United Hatzalah is expanding its international board and bringing on some remarkable people who have made large impacts on the Jewish community in the United States and Israel.  

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Former Ambassador David Friedman and Tammy Friedman visit United Hatzalah’s headquarters earlier this year

President and Founder of United Hatzalah Eli Beer spoke about how proud he was to have the new board members join the organization. “We are proud to have Barbara Silber join our board. In addition to being an excellent and highly skilled attorney, she has been active in numerous philanthropic endeavors and charitable causes including serving on the board of numerous organizations associated with the field of medicine. Her guidance and support will be extremely meaningful to United Hatzalah in the years to come. Barbara’s husband, Mark Silber, is a long-time supporter and board member with United Hatzalah for many years.” 


Tammy and Ambassador David Friedman will also be joining the board of the organization. “Tammy has been a longtime supporter of the organization and will be joining the board for the first time,” said Beer.  “David was previously a board member before he began his tenure as the U.S.  Ambassador to Israel, and we are proud to have him back.” Friedman was the person primarily responsible for the recent move of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, and for the U.S. recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights. Friedman was also awarded the National Security Medal and nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work on the Abraham Accords. 


Iris and Shalom Maidenbaum are also joining the organization as new board members. “The Maidenbaums who hail from Lawrence, New York, have been involved in Jewish and Zionist causes for many years,” Beer said. “Their inspiration and activism is truly remarkable. Their passion for saving lives will be a welcome addition to our board.”


Tila Falic Levi from Florida is also a new member of the board. Beer praised Tila and her family for their long-time support of United Hatzalah. “Tila grew up in a family dedicated to community work and philanthropy and has been involved in chesed since she was a little girl. She is the granddaughter of ardent zionists and Holocaust survivors and the daughter of community leaders who have led by example. Tila is a proud member of the local Jewish community and is always looking for new and creative ways to inspire others and connect them to their Jewish roots and love for Israel. She is a third-generation supporter of United Hatzalah, whose son was honored last year at United Hatzalah’s gala in Miami for saving his younger brother’s life.” 


Linda and Murray Laulicht round out the group as another new addition to the board. “The Laulichts are very special friends of United Hatzalah and are strong supporters of many great organizations in Israel. They are vibrant leaders in the Jewish community in Florida,” Beer said.


Eli added that these significant additions to the organization’s international board couldn’t have come at a better time. “With the pandemic still raging around the world and in Israel, United Hatzalah needs all the help it can get in combating this deadly virus. Our vaccination program is in full swing as is our ambulance transport program in which we bring elderly, disabled, and homebound people, to and from the vaccination centers free of charge, allowing them to receive their vaccine and enabling them to see their families once again. These projects take an incredible amount of resources and manpower. Combining them with our continued vigilance of responding to medical emergencies around the country in less than three minutes, is something that we require a tremendous amount of support in order to achieve. I am happy that we have such friends as these.”  


Mark Gerson, the Chairman of the Board and Co-Founder of United Hatzalah, welcomed all of the new additions together with Eli and praised their support for United Hatzalah together with the rest of the board and staff of the organization. 


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