Last Thursday a dramatic car rescue took place after an infant was accidentally locked inside a hot car. The mother of the child wrote the following after the lifesaving rescue.


“ Even while writing this, hours after the incident, I am still shaking. Earlier today I was out shopping and when I came back to the car I put my daughter Maya, who was in her detachable car seat, inside the car. I put my bag, with my cell phone in it, in the front seat so that I could adjust the car seat. I momentarily put my keys in between the seats. I secured Maya’s seat and then closed the door. I then walked around the car to the driver’s side and to my horror, the door wouldn’t open. The car was locked with my keys, my phone, and Maya, my baby inside.

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I immediately began to panic. I ran from door to door of the car frantically checking each one trying to get inside the car. They were all locked. The car was locked and my poor Maya was inside. My beloved friend Ruthi was with me and she immediately took charge of the situation. She called Yedidim, an organization who sends volunteers out to help people who have car trouble. She asked that they send someone immediately to help and explained that there was a locked child in the car.


In the meantime, Maya began to cry a little bit. I leaned on the door and once she saw me, she gave me her million dollar smile. From that point on I didn’t take my eyes off of her for a second. I spoke to her through the window as my tears flowed down my cheeks the entire time. I was hysterical by this point.


A few short minutes later, a span that felt like a lifetime, an orange ambucycle from United Hatzalah appeared in the parking lot with Amit Sinai riding it. Amit volunteers for United Hatzalah as an EMT ambucycle driver and is also a Yedidim volunteer. Ruthi began flagging him down and he raced over to the car. He quickly jumped off of his ambucycle and began attempting to break into the car. During his efforts, other police officers and EMTs began to arrive and they tried to calm me down telling me that everything was going to be alright.

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Amit, with the patience of steel, spent four minutes attempting to open one of the doors. I had no idea what to do. I was a mess. I kept staring at Maya trying to keep her alert.


After four minutes that felt like an eternity, Amit succeeded at opening the vehicle, that by this time was already quite hot. He unlocked the remainder of the doors and took Maya out of her car seat and placed her in my arms. I was overcome with joy and happiness. I felt that I had been given my daughter for a second time. I hugged her, I kissed her, and I cried for joy that she was again in my arms healthy and none-the-worse-for-wear.


God keeps the world turning and oversees what happens to us all. I believe with all my might that this too happened to me for a good reason. I thank God that he gave me this trial and not a different one that ended worse.


I also can’t thank enough Amit, United Hatzalah, Yedidim and the Police who all responded so quickly and professionally and who saved my daughter’s life. It is because of you that we are together. You acted as God’s messengers for good today.”


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