On Wednesday evening at a gym in Tel Aviv, a man in his 20s lost consciousness while exercising, falling and hitting his head. The gym staff promptly alerted emergency services.

United Hatzalah volunteer EMT Rom Ella was at home when he received the notification on his communications device. Responding quickly, Ella rushed to the scene on his ambucycle, lights and sirens blaring. 

Upon arriving at the gym, two staff members directed Ella to the patient. A medical student who happened to be exercising at the gym, along with staff members, had initiated chest compressions and administered a shock with the gym’s defibrillator. Ella took command of the scene and instructed those present to continue CPR while he took out his bag-valve-mask and oxygen tank and administered assisted ventilation.

A few minutes later, an ambulance team arrived at the scene. The medical responders continued their resuscitation efforts, delivering a second electric shock. After about ten minutes of intensive teamwork, the young man’s pulse was restored. He was transferred to the ambulance and evacuated to the hospital.

“Thankfully, our quick response allowed us to restore his pulse,” said Ella after the incident. “There is no more rewarding feeling than bringing a young man back to life in such circumstances.”