I am writing with an unfortunate update. Eli Beer, who was scheduled to return to Israel, stayed in the United States to raise money to provide for the significantly increased demand for Hatzalah’s services in Israel during this crisis. He attended a Purim event in Miami, where many people became stricken with Covid-19.

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Eli Beer

Eli is now in a hospital in Miami, with a presumptive diagnosis of Covid-19 himself. He is now feeling ill with a fever, shortness of breath and general weakness. His vital signs are fine.

He is receiving truly outstanding treatment at the hospital — which is amplified by the care (medical and otherwise), leadership, and comprehensive concern being exercised by the United Hatzalah community in Miami. It might be a cliche to say that an organization is like a family — but the United Hatzalah community in Miami has shown how this cliche can be completely true.

In the meantime, please do not call Eli this week. He will inevitably try to engage — even when doing so may be painful, and he needs to rest under the care of the outstanding team that is looking out for him. B’H, Eli will be able to fully connect next week.

In the meantime, we’ll provide updates commensurate with developments.

Mark Gerson
Chairman, United Hatzalah of Israel