Renowned International Philanthropist Miles S. Nadal and his family, who previously donated 12 ambucycles to Israel’s national volunteer EMS organization United Hatzalah, arrived in Israel at end of last month, to dedicate the new Miles S. Nadal Family Square outside the organization’s Jerusalem headquarters. The organization uses the Beautiful Garden for all of its vehicle dedications that take place in Jerusalem.   

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Miles (right) with Vice PResident of United Hatzalah Dov Maisel (Left) dedicating the Miles Nadal Square in Jerusalem

At the same time, a special benefit event for United Hatzalah was held in Nadal’s private car museum in Toronto. The event was organized by Regional Development Director Andrea Plonka and featured renowned author of “Thou Shalt Innovate” Avi Jorisch as the keynote speaker at the event. 

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President and Founder of United Hatzalah Eli Beer was also present at the Toronto event and shared his praise for the continued support of Nadal.  “It is a real pleasure for me to be here at Miles’ museum today with all of his friends. Miles donated 12 ambucycles to Israel including the one right here for his 60th birthday. He is a true friend of our organization and is responsible for saving many lives in Israel. Right now, there is a special dedication ceremony taking place in Israel at the United Hatzalah headquarters where Miles has generously donated a garden that sits right at the entrance to the headquarters. It is at the square that we hold all of the dedication ceremonies for our new vehicle and everyone who walks into our offices sees the generous gift that Miles gave to help save the people of Israel.” 

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Mr. Nadal is a Toronto native who resides in The Bahamas. He was born in 1958 to a family of modest means and is now a renown International Entrepreneur, Industrialist, and Philanthropist. 

“My family and I feel very honored and privileged to be associated with United Hatzalah,” said Nadal at the dedication ceremony in Jerusalem. “I met Eli five years ago in New York when I went to Yizkor for my father. I didn’t know what United Hatzalah was and I didn’t know the initiative. But when he described it to me, I thought it was a gift from God. Immediately I said I want to be involved. From that day forward, my family and I have really fallen in love with everything that you do to save lives. This week we have a fundraiser in Toronto, but the consolation prize is that I am here with you in Yerushalayim. I think what you do is amazing and you should be very proud of yourself.” 

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Miles Nadal planting a tree in the garden


Miles added that the work that United Hatzalah is doing is making an impression across the globe. “People around the world, even as far away as Canada, really respect, admire and appreciate all that you do. I together with my family look forward to continuing to invest in the expansion and growth of everything that you do.” 

Plonka spoke about Miles and his support for the organization following the event in Toronto: “Miles has been such great support for our organization, he has gone above and beyond when it comes to helping us promote our lifesaving work throughout Canada. His kindness and generosity are a big part of who he is as a person and you see it come out every time you interact with him.”

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The success of the ambucycle unit is proven in the numbers, with response time averaging 90 seconds as drivers can avoid traffic, road closures, and parking limitations. A volunteer with an ambucycle receives 40 calls a month and on average saves 120 lives a year. The Miles Nadal fleet of ambucycles is saving on average 1,120 lives a year.

Nadal and his family have donated to numerous other philanthropic initiatives both in Israel, United States and in Canada which include: The Miles Nadal Jewish Community Center in Toronto Canada, MNJCC, the large-scale sustainable development and renewal project at Israel’s Ayalon Canada Park, the Miles S. Nadal Institute for Technological Entrepreneurship in Tel Aviv University, the Miles and Kelly Nadal and Family Laboratory for Research in Molecular Genetics Weizmann Institue of Science, the UJA Walk With Israel in Toronto Canada, and the Miles S. Nadal and Family Wall in Yad Vashem, and Duvdevan, the special operations unit of the IDF.