Amid IDF Operation “Shield and Arrow”, United Hatzalah is raising its level of alert and preparing for a possible security escalation in southern Israel.

During a situational assessment held in the organization’s temporary Command and Control Center on Mount Meron, key officials and division heads decided to immediately reinforce the southern branches of the organization with additional doctors, paramedics, and EMTs.

United Hatzalah raising its level of alert in the southillustration 3 1
Helmets and bulletproof vests are being distributed to volunteers.

Additional ambulances and emergency vehicles are also being transported to the south, and volunteers will receive personal protection kits containing helmets and protective vests.

Dov Maisel, Vice President of Operations at United Hatzalah, stated: “We have conducted several situational assessments overnight and this morning with security officials from municipalities and regional councils in the south. We have also clarified guidelines for our volunteers and instructed branch heads in the region to ensure that our equipment and logistics centers are fully stocked and ready for any eventuality. Additionally, we have increased the number of personnel at our Dispatch and Command Center in order to handle a possible increase in the volume of emergency calls.”

Uriel Balams, Managing Director of the Psychotrauma and Crisis Response Unit, added: “Volunteers of the Psychotrauma and Crisis Response Unit, who provide psychological first-aid at the scene of traumatic emergencies, have been instructed to prepare for any eventuality. Emotional stabilization in conjunction with medical treatment in the field is key to providing comprehensive care following rocket attacks in a professional and effective manner.”