On Wednesday evening at around 8:00 p.m., United Hatzalah volunteers received an emergency alert informing of a 72-year-old woman suffering from shortness of breath and in need of immediate medical attention on Sha’ar HaGai street in Karmiel. 

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Volunteers Eric and Gavriel

United Hatzalah volunteer EMT Yehudah Yosefi immediately rushed over. “As I pulled up in front of the house, I noticed a woman leaning over a body on the ground and performing compressions. I quickly realized that in the short amount of time that it took for me to drive from my home to HaGai street, the woman’s condition deteriorated drastically. So much so that she lost consciousness and her daughter started to perform CPR in efforts of reviving her.”


Yehudah quickly updated the other United Hatzalah volunteers on his communication device that he was starting CPR. He had no time to explain in-depth or even ask for backup because he had to concentrate on the resuscitation. 


When United Hatzalah volunteer EMT Eric Barel heard that Yehudah was starting chest compressions, he was confused. “I wasn’t sure whether to come or not because I thought it was just an incident of shortness of breath and Yehudah had it under control. However, I figured that if the situation had escalated and Yehudah needed assistance, it was important that I go over to help. And if he needed a defibrillator, it was even more crucial that I go because he doesn’t have one. I immediately drove over on my ambucycle.”


The intensive care ambulance and two paramedics were already at the scene administering adrenaline and other medications when United Hatzalah volunteer EMTs, Eric Barel and Gavriel Ben Shabbat arrived. The EMTs joined in the CPR efforts and jumped in to switch out the responders performing chest compressions. The fresh pairs of hands alternated performing compressions and provided much-needed relief to the already assembled team. 


“With G-d’s help, the patient’s pulse returned half-an-hour after we began resuscitation. We don’t normally get to see a patient regain a strong pulse with good blood pressure so it was a nice ending to a stressful CPR,” commented Eric after the incident.


The patient was taken to the nearest trauma center for further treatment and care.


Yehudah said after the incident, “It was a miracle that the family members were with the woman when she lost consciousness and started resuscitation immediately. In many cases, immediate CPR intervention is what saves the life of the victim. Also, our quick arrival with advanced medical equipment played a big factor in the success of the CPR.”

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