On Tuesday afternoon, a man in his 60s suffered a cardiac arrest in an open park on Nahar Hayarkon Boulevard in Beit Shemesh. Worried passersby called the United Hatzalah Dispatch Center for assistance. The dispatch center automatically notified the closest responders who rushed to the location of the incident.

An EMT responding to an emergency in Beit Shemesh illustration 225x300 1
An EMT responding to an emergency in Beit Shemesh (illustration)

Israel Yaakov Krishevsky, a United Hatzalah volunteer EMT, was in his store located nearby when he got the alert about the incident. Israel Yaakov left immediately and got to the emergency in his car. When he arrived at the scene, he saw the worried people surrounding the man lying on a bench. Within two minutes, two additional volunteers, Shlomo Kap and Tzvi Levin arrived at the scene as well. 


The three EMTs moved the man from the bench to the floor and performed chest compressions and attached a defibrillator. They administered one shock and the man gurgled a bit. 


They continued performing chest compressions, opened an airway, and provided the man with assisted ventilation until his pulse came back. A mobile intensive care ambulance arrived at the scene and transferred the man to a nearby hospital for further care. 


After the incident, Israel Yaakov recounted, “As an EMT, in every emergency, I arrive to try to provide help for the injured and help them survive the emergency they are in in the hopes that they will be able to heal and carry on their lives as normal. Today, thank God, we succeeded and I wish for every emergency to end successfully. It is our role to help and save lives and do our best.”


Shlomo added, “I feel grateful to have the ability to save lives and it is a true honor for me. I try to respond to as many emergencies as possible and provide help as much as I can. I’m happy today’s patient survived his cardiac arrest. We were successful today and this is what gives me the motivation to continue volunteering and save lives.’’ 


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