Following the anti-Semitic robbery that targeted the Chabad House in Nairobi, Kenya, over Chol Hamoed Pesach, a United Hatzalah volunteer donated a fully-equipped medical kit to the Chabad House. According to the volunteer, who wished to remain anonymous, his reason for donating the kit was to enable the Rabbi and his family to be able to treat anyone who needed medical attention should the need arise once again.

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From Left: Shimshi Grossberg, Yanky Hershkop, Yossi Reinitz (Center), with the Chabad Emissaries

During the robbery, the Chabad emissaries were physically attacked, resulting in serious injury with the wife needing surgery in the local hospital. The newly donated bag will allow the emissaries to provide first aid treatment to anyone in need.


On Sunday, a group of tourists, among them some United Hatzalah volunteers and friends of the organization, landed in Nairobi. They brought the medical kit with them and delivered it to the Chabad House and taught the family how to use the equipment. They also gave an impromptu course teaching the emissaries how to provide basic CPR, and other first aid care such as applying a bandage and how to deal with choking victims.

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President of United Hatzalah Eli Beer spoke about the special delivery: “Volunteers of our organization are involved with saving lives every day both in Israel and abroad. I was very happy to hear about the volunteer’s donation of an emergency medical kit to the Chabad House in Nairobi after the tragic incident that took place two weeks ago. I am equally happy that other volunteers took the initiative to deliver the bag and give basic training to the family who lives there. Now there will be another point on the globe that United Hatzalah has touched and has helped save lives.”

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