On a recent evening at 8:30 PM, a 47-year-old man from Givat Ko’ach, a small moshav bordering the Judean hills, went out for an evening jog. In the middle of his run, the man suddenly collapsed to the ground and lay there unresponsive. Fortunately, someone witnessed the man falling and called for help. United Hatzalah’s dispatch center immediately pinpointed the exact coordinates of the caller via their integrated Carbyne system and alerted the nearby first reponders to the emergency.

Lior at the scene 1
Lior and other first responders at the scene

Upon receiving the urgent alert, Lior Tabib, a resident of Shoham, who was bathing his children, told his wife that he had to go. He dried his hands and grabbed his ambucycle jacket as his wife, who is also an EMT, took over bathing the children. Lior raced to his ambucycle, jumped on, and sped to the scene.

Lior arrived together with another United Hatzalah ambucycle EMT and the duo immediately checked for a pulse and found none. The pair of first responders launched into CPR on the lifeless individual. Lior bared the man’s chest and applied the defibrillator pads, while his partner began assembling the BVM mask. The team alternated between compressions and assisted ventilation, pausing only for a moment to administer a shock from the defibrillator. They then resumed their efforts keeping oxygenated blood flowing to the man’s brain and vital organs. Barely a few minutes later, the man’s pulse suddenly returned.

The duo continued the oxygen therapy, started an IV line, and vigilantly monitored the patient’s fragile condition as they waited for the ambulance to arrive. By the time it finally came, about twelve minutes later, the man had already begun to breathe on his own. Lior briefed the crew and helped stabilize the patient before transferring him to the ambulance for evacuation to the hospital.

“There is no way to put into words the feeling one gets when you save a life,” Lior said. “All of the many classes I went through and all of the time I spent training to become an EMT was worth it just to save this one person. Thankfully, I have merited to save many people in instances like these, and although this isn’t my first successful CPR rescue, they are all special and unique in their own way.”

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