Israel’s Fire and Rescue Department Commissioner Rav Tefser Dedi Simchi visited United Hatzalah headquarters last week to learn about how the two organizations can help each other. “I see it as an important goal that among the firefighters there should be EMTs who can provide an emergency medical response to fellow firefighters and other injured persons during emergency situations should the need arise. This is already the case in many countries throughout the world and would be especially helpful in difficult emergency situations.”   

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Dedi Simchi and his Staff meet the United Hatzalh leadership in Jerusalem

Simchi made the previous statement during the visit in which he and other high ranking members of the Fire and Rescue Department took the time to meet with United Hatzalah officials. A series of cooperative projects were also agreed upon by the two organizations.

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Commissioner Dedi Semchi and United Hatzalah CEO Moshe Teitelbaum

President and Founder of United Hatzalah Eli Beer said: “Firefighters are working shoulder to shoulder in the field with the life-saving volunteers of United Hatzalah, and there is a mutual interest between the two and that is saving lives and maintaining the dignity of life. Partnerships between these two agencies will result in maximizing the professional rescuing potential that permeates and epitomizes the servicemen and woman and volunteers alike in both organizations.”  

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Dedi Semchi and his staff see first hand how the UH dispatch and command center operates

Rav Tefser Dedi Simchi added: “United Hatzalah is an integral part of the lifesaving first response organizations in Israel. I have instructed my teams from all levels to expand and solidify their partnerships in the field between out two service organizations. In addition, I would like to say to all the volunteers of United Hatzalah “Well done!” from all of us at the Fire and Rescue Department. You are doing incredible work and I want to wish you all a Happy, Kosher and Safe Pesach!”


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