On Sunday morning just after 7:00 a.m., United Hatzalah volunteer EMT Yoel Sarfati was returning home from synagogue when he was alerted by his communications device to a nearby medical emergency. Throwing his coat back on, Yoel rushed over to the given address.

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A United Hatzalah EMT after delivering a baby (Illustration)

Upon arrival, Yoel found a woman on the floor, and a newborn baby alongside her. The red and anxious woman informed Yoel that the labor was not yet finished and that she was having twins. Just then, volunteer Chana Merav, who also happens to be a practicing doula, arrived on the scene and together with Yoel tended to the woman.

First, the duo cut the umbilical cord from the first baby, a girl, and wrapped her in a heat reflective blanket. Then they helped the woman with the labor of the second baby, a boy. The baby was delivered and the woman relaxed as Chana held the baby boy. The EMT quickly noticed that the baby’s face looked blue and flipped him over to allow for easier breathing.

Prior to the arrival of the ambulance, Chana proceeded to help dress the woman in new clothes. The woman was still experiencing pain, so before she was transported to the hospital, Yoel and Chana assisted the woman in passing the placenta, which had been causing the pain.

Prepped and ready to go, the new mother was then transported to the hospital with her healthy, newborn twins, and Chana and Yoel rushed to work.

“As I arrived at the scene I noticed how my presence affected the overall atmosphere,” said Chana. “While going through labor, a woman is always most comfortable with another woman. Yoel had gotten to the scene first and was doing a great job, but there is something about the presence of another woman that helps calm the nerves. I am a doula and have thankfully helped many women during labor, but one is never less meaningful than another.”

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