Sasson Dabul is a mini-bus driver who lives in Ramat HaSharon and works all over the country. In his spare time, he volunteers as an EMT with United Hatzalah, which means that he is always on call, even when he is driving his passengers to where they need to go. Passionate about lifesaving, Sasson is a very active volunteer, and he recently received one of the organization’s new ambucycles. “The ambucycle is critical in my volunteer work,” stressed Sasson. “Whenever I am with my ambucycle and emergencies occur in my vicinity, I am almost always the first responder at the scene. I’ve responded to several very serious road accidents, and it was only due to the ambucycle that I was able to get through the traffic to treat the victims. There’s no question as to what a difference it makes to my response time.”

Sasson on his ambucycle

This held true a few weeks ago when a 56-year-old man suffered a massive heart attack and collapsed at his home in Ramat HaSharon. Sasson was quickly at the man’s side and after checking the patient for a pulse and finding none, he initiated CPR. The experienced EMT performed chest compressions, administered ventilations, and attached a defibrillator. The device soon advised a shock, which Sasson delivered, which was followed by two more. 

Each time, Sasson stood back, delivered the jolt of electricity, and then immediately restarted compressions. An intensive care crew arrived a few minutes after Sasson had begun CPR and joined Sasson to assist in resuscitation efforts. During treatment, the man received an additional three shocks from the defibrillator. After a lengthy CPR procedure, the man’s pulse came back and he was transported to the hospital with a steady pulse. Thanks to the rapid treatment provided by Sasson and the other volunteers who responded, the man survived. 

Sasson with the man he saved
Sasson with the man he saved

“Four days later, the man was discharged from the hospital without any neurological damage,” recounted Sasson. “I was able to visit with him in the hospital and he thanked me profusely for helping him and playing my part in saving his life. The feeling I had could not be described in words, it was simply amazing. All of this came about because I was able to arrive quickly and begin CPR before the man’s brain became irreparably harmed from the lack of oxygen. Now this man is alive and well, back home with his family, and is recuperating. After he heals completely, he will be able to carry on with his life as if nothing had happened.”

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