Just before midnight on April 23rd, a serious vehicular accident occurred on Highway 4 at the Givat Shmuel interchange near Ramat Gan. The collision involved a commercial truck, a bus, a private car, and a dog.

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Liran treating the injured dog

Riding his speedy ambucycle, Liran was on site in record time to provide life-saving intervention for the truck driver, the most seriously injured victim. The impact of the crash had partially amputated the unfortunate man’s leg – severing his femoral artery. Thankfully Liran arrived in time. He stopped the lethal blood flow with a tourniquet, and then firmly but carefully immobilized the injury and affixed trauma bandages. As Liran worked to save the truck driver, other United Hatzalah medics arrived and treated the other injured parties.

Minutes later, an intensive care ambulance arrived, and Liran assisted the crew in securing the truck driver onto a backboard and loading him into the vehicle for a classic “scoop and run” to the nearest trauma center.

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Liran’s ambucycle at the scene-9

When the ambulance left, witnesses at the scene informed Liran that a dog had also been seriously injured in the accident. Together with a doctor who had responded to the accident, Liran treated the wounded canine at the scene. The doctor said he would drive the dog to a veterinarian he knew, so the pair of medics loaded the dog into the doctor’s, who took the pooch to his friend for further treatment.

Thanks to Liran’s swift intervention the truck driver and the dog as well as others received the medical attention they needed in the minutes that mattered most.