On Monday afternoon September 20th, a Muslim bride, Nour Abu Asi, and her groom, Mohamed Byadsi, were driving back from taking pre-wedding photos outside of their hometown of Jatt, an Arab-Israeli town located in the triangle region of Israel when they spotted a motor vehicle accident involving a young boy on his bicycle and a truck. Even though they were dressed in their wedding attire, the couple, both of whom are United Hatzalah volunteer first responders, didn’t hesitate to stop by the accident and provide emergency medical treatment to the injured nine-year-old boy. 

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Nour and Mohamed helping the injured boy

“The boy was riding his bicycle when he suddenly swerved and hit the truck causing himself to sustain some serious lacerations and contusions,” said Mohamed. “I didn’t think twice, as I pulled the car over. Nour and I both got out in our wedding attire and rushed over to assist the young boy while we called United Hatzalah’s Dispatch and Command Center and requested additional volunteers and an ambulance. Our wedding activities would be put on hold for a while as this boy needed our help,” he added. 


Nour, who in addition to being a first responder for United Hatzalah is also a nurse in Tel HaShomer Hospital, bandaged the boy’s hands while her husband-to-be, Mohamed, checked the boy’s vital signs and took an oral history of his young patient. “The boy was crying and we tried to comfort him while we bandaged up his wounds. He was scared and so we asked the dispatcher to try to get in touch with his parents while we treated him,” said Nour.   


When the boy’s parents arrived at the scene, they declined an ambulance transport and instead took the boy to a nearby hospital on their own. They thanked the almost-newlyweds for their help in treating their son after the accident.

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Nour and Mohamed (center) receiving their emergency medical response bag

When the boy was treated and his parents had taken him to the hospital for further care, Nour and Mohamed got back into their car and headed back to the wedding hall for the ceremony. “Wherever I go and whatever I am doing, I feel a sense of responsibility to help others because I have the training and ability to do so,” added Mohamed. “Wearing my wedding suit, in the middle of my wedding day, that is when God decides to test me and see if I will still live up to my responsibility of helping others. Of course I decided to stop the car and help. What else can a volunteer EMT do on his own wedding day? What better way to celebrate than by helping others? Nour and I didn’t even think twice, we jumped at the opportunity to help. I am thankful that we passed this first test of our marriage together and we helped another person while doing so.”   


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