Former Prime Minister of Israel Naftali Bennett visited the United Hatzalah Field Command Center in the Gaza Periphery on Monday evening. He met with the President and Founder of United Hatzalah Eli Beer and the CEO of the organization Eli Pollak. The field command center, which was quickly established on the first day of the war, is the nucleus from which all life-saving efforts in the area are coordinated. The center serves as a local dispatch center, covering all southern cities near the Gaza Strip. It also serves as the base for dozens of ambulances and intensive care vehicles and as an equipment center, from where hundreds of volunteers respond at all hours of the day and night to any emergency call from residents who live under constant threat of rocket fire from Gaza. 

The former prime minister spoke with first responders, EMTs, paramedics, and doctors, who dropped everything and rushed to save victims in the early hours of the October 7th attack, often under heavy fire from Hamas terrorists. He also toured the dispatch and equipment center and reviewed the medical and humanitarian supplies that are being given out to both civilians in need as well as IDF units and security personnel. United Hatzalah volunteers together with locals who have arrived to offer their help, packaged food and equipment for soldiers stationed in the area as well as humanitarian deliveries to civilians affected by the conflict.

“I am proud to witness your immense dedication and uncompromising action for the noble cause of saving human life,” said Bennett, who was awed by the sheer volume of the life-saving activities that United Hatzalah volunteers have been carrying out since the beginning of the war.

“On that bloody Shabbat, you, United Hatzalah volunteers, proved yourselves to be an essential and critical piece for the national security of the State of Israel. United Hatzalah volunteers consistently demonstrate the ability to fill the needs of the moment by saving hundreds in the opening hours of the attack, in addition to saving untold lives every day and night, both in ordinary times and especially in war. Your selflessness in volunteering, even when it isn’t the most convenient of times or the safest of environments, speaks volumes about the spirit of our people. Most importantly, the unity displayed by your volunteers of all backgrounds and faiths showcases what the State of Israel truly represents.”

Eli Beer added, “United Hatzalah is ready to fill any need for the citizens of Israel, as we have done since our founding, and especially in these difficult days. Our volunteers from all walks of Israel society, be they Muslim, Christian, or Jewish, who unite 365 days a year to save lives will serve as the strength of the State of Israel at this difficult time.”

Eli Pollack added, “We thank the former Prime Minister who took the time out of his busy schedule to visit and give inspiration to our volunteers and to see up close and personal the vital work we are doing in the field.”