Netanel Samoh of Beersheba is a busy father, husband, therapist, soccer coach and United Hatzalah volunteer EMT. Samoh works at the Jewish Agency, counseling new immigrants to Israel. Despite his many other personal and professional commitments, Samoh is always tuned into his radio, ready to drop everything and help those in need.

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Netanel Samoh

Last Thursday, Samoh was at his office in Beersheba when United Hatzalah’ Dispatch and Command Center alerted him to a young man lying on the ground, unresponsive. Without a moment’s hesitation, Samoh raced outside to his ambucycle and hopped on. He flipped on the sirens and raced through the midday traffic, arriving on location 90 seconds later.

Samoh found the 35-year-old patient unconscious, surrounded by empty vodka bottles. A witness on scene told Samoh that the man had been heartbroken after a painful break-up with his girlfriend and apparently sought an alcohol-induced escape from his situation. The jilted lover was now in a critical state, barely breathing as he choked on his own vomit. Samoh immediately positioned the young man on his side, suctioning the thick fluids to secure a clear airway. He then provided high-flow oxygen as he monitored the man’s vital signs. When the ambulance arrived, Samoh assisted the crew in loading the now-stabilized patient for evacuation to the emergency room for further observation. With the patient safely on his way, Samoh headed back to the office and continued with his workday.

This man was brought back from the brink of death thanks to Samoh’s rapid arrival and intervention.