their course a year ago. 

“It’s like having a family inside a family,” commented Eliyah. “United Hatzalah is like one big family, and I feel honored to be able to share that with my immediate family. Saving a stranger’s life with a loved one by my side changes my perspective every time, and I am grateful for the opportunity.”

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