On Monday afternoon, a 65-year-old woman was shopping in the Ishpro Center supermarket on HaMelahot Blvd in Modi’in when she suffered a cardiac arrest and fell unconscious to the ground. Her husband immediately called for help as shoppers and employees rushed to their side. They called emergency Services who sent out a notification to all the medical personnel nearby.

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Dror participating in a training exercise

United Hatzalah volunteer EMT Dror Noifeld, was in his home in Modi’in when he received the notification of the lifeless woman. Dror abandoned everything and sped off on his electric bicycle to save the stranger’s life.  


At the same time, a female police officer who was nearby came to help and performed chest compressions on the unresponsive woman. Dror arrived shortly afterward at the scene and took over the CPR efforts from the exhausted police officer. Dror was joined at the scene by a mobile intensive care unit and the combined team of first responders worked tirelessly to save the woman’s life by continuing compressions and attaching a defibrillator that delivered multiple shocks. After two rounds of compressions lasting approximately five minutes, the defibrillator shocked the patient once more, finally triggering a steady heartbeat and pulse.


As the woman was stabilized and prepared for transport, the woman’s husband informed Dror that his wife had just returned from the hospital the day before as she had been feeling unwell. The EMT wished the woman a full and speedy recovery as she and her husband departed with the ambulance heading for further care at the nearest hospital. 


When he is not rushing out to save lives, Dror runs an extreme sports event business, catering to people all over Israel. After the incident, Dror said, “It was very moving being part of the team who saved this woman’s life. Each time I am part of successful resuscitation, where a person who was once dead is revived, I get emotional because of how miraculous it is, and I feel extremely satisfied that I was able to be a part of that miracle.”  


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