Just after 1 p.m. on Shabbat afternoon, a 50-year-old man in Bnei Brak collapsed and lost consciousness. Relatives immediately notified emergency services.

United Hatzalah volunteer EMT Moshe Malka was resting at home when his communications device alerted him to the call. Malka, who recently completed his introductory period as an EMT and had just received his medical bag and defibrillator, jumped into his car and sped to the location, arriving in under 90 seconds. Another EMT joined him moments later.

Malka found the patient unresponsive, not breathing, and without a pulse. He immediately notified United Hatzalah Dispatch that they were dealing with a cardiac arrest and requested additional EMTs and paramedics be sent to their location. 

Malka began CPR while directing the other EMT to attach the defibrillator to the patient. A shock was delivered, and both EMTs continued administering chest compressions and assisted ventilation, joined shortly after by other EMTs who quickly arrived at the scene. 

The EMTs collectively administered CPR and continued their efforts to revive the patient. After about ten minutes of resuscitation, the patient regained full consciousness as his pulse and breathing were restored.

The Advanced Life Support Ambulance arrived, and the paramedic assessed the patient and administered medication. The patient was then transported to the hospital for further care.

“There is no better feeling than this; this is why I decided to become an EMT,” said Malka. “I’ve been at CPRs before, but witnessing a man literally come back to life in our hands was an incredibly powerful moment.”