• By Dvir Adani
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Dvir Adani at the scene

I arrive at the scene, turn off my siren, and cut the engine of my ambucycle.


The sight is a difficult one to look at. A young girl, lying on the asphalt helplessly. We do everything we can to try to save her life.


The ambulance arrives. We lift her inside quickly. There is no time for thoughts. Just work.


And after just a few moments, I look into the distance and see so many parts and fragments, some medical equipment and some which were once part of a vehicle, scattered in the distance and in every direction.


Thoughts come to mind. About how all at once, in the blink of an eye, an entire life was shattered to pieces.


There was a girl here with a whole life ahead of her. She had hopes and dreams. Maybe she was on her way to meet with friends, or to a weekend getaway. No one’s around to give us an answer.


Nothing will be the same anymore. Nothing will return to what it was before. A thousand little shards. Pieces of life scattered forever.


So from you the reader I’m asking, pleading,- please, please. Right before you cross into another lane, a second before you press on the gas pedal, for just a fraction of a second before you cross an intersection.


Please, please. Remember me, the guy with the colorful hair, who stood in front of thousands of shards this morning, shards of a shattered life.


Please, take care of yourselves. I don’t want us to meet on the asphalt.


It ends life.

Smashing it to pieces.


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