A new method of raising money to support Israel and put the country on the international world record map is being undertaken in Atlanta. The Jewish community of Atlanta has launched a campaign to break the world record for the creation of the largest cookie flag mosaic ever created. In addition to making the largest ever cookie-flag the project hopes to raise more than $1,000,000 and send a strong message of support to Israel.

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“This project is about supporters of Israel around the world sending a giant hug to the Israeli people,” said Rabbi Yitz Tendler, the executive director of Congregation Beth Jacob, who is helping to organize the effort along with a diverse group of Atlanta Jews. “By setting this new record on their behalf, we are showing them that their celebration is our celebration, and by raising these funds, we are also providing them with real, tangible support which will enhance their society in so many ways.”

The current record was set in 2017  and is held by Pakistan who created a flag covering almost 2,500 square feet. The mosaic depicted the Pakistani flag in green and white cookies to commemorate that nation’s 70th anniversary. Now, it’s Israel’s turn.

According to the plan set down by Tendler and his community, the team is looking to build a cookie mosaic flag that is 3,000 square feet, which is almost 30 percent larger than it’s Pakistani counterpart. The flag is set to be comprised of some 100,000 blue and white cookies in the image of the Israeli flag. The date of the building of the flag is scheduled for Sunday, June 3rd, and will take place at Beth Jacob Synagogue at 1855 LaVista Road in Toco Hills, Atlanta, GA. In order to make the record official, a judge from Guinness World Records will be on hand to certify the achievement.

The cookies are being supplied by a kosher bakery in New York. Donors from Atlanta have taken upon themselves the expenses of the cookies in order to allow for all external donations to go directly to raising money for three Israeli charities. The charities that were chosen are United Hatzalah, a volunteer emergency response organization; One Family Fund, an organization that supports victims of terror; and a special project for the Jewish Agency that will help disadvantaged people in Israel’s north.

According to the rules set down by Guinness, all of the cookies must be distributed to be eaten. Therefore the project organizers will be helping local charities, homeless shelters and schools by distributing the cookies at various locations around the city of Atlanta.

Those who wish to support the campaign are being asked to donate $10 to purchase a cookie and all of the proceeds will go to the three aforementioned charities. Contributions can be made at www.cookiesforisrael.org. By a quick arithmetic, in the event that all of the cookies get sold, some $1,000,000 will be raised and split between the three charities.

Matt Lewis who is the Co-Chair of the project being called Cookies for Israel said: “Cookies for Israel is such a great project to be a part of. It’s a chance for people all around the world to show their love of Israel, and support amazing organizations at the same time.

I was in Israel last week to be with my son, a lone soldier, as he was sworn into the IDF at a ceremony at the Western Wall. It was such an emotional experience. I am in awe of his commitment and sacrifice and though I am not able to give in the same way that he is, being involved in this project allows me to support Israel from afar.

As a healthcare provider (I’m a pediatric anesthetist), I’m thrilled that a portion of the funds will be provided to United Hatzalah to support the amazing work they do in providing emergency relief to people of all walks of life throughout Israel.”