On Wednesday morning, around 1 A.M. a 2-year-old baby boy fell off his bed and lost consciousness. The boy’s parents, having heard a loud noise and becoming worried, went to check on him and saw that he was lying unconscious on the floor and not breathing. The parents immediately called United Hatzalah’s Dispatch and Command Center for help, which in turn alerted and dispatched the closest first responders to the incident.

United Hatzalah volunteers performing CPR on a patient Illustration 300x200 1
United Hatzalah volunteers performing CPR on a patient (Illustration)

Tzvi Noygrashel, a volunteer EMT who lives nearby was at home when he received the proximity alert and rushed over to the scene. Less than three minutes later, Tzvi arrived at the scene along with another EMT named Shimon Yaakobuvich. They did a quick assessment of the infant and found him pulseless and not breathing. The pair of first responders initiated chest compressions and provided assisted ventilation. As Shimon and Tzvi began CPR another volunteer named Yizhak Noygrashel, a relative of Tzvi, arrived and attached a defibrillator.

Yitzhak, Shimon, and Tzvi, alternated in providing compressions and administering shocks, and assisted breathing until a paramedic arrived and began to administer medication. The young boy received one additional shock before his pulse came back and the baby began to regain consciousness.

A few minutes later a mobile intensive care ambulance arrived and transported the baby to the hospital.

After the dramatic rescue, Tzvi spoke about how he felt during the ordeal; ‘’Today’s CPR was very emotional. Cases of CPR on young children usually are. For me as an EMT, it is very fulfilling to see the baby wake up and come back to life after having suffered a cardiac arrest. It was very emotional to watch as the family saw their baby wake up and realize that the tragedy had been averted. I feel honored to have the knowledge and capability that enables me to save the lives of others. When I succeed at doing so, it helps me stay focused on the work when things are not always easy. The knowledge and feeling of these successful rescues help me as a first responder cope with incidents that don’t end as well as this one. It helps keep me going’’

Yitzhak added, “As Tzvi said, the great feeling of satisfaction at the end of a successful CPR is truly amazing. It is not our first time performing successful CPRs together on children, but every time is as special because it is another life saved, and every life is important.’’

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